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SUNY Upstate Medical University ​you know what time it is right yeah it is new product your products yeah okay wait a first up let's do this this is the iris okay the latest from 3d robotics the consumer edition of their quadcopter now they also I'm gonna go over here they also change their packaging the packaging is a lot smaller which is grow wow that's like half way easier to ship now so this is what you get and this is 10% off again this is like one of those ones not a great deal if you go for it but if you do it's good for you so this is ready to fly quadcopter like ready to fly Zen outof-the-box 32-bit cortex m4 particle system you block CPS and McNutt Meg nano meter magnetometer big number yes re renew this compass sensor combi sensor radio telemetry ground station communication brushless motors these are 850 yeah powered by rechargeable lithium polymer battery gopro camera mount 10 to 15 minutes of flight time point eight pounds payload capacity just thinkin left multicolor LED status indicators complete a PM copter autonomous capability is free ground station software for PC Mac and Linux this is the best is the best one DIY drone yeah that you can build so we've got it and we also had Chris Anderson on hardware hang out with us yeah and he talks about why they took funding what their manufacturing process involves this is yeah the 3d iris we looked around this is the best one so go for it now if you like it okay fit fit no pie TFT pie Maroney case this is a case from PI Moroni they have the PI bode is extremely popular it's the rainbow case it's one of the first cases for the Raspberry Pi and people really like our PI TFT which is sold out right now we're getting more parts as soon as possible to make more trust me we know that you want some more but if you have one you may like this lovely case which fits perfectly on top of an Arduino and you it fits into this little slot with there's extra two layers so that the PI TFT sits on top you can use the touchscreen and you can break off a little plastic piece to get to the buttons it is just like totally lovely and perfect and it is a perfect case if you have a PI T of T and you want to use it okay oh so perfect yeah next up CalPERS CalPERS CalPERS and you know what um these are great and we have really high end ones and then we have these nice bitter anyone's yes um lady then maybe you can talk about why and what you would use calipers for because I sometimes we have experts we have more beginners and experts that's right we should have a calipers tutorial yeah so this is the calipers and they look about like this they're about the size and calipers are precision measuring tools and electril juniors need them all the time because I always have to measure things and we have a pair of calipers in the story that the mid Seto use and their capacitive calipers - these are capacitive CalPERS that are though not as good as the mid to toe use but they're really really close these are Chinese made ones not Japanese made but they're like they're like 90 percent is good but half the price so if you're like hardcore and you want the best CalPERS get the mid tutorials if you're okay with having something that's maybe not you know the last you 50 years maybe only 30 years get these they're battery-powered they're passive sensing like in tutorial ones they do millimeter and should they have all the same you know capabilities they left very long time on the batteries batteries do not die instantly they last months months months on the batteries I in fact I have a pair and it's still not dead so I don't know how long it lasts but I know it's at least like three to six months probably more that was showed on the overhead real fast just wait so you've got overhead okay so you've got okay so you've got calipers and there's a dial and it's a digital dial there's a log down once but I think digital once you can change from millimeters well millimeters to inches you can measure things it's very precise you can measure exactly how big my finger is it's point three one nine inches you can convert that to millimeters eight point three millimeters so it's it's really easy to use there's a battery case here if you want to change the battery it's it's got a screw in it to keep it closed there's a little thumb screw here you can measure inner diameter at our diameter the tips are nice and pointy it's a nice scale there's also the depth gauge back here check the cap which tutorial we haven't learned for how to use calipers if you're like super zero it because it came out of the box there's an on/off switch but you know I don't even really turn mine off I just keep it on all the time okay we've got a flashlight yes but not just any old flashlight light data yeah this is a open-source flashlight which I just kicked off the table so hopefully it's still alive I'm sure to like this bill had a huge piece of solid aluminum this is a crazy flashlight I'll open it here it's it was a believe it was a Kickstarter that was successful and it's basically you know this big and it's really bright is this an open-source it is it's open-source flashlight I didn't even know you can be open sourcing before oh no this photos are open-source yeah it's it's an open-source flashlight it means a really well-made you know waterproof or weatherproof flashlight and I can also show I can also show in the overhead is I don't think it's bright enough to show can you yeah we'll try sure yeah what would you like me to do make it Alberta that's more saturation okay yes a little bit better well that's good yeah okay I can see it so you can open up the back and there's a

battery and it's a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a protection cell and then here next to the red mark you can see there's a microUSB connector and that's for charging the battery and also there's like an Arduino inside and the Arduino is what controls like the pulse width and and the PWM and what it does with the button so it actually is a little micro controller that you can program using like the Arduino IDE which is kind of nuts I mean it's just like this really beautiful metal it starts 3d printer open-source flashlight live the dream and there's three levels built in I mean you can do more stuff with you can hook it up and have it go on and off based on yeah all sorts of you could change it you can have it slow fade up you could have it like blink out like Morse code for SOS or whatever we're doing well my bike light for some reason doesn't I don't think it's terribly useful yes so yeah take it apart it's cool it's very well made oh and another thing that's really cool if you look at the LED this is the LED it's made on a metal aluminum PCB for heat sinking so the body of the flashlight actually he took yeah all right this really lovely flashlight it's expensive but it's like this is a nice flash yeah but you know freedom isn't free so first up all right next up we've got these screenings yeah Springs of screens this is a 7 inch high resolution IPS display we have these in cases like a stand up case but this version is kind of like just the parts assistant if you want to embed it in something you want like a really nice screen for your BeagleBone or for your Raspberry Pi or for any computer that has HDMI VGA or composite out this is a really great display you can see over there is the controller board which is the thing has HDMI VGA and composite connections also takes like five to 12 volt power then there's a little control keyboard that you can use to like brightness and contrast and like blah blah blah like on/off cetera and then over there is the screen itself so seven-inch diagonal this is used in this screen is the same screen that's used in the original Nexus 7 not the Nexus 7 that just came out like a couple months ago but the one from like a year ago it's 1280 by 800 pixels it's IPS so it looks good from like every angle it's super skinny and it looks really good and I'll just hold it up because I haven't hooked up here can you go to the full screen sure thanks I'll hold it up cuz it's fairly large so yeah this is the screen and then this is the controller board and yeah the screen looks pretty good even from like odd angles which I kind of like so like normally if it was an LCD or TFT you look so good let me pull the plastic protective so yeah you can you can see it's looks right pretty sweet from all angles it's super high resolution yeah it's HD it's true HD because it's a 1080 HD showing 1280 by 800 I don't think it'll show up really well on the overhead yeah they go so yeah it's super sweet and then you can you know change like the pixels and that's put on brake mode I don't know you can change whether it's on or off and yeah this is nice screen has a little doctor board on the back and yeah it works we have it working with a Raspberry Pi but if you want you can use it with like any kind of computer or display that has HDMI okay good stuff all right now my favorite part of the show well right before my first all right we got an owl I mean that was really nice yeah yeah we have our product but yeah this is an owl we have a felt elk it yeah we showed this on wearable ones who thick Eastern and the reason why we showed it off was because this counted as a component for a project yeah but this is a felt kit and we're releasing a project Synanon turns this into a fun felt kit plus electronics right no here is a little trinket anything and Mike Briella worked on this and so if you wanted to you could um you shake it make still sound no thank you can't show it off overhead yeah okay this is all mine oh my unplug it consol it's all squeaky okay so yeah it's a little little felt owl kit and it's actually pretty colorful on it yeah they go so it's got multiple pieces of felt you you get actually just that's better you get sheets of felt that you cut out and you sew them and this combines would combine really well with electronics you can see our inside there it's a fun probably actually just think these are adorable and a lot of people want to combine stuff like trinkets and Gemma's with plushies yeah and this is a really great little plushie kit for a good price that you can because you're making it you can stuff the electronics inside of it okay and then alright I can turn this on Dustin it's gonna be really good from from MOSFET he's really like this is it tilt Center what is it you'll have to figure it out okay let's keep going now my favorite part this is a new product from you later yay okay so let's look at that big photo if you know the next photo yeah okay so this is a new breakout for the max three one eight fifty and then mat-su one 850 is a thermocouple amplifier so thermocouple is a type of temperature sensor this made it have two wires and people really like them because it go to very hot temperatures and very low temperatures so most semiconductor based temperature sensors can't go above like 125 degrees centigrade whereas thermocouples can go k-type thermocouple can go up to like 1,200 degrees Celsius so it's like really really really hot so if you're like dude kilns or if you're doing smokers or you're doing like I don't know smelting anything that's like really hot thinking on reflow oven whatever you want use a thermocouple thermocouple is it's can handle that kind of heat but thermocouples have extremely low voltage output like micro volts you need to have an amplifier board handle them you can't just plug it into an Arduino and this board is what you connect your thermocouple to and it will do all of the like maneuvering and management of that micro voltage to get you out an actual temperature and we have a thermocouple amplifier already it's SPI based so it needs 2 or 3 pins this is a one wire base of thermocouple one wire based means you know my controller has to be able to handle one wire which is a kind of a

weird bus designed by maksim Dallas the it's a similar in one way to I scored scene which you can have any number of devices on one pin one data pin shared with like hundreds of devices if you want but the trade-off is that you have to kind of like write this management code for one wire Arduino has a one wire library for it I think graduate high also has one wire support in the kernel but not every microcontroller has it like for example I don't think the basic stamp does I'm not sure that the net do we know does either it has to be a real-time operating system that can handle the one wire bit twiddling so if you're not sure if your micro has one wire check to the stick with the SPI version of the thermocouple amp however if you want to use one wire because you want to connect multiple sensors on one wire it's just it's watering wise a lot easier it can also use parasitic power so you only need a data line and ground line to every sensor this is a really cool chip came excellent very recently and we got our hands on them and were like this is great so we made a brick for it which you can see here and I have a demo that I can show ya oh yeah sorry this is yeah so this is showing it to thermocouples sharing one data line okay I get to an Arduino okay so we have the Arduino so we have in Arduino hooked up and one of the trade-offs with one wire is that it's annoying to level shift like I squared C I like I squared C you have to have a level shifter for it and because of the way one wire works you can't put the level shifter on the breakout itself so we have a separate level shifter down here and there's two thermocouples and they're sharing this one data line which is kind of nice and then I just have it printing out the temperature on this whoa character display that just killed one second no what did you do I broke it live demo we try again do-over do-over okay where were we not dropping our electronics okay so guys a character display connect up to the Arduino and then we've got two thermocouples if I hold this thermocouple which is the zero thermocouple you can see that the temperature is going up slowly if those agrees I'm getting warmer warmer I also let go so it's it's it's very easy to and one of the things that I notice is people who are using the SPI thermocouples they're like well if I want to connect up like five thermocouples which is an unusual especially if you're you have like an engine block you know time trying to take temperatures all over the engine block thermocouples are the only thing that can handle that kind of heat but it's a lot of wiring and it's a gift to kind of share pins is annoying so you want to data logger and one of the nice things about one wire is again share one data pin and each sensor has a unique identifier with it that's burned in at the factory a 64bit identifier so you know if you have calibration data per sensor you can store it with that unique identifier which might be useful because thermocouples have a variation of a couple degrees per so that's my demo okay good work later all right and with that guess what guess what that means yeah you just finished up new products good work you Borough of Manhattan Community College.