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Quickie She leaned her head back and ran her hands through her silky hair as the hot water cascaded over her nude body. Using the captain’s shower had been an inspiration, he was the only one on board that had a water shower. Using the shampoo, she worked up a lather and worked the smooth foam into her hair, enjoying the gentle massage of her scalp. He stood at the doorway of his bathroom and watched her naked form through the frosted, steamy glass. Feeling the beginnings of an erection, he slowly undressed, never taking his eyes off her. She was running her hands down her sides when she felt the gentle cool breath of air from the opening screen. She smiled to herself knowing she had been joined by her lover. His hands moved to her hair, his finger separating it into wet ropes that he lifted to his nose to breathe deeply of it’s scent. His erection brushed across her buttocks as he stepped closer and ran his hands down to her shoulders, lingering to brush gently over her collarbones, then around the swelling curves of her breasts. She sighed and leaned back into him, trapping his hardness between their bodies. He took the soap then and ran it over her curves, paying special attention to her breasts. Replacing the soap in the holder, he opened his large hands and cupped her breasts, moulding them with gentle movements. When his fingers brushed over her hardened nipples she gasped and leaned forward, pressing her hands against the shower stall wall. He took the movement and leaned closer, gently biting her shoulder. His finger squeezed her nipples as he thrust against her buttocks, his throbbing penis hard against her. Spreading her legs, she lowered her head, breathing heavily. He allowed his hands to travel down her stomach, separating and sliding down her legs. “Do you want me to touch you?” he breathed against her ear. “Yes…” she whispered. Moving his hand to the insides of her thighs, he slowly lifted them, ever increasing her desire as he neared her center. He brushed his fingers through her wet curls and slowly parted her labia. She moaned, her legs trembling as his fingers skirted around her pulsing clitoris. Even though they were both wet from the shower, he could still easily feel her slick moisture as his fingers explored her folds. When his thick fingers entered her, she threw her head back and gasped his name, thrusting her hips against his questing hand. “Jean-Luc…” He rubbed his thumb gently over her sensitive nub and she moaned. “I want you Beverly.” His hands left her and turned off the water. She felt the door open then became aware of his hands guiding her from the stall. She turned and looked at him for the first time. Lean and well muscled, he stood before her, water streaming over his body, his hot erection jutting out from his groin. He stepped up to her, placed his hands on her waist and surprised her by lifting her off her feet. Moving across the bathroom, he placed her on the bench beside the basin.

When she had settled, he opened her legs and stood between them, delighted when he found she was at exactly the correct height for what he had in mind. Taking his penis in his hand, he slid the head through her folds repeatedly rubbing over her clitoris. With his other hand, he reached up and tweaked her nipples, before leaning in and kissing her passionately. She wrapped her arms around his neck and admitted him into her mouth. The kiss deepened and as his tongue pushed further inside he took the opportunity to slide his penis into her wet heat. She broke the kiss and cried out, lifting her face exposing the creamy column of her neck. His hot tongue blistered her skin as he licked, kissed and nipped his way down her neck. She gripped his shoulders, her nails digging into his hard flesh. His lips found their way to her nipples and, as he took one into his mouth, he withdrew his penis then thrust hard. She cried out and dragged her nails across the skin of his back, drawing blood. Again he withdrew and again he thrust, the force lifting her from the bench. Biting her nipple, he reached down and slid his finger over her bud and thrust again. “Oh God Yes!” she cried. Grunting with effort he released his passion and his formidable control and pistoned into her with abandon. Again and again he pounded into her, biting and caressing leading them ever closer to that moment when they would become one. Suddenly, she was there, screaming his name, her inner muscles clamping down on his penis as it slid in and out of her. He held her face and stared intently into her eyes as his thrusts become faster. He felt the oncoming rush of his orgasm. Releasing her head, he grasped her hips and plunged deeply into her and held still as his semen jetted out of his body. He gasped out her name and she held him as the spasms passed through him. She cradled his head and stroked his scalp sighing as her own aftershocks waned. “And to think, I thought I would just wash my hair…”


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