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Delight. She had been lying quietly for some time, listening to him sleep. His occasional snorts and sighs made her smile, remembering a different response as they’d made love. In the darkness of his cabin, she thought how passionate and loving he’d been. Oh, how she loved him! The hand, when it made contact with her back, made her sigh and close her eyes. It traveled up the bumps of her spine to the base of her skull, then back down to the rise of her buttocks. Meaning to turn over from the face down position, she braced one hand against the mattress, only to feel him gently push her down. “No, stay as you are.” He whispered, his breath warming her ear. The bed moved as he rose up, her mind providing the images of his lean, muscled body. He must have knelt, as soon she felt both his hands roaming over the skin of her back. She sighed, imagining the glittering, intense stare of his dark, hazel eyes. Suddenly, the hands move to her feet, feather light touches to her ankles, then up to her calves. The kisses to the backs of her heels was unexpected, a gentle bloom of desire forming at her center. She waited for the next caress, it wasn’t long in coming. His hands trailed up her calves, followed by his lips, open mouth kisses leaving spots of burning skin in their wake. She resisted the urge to stretch, not wanting to disturb his concentration. The hands and lips lingered at the backs of her knees, resulting in a low moan of pleasure and a corresponding spike of desire. His smile could be felt as he kissed her: it warmed her heart. Using the backs of his hands, he caressed the way up the backs of her thighs, dallying at the crease of her buttocks, then sliding back down between her legs. No longer able to subdue her reactions, she moaned and thrust her hips into the mattress. His response was to move his hands slowly down her legs to her feet. Gently grasping her ankles, he parted her legs and she felt him settle between them. With her head turned to one side, she watched as his hands appeared either side of her head. As he leaned forward to kiss her shoulders, she felt his hard erection brush over her buttocks. Lifting her hips, she trapped the hot length and smiled as he growled his approval, gently biting her skin as he did. As one of his hands swept aside her hair, she waited anxiously to see what he would do next. Nipping and tonguing his way, he covered her shoulders and neck, ending up at her exposed ear. She felt his hot breath, then his firm tongue as he traced the outline of her inner ear. The throbbing in her genitals increased as he lowered his weight slowly onto her, pressing her down onto the mattress. On his elbows now, his hands insinuated themselves beneath her and found her nipples, pinching them gently. She moaned and he undulated his hips, pressing his hard penis against her lower back. He kissed her brow, then her nose and then the corner of her mouth. In frustration, she lifted her head and turned to the extremity of her neck, only to have a gentle hand urge her to regain the pillow on which she rested. He left her face then and kissed and tongued his way down her back to her buttocks. Parting her legs further, he placed both his hands on her hips and encouraged her to lift. She did, and was surprised to feel a pillow being placed beneath her. She settled, and

when he was sure she was comfortable, he touched her intimately for the first time, his fingers lightly stroking her hot, wet folds. Moaning, she bore down on his hand, seeking contact with her swollen clitoris. Her sweet liquid doused his questing fingers and his already turgid erection hardened further as her musky aroma reached his nostrils. On his knees, with one hand massaging her cheeks, he slid first one, then two thick fingers into her slick vagina, thrilling as she clamped down on them. Altering the angle of his hand, his thumb stroked over her anus, helping to spread her fluid. She moaned again and clenched her cheeks in response still breathlessly waiting for the delicious contact she knew would come. He slid his fingers languidly in and out of her, letting her desire….her need grow. His own need was considerable, but he was content to lavish her, this brilliant, beautiful woman who held his heart. After a time, he withdrew his fingers, eliciting a moan of protest from her. She felt him lift her again and she raised herself onto her knees, her alabaster skin stained red with the flush of sexual arousal. When his tongue made it’s first contact, she shuddered and jerked. The shock of its penetration making her internal muscles clamp down in response. The thick, raspy tongue left her vagina and traveled through her folds, lapping and probing, and when it slid over her throbbing clitoris, an involuntary cry issued forth from her open, panting mouth. As his tongue continued its oral dance, he re-introduced his fingers, sliding into her depths and setting up an erotic rhythm. She felt her climax approaching, the delicious burning centering on her clitoris and spreading outwards through her body. Unable to control her movements, she jerked her hips as she came, dislodging his mouth. He kept his fingers ensconced, however, their dogged pistoning bringing forth another orgasm. He eased off then, slowly withdrawing his digits and spreading the fluid from her folds, over her anus and upwards to the top of the cleft of her buttocks. Panting heavily, she knew he wasn’t finished. When she was thoroughly lubricated, she felt the velvety soft head of his penis push into her folds, then back out, following the path laid by his fingers. At the apex of her buttocks, he pushed his penis up and she distinctly felt the thick veins on the under side of his erection. Easing his hips back, he pushed his penis down and she felt the head travel back down the cleft, back into her folds and sensuously over her still spasming clitoris. Now, almost mad with desire, she spoke. “Oh, God Jean-Luc, please….please, I need you.” His response was to tighten his hand on her cheek. “Soon my love.” He kept this maddening torture going by sheer willpower alone. He was desperate To plunge into her, but he wanted to prolong it as long as possible. Letting go of his penis, he gently pushed it in and out of her folds, making sure each thrust reached her clitoris, letting the unbridled sounds of her passion wash over him like a balm, inflaming his desire and further hardening his penis. He leaned forward again and found her nipples, tweaking them in time with his thrusts until she was writhing beneath him.

Unable to resist any further, and not wanting to, he rose to his knees and took his now iron hard penis in his hand. With his other hand, he spread her labia and placed the head of his penis at her entrance. “Do you want me Beverly?” he rumbled softly. “Yes! Oh God yes!” was all she could manage. With that affirmation, he pressed forward and watched with hungry eyes as his throbbing penis disappeared inside her body. When he was fully immersed in her, he grasped her hips and ground himself against her, making her moan with pleasure. Still holding her hips, he withdrew almost completely, then slid slowly forward watching as her vagina stretched to accommodate him. He did this several times, exercising his considerable control to keep his body from peaking too soon. Beverly was awash in a sea of passion, his every touch, his every movement sending wave after wave of indescribable sensation through her. Mindless with desire, she thought she could take no more, until his knowing hand slipped under her and lightly slid over her clitoris. The orgasm seemed to come from everywhere at once. Every nerve end firing at the same time. She screamed incoherently and jerked down onto the pillow, but still he kept slowly thrusting and manipulating the center of her desire. Again, then again, orgasms ripped through her until, mercifully, he stilled and leaned forward to kiss her shoulders and hair. He waited until the tremors has passed and her breathing returned to near normal before he eased his hands under her chest to cup, then gently massage her breasts. She sighed, the delightful feelings of his hands and his hot erection still inside her rekindling her heat. As his fingers found her nipples, he began to undulate his hips, sending new shards of need through her body. “Beverly…..” The word tumbled from his mouth on a hot breath near her ear. She felt the vibrations of it from his chest into her back and it heightened her need. She began to lift her hips to meet his gentle thrusts to let him know she was ready. He lifted his body from hers, gripped her hips, and began to pump his body in and out of her. Her already sensitive clitoris swelled again as she gripped the sheets in a rictus of ecstasy. Harder and harder he thrust groaning and gasping, his thighs slapping against her buttocks, his testicles bumping her labia. As his climax approached, he again reached around her hip and made contact with her clitoris, immediately sending her over the edge. She screamed his name as she felt his semen leave his body and squirt deep inside her again and again. He was dimly aware he had called to her in his moment of release and now, as he lay atop her, he could feel the residual spasms of his penis. He worked his arms under her and held her close to his heart as the beautiful petit mort claimed them both as they tumbled into sleep, still joined.


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