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Heather Sawyer Architectural Portfolio


FAcade study Sarphatistraat Offices Threshold Project Crafters Work and live space Performance PArk Shade and Shadow Youth Hostel Shade and Shadow Annex Connector Creative, Interactive Retreat Ballet Performance Park

Facade Study: Sarphatistraat Offices

Spring 2013 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Architect Steven Holl

This office building was designed by Steven Holl who was trying to create an airy, light, delcate skin with “chance-located color� on the facade. The new pavilion would be a sponge between the De Single Canal and the existing buick building.

Threshold Project: Crafters Work and Live Space

Spring 2012 The North End Boston, MA

This project introduced the idea of conceptual thinking and the incoperation of vertical and horizontal thresholds within the space. My concept for this project was shifting and layering. When a crafter such as Martha Stewart create art, especially with different media, there is a great deal of shifting and layer. This shifting is shown not only in the multi-floor levels, but also the large staircases that horizontally shift as they go up.

Performance Park: Shade and Shadow

Fall 2012 Newbury Street Boston, MA

After initial investigation of the site, and shadows on our site. I made three seperate shadow diagrams for three different times of the day;sunrise, noon, and sunset. In each time period I traced over the shadow that was created on the spring, and fall equinox and the summer and winter solstice. From that information, I chose To focus on sunset and pushed and pulled the shapes the shadow to create an interesting landscape of different terrain.




Youth Hostel:

Shade and Shadow Fall 2012

Newbury Street Boston, MA

In continuation to the Perfomance Park Project, we were asked to design a Youth Hostel on the site the existing park. I continued with my concept of Shade and Shadow to help me design, but also started to incorporate sunlight into this design process.

I introduced the sunrise shadows to create the massing of the and light rays a window slots piercing through the buillding. The orientation of spaces in the hostel are reliant on the sun path of the day and what the spaces would be used for.

Annex Connector: Creative, Interactive Retreat

Spring 2013 Annunciation Road boston , MA

Front Elevation

Back Elevation

we were asked to design a building to connect annex north and annex East. I felt it was important to create a space that connects the different design majors, and allow interaction between the students. But also to provide a retreat and get away from the stress that projects may cause.

Ground Floor

Second Floor

Section Cut

Third Floor

Ballet Performance PArk: Movable, Rotating Framework

Fall 2013 Cambridge Public Library Cambridge, MA

For this project the main idea was to create a movable and changing performance area using the surrounding area and their linear lines, and the movement of ballet dancers.

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