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Nationwide REO Brokers, Inc.

Knowledge  Collaboration  Integrity  Results.

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OVERVIEW Nationwide REO Brokers is a Real Estate Owned Asset  Nationwide REO Brokers  i R lE O dA Management company that was incorporated in 2002.  Our corporate headquarters are located in Massachusetts with  other branch locations around the country. 

Our company prides itself on personal contact and hands‐on management. Our senior managers have been routinely called upon to lead discussions and training sessions for our clients and within our vendor communities. Our executive team stays involved in both our operations and client relationships. We are committed to providing superior service to our clients with our hands‐on approach; this includes sales teams comprised of asset managers and support staff that manage our national broker and vendor networks. t k In I addition, dditi our affiliated ffili t d partners t i property in t preservation and closing, enable Nationwide REO Brokers to offer a full suite of services.

OVERVIEW Nationwide REO Brokers, Inc. (NREOB) is a full service national asset management company that provides comprehensive, streamlined services using some of the most progressive strategies in the industry. NREOB is a true outsource resource that is committed to engaged and collaborative partnerships with our clients. NREOB has h achieved hi d healthy h lth growth, th through th h a forward‐thinking f d thi ki and d highly hi hl innovative philosophy. In the dynamic and ever‐changing default industry, NREOB utilizes its depth of resources to remain informed and adept at taking advantage of new technology trends. Our tailored services and processes are designed to meet client requirements, yet remain flexible and scalable to take advantage of industry changes. NREOB is dedicated to identifying emerging trends in the REO, Rental and Property Management industry; we’re constantly looking beyond the standard to recognize increased efficiencies, enhancements and cost savings for our clients. We understand the value of continually measuring results, as well as improving processes, quality and security controls. The possibilities that could spring from a strategic relationship with your organization are exciting to consider. NREOB would seek to bring together our combined knowledge, experience, confidence and commitment to achieve a new vision for your default management process. This statement is intended to provide you with an overview of the following: • • • • • • •

Our Knowledge Our Technology Our Services Affiliated Services Risk Management Executive Biographies N t St Next Steps

We are pleased to present this statement and look forward to discussing in more depth, how our services could benefit your organization and to understand how together we can advance the interests of both our organizations. Please let me know how we can best address any questions you may have. have Best regards, Nationwide REO Brokers, Inc.


Nationwide REO Brokers delivers to our clients the confidence of industry knowledge  and experience through our asset management team, our national vendor network,  and our systematic yet flexible approach to property and asset management.

OUR KNOWLEDGE As an REO outsource A t company with ith extensive t i experience i working for some of the world’s largest national mortgage lenders and servicers, NREOB’s team has the proven knowledge, experience and skills necessary to perform at the top of the industry. NREOB has been involved in developing and implementing some of the most comprehensive REO performance matrices in the industry and has a track record of being a top performer in this environment. NREOB is an organization of people that brings with it decades of combined knowledge, experience, skills and resources built to deliver the highest level of service in the default management industry. Our management team is made up of proven professionals who bring with them their records of performance. In addition to our asset management team, clients have the support of NREOB’s dedicated business, technology, financial and reporting staff, all of which are well versed in default management process. We maintain a constant program of training and learning, grooming our less experienced staff and consistently updating our team.

Knowledge  Collaboration  Integrity  Results.            We believe in continuing education, and take advantage of our memberships in industry associations such as; MBA, MBA REOMAC, REOMAC NAR, NAR AREAA and NAHREP. NAHREP We actively participates in regional and national industry trade events and conferences to stay informed of the latest industry news, laws and regulations, compliance, trends and technology. In addition, we provide in‐ house training sessions geared towards improving our quality of service, communication skills and process management. This collaborative base of knowledge breeds the confidence to be proactive in asset management and problem resolution, allowing us to constantly adapt to the ever‐changing REO industry. We recognize and address potential issues in REO property management before they become major issues in order to minimize exposure and maximize the financial return.

OUR KNOWLEDGE Over the past eleven years, we have researched and selected the best real estate agents and brokers from across the country and trained them in our policies and procedures. Our brokers must be licensed, insured, associated with at least one MLS, and provide a minimum of two verifiable references before they are approved to work with us. They must meet stringent requirements, and adhere to all local, state, and federal laws, regulations, and established realty management practices. Over time, we have the ability to track broker performance based on several criteria. Members of our external team also include experienced appraisers, appraisers attorneys, attorneys escrow and title companies, property preservation companies, contractors and other real estate professionals. Our clients enjoy the personal communication with our knowledgeable team, and benefit from all of the services and expertise provided by our national network of industry professionals that has been integrated with the NREOB system.

With our unique approach, depth of knowledge and national network, NREOB is your true outsource resource. Our quality assurance program is responsible for qualifying and validating all of our brokers as well as our contractors who must also meet licensing and insurance requirements and who must follow specific pricing and bidding guidelines for security, preservation, and repair work. NREOB’s vendor reimbursement program, which verifies and promptly process payments to brokers for asset management related expenses, has established t bli h d significant i ifi t confidence fid with ith our brokers b k and d vendors d who h trust t t us to reimbursement them in a timely manner. In turn, they provide us with exceptional service and prompt responses to our requests. NREOB encourages personal communication, however all property information is available online 24/ 7 via our Asset Management System. We rely upon our staff staff’ss expertise, expertise knowledge and professionalism. professionalism We are confident that you will, too.


By utilizing our experience combined with state‐of‐the‐art technology, our team  provides clients with a highly efficient and effective REO process but also continually  seeks ways to improve through innovation.

OUR TECHNOLOGY We maintain a staff of IT professionals dedicated to smooth, uninterrupted service and communications. NREOB is constantly seeking to improve its capabilities and efficiencies through technology. technology For example, in 2005, we launched a custom, proprietary, web‐based database to handle our core business processes and to provide clients with seamless access to real‐time property information, values, statuses, reports and messaging tools. In 2010, our team engaged with a variety of technology consultants implementing and developing enhanced security and more detailed security protocols. Generally, our clients work hand‐in‐hand with our project managers and database engineers on data integration and a report plan that meets their requirements. Over time, we use analysis of our data to uncover trends that often lead to new efficiencies.

A t Management Asset M t System S t (AMS) NREOB has developed a proprietary, Asset Management System. The system provides an environment where NREOB, its clients and vendors can view the status of properties and submit relevant forms, data and messages for those properties. AMS provides clients with real‐time access to all of the information on their properties, including BPOs, appraisals, repair orders, associated brokers and contractors, listing information, documents and offer details. In addition, the system includes communication tools for asset managers to send and receive messages with clients and vendors in order to facilitate the sales process. The web‐based system is accessible 24 x 7 by secure login. NREOB has designed this application to facilitate asset and property management in a way that contains cost, reduces property listing time, time and delivers improved service levels. Clients have 100% transparency into the status of their properties.

OUR TECHNOLOGY The system offers a dashboard‐like homepage that is tailored specifically to each client, listing all open and recently sold properties and displaying any messages or alerts pertaining to specific properties that may require an action or response.

At a high level, the system features: g , y • • • • • • • • • • •

Online broker assignment of properties. Easy access to forms and policy information. Access to electronic copies of important property  documents. Event and Status history on property records. Occupant, Lease and Rent Roll Reporting Offer Management Tools. Electronic BPO and appraisal data. Management of property repair data, security,  preservation, and maintenance. Online delivery of values, marketing plans and offers  to clients. I d th In‐depth reporting capabilities. ti biliti Task based system that drives pipeline management

Reports NREOB has the capability to create any number of regular and custom reports, depending upon client requirements. New clients work with our project manager and database developer to examine and map fields, define report requirements and determine the regular reports to be delivered on a scheduled basis. Our asset management team has the capability to run numerous client reports from a system Dashboard page. Custom client dashboards can be created to meet specific client requirements. requirements We have designed our database system to facilitate REO property management in a way that contains cost, reduces property listing time, and delivers improved service levels. The AMS provides cutting edge REO property management technology without losing the personal service that NREOB is known for. The AMS resides on servers owned by and housed at NREOB. The system is written in ASP.NET on a .NET framework and is designed for future enhancements and scalability.


NREOB’s commitment is to provide superior service to our clients and to maintain its  record as a top performer in the industry.

PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT FOR INVESTORS Managing a real estate portfolio requires a significant amount of time and investment expertise. Allow our asset management team to optimize your investment returns and save you time. We ensure quality results through focused management strategies and dedicated resources.

                

Residential and Commercial Assets Residential and Commercial Assets Cash Sale Disposition Strategy  Contract for Deed Disposition Strategy  Turn REO properties into rental income Occupant, Lease and Rent Roll Reporting Online vendor assignment of properties Online vendor assignment of properties Includes active network of 20K agents Easy access to forms and policy information Access to electronic copies of important property  documents Event and Status history on property records Event and Status history on property records Offer Management Tools Electronic BPO and appraisal data Management of property repair data, security,  preservation, and maintenance Online delivery of values marketing plans and offers to Online delivery of values, marketing plans and offers to  clients In‐depth reporting capabilities Due diligence on taxes Task based system that drives pipeline management 

Website: Phone:  (781) 849‐0900 Email:

CONTRACT FOR DEED DISPOSITIONS Our Contract for Deed (CFD) disposition strategy is particularly attractive to individual buyers and other investors, who are looking to own a home that is not otherwise available to them. Our typical contract terms include an affordable down payment and low monthly installment payment over a term of 20 years and based on state regulated allowable interest rates. All buyers are required to provide proof of income and a credit report in order to demonstrate the ability to make the down payment and the monthly payments. payments

         

Initial property inspections and securing Initial property inspections and securing Refined pricing strategy based on market rents Online advertising Toll free access to sales department Screening and qualification process Standardized land contracts Certified down payment funds Closing coordination Post‐sale tracking and payment history Streamlined coordination with national compliant Streamlined coordination with national compliant  servicer  All improvements, taxes and insurance are the  responsibility of the buyer

Website: Phone:  (781) 849‐0900 Email:


Our expertise includes all aspects of property asset management—cradle to grave—from evictions and pre‐foreclosure evaluations, to preparing a property for market, to establishing marketing strategies, to negotiating offers, to managing contracts, to coordinating the closing and funding. We approach each property as a unique entity with varying conditions and considerations that impact its market value and sale. Throughout the property lifecycle, we maintain transparent and continuous communication with our clients and vendors to ensure that best strategies for success are applied. Our goal is to take your asset and maximize the sales price while minimizing the holding costs and timelines. timelines

Our full range of services includes the following: Pre‐Foreclosure Services • • • • • •

Occupancy Status Reports Property Inspections Valuations Marketing History Deed in Lieu Credit Risk Analysis

Post‐Foreclosure Services • Third Party Foreclosure Review • Legal Review and Certification • Recommendations for Curative  Actions

Asset Recovery • • • • • • • • • • • •

Broker Assignment Occupancy Status Reports Property Inspections Drive‐by Valuations y Securing & Property Preservation Monitoring during Redemption,  Confirmation or Ratification Affidavit of Abandonment Cash for Deed Relocation Assistance l Tenant Counseling Lease Review (PTFA) Eviction Coordination with  National Attorney Network

OUR SERVICES Asset Management System • • • • • • •

Secure Online Access Workflow Management Electronic Document Library Streamlined Process Streamlined Process Quality Control and Compliance Custom Reporting Tools Integration with External Systems

Pre‐Marketing • • • • •

Preliminary Title Report Initial Services Compliance with Local or City  Ordinances Repairs and Maintenance d Weekly Property Inspections

Rental and Property  Management • • • • • • • • •

Maximizing Returns for Investor  Portfolios Lease Options Tenant Management Collection of Rents Property Maintenance Managing Payment of Taxes and   Insurance HOA  Negotiation and Payment  Processing Vacant Property Registrations  Mitigating Code Violations

Offer Management Asset Valuation & Marketing  Strategy • • • • • • • •

Real Estate Broker Price Opinions Appraisals Repair Cost Analysis Comprehensive Marketing Strategy P Proactive Marketing – ti M k ti MLS O li MLS, Online  & Local Ads Monthly Marketing Reports Housing Initiative with Local  Organizations Alternative Liquidation Alternative Liquidation • Auction • Bulk • Pool Sales

• • • • •

Offer History Documentation Negotiations Client directed authority matrix Offer Approval and Acceptance as  directed by Client/Investor Contract Review and Execution

Closing and Title Services • • • • •

Title Procurement and Resolution Closing Coordination HUD‐1 Review  Client directed POA to streamline Client directed POA to streamline  process Electronic Funding and  Reconciliation


Our affiliated partner companies further diversify and compliment the core services  that we provide the default industry.

AFFILIATED SERVICES An affiliated company of NREOB, Safe Harbor Field Services (SHFS) has provided professional property preservation services to national mortgage services, asset management companies, and individual brokers since its inception in 2007. SHFS specializes in the inspection, securing, trash out, cleaning, repair, preservation and maintenance of default and REO properties. properties

Property Preservation Services INITIAL SERVICES • • • •

Property Inspections, Reports & Photos Rekey/Lockbox k / kb Secure Board Up


Trash Out (interior & exterior) Vehicle Removal H Hazard Removal dR l Janitorial Services Pump Out

YARD CARE • • • •

Lawn Maintenance Tree Services Snow Removal Snow Removal Pool/Spa Drainage & Securing

WINTERIZATIONS • Heating Systems • Pipes/Plumbing Repairs • Sprinklers, Pools & Spas


Demolition Services Mold Remediation Complete Repairs/Rehabs Carpentry, Flooring & Painting Emergency Services/Vandalism


Routing & Scheduling Work Order History Inventory Management Contractor Registration & Certification

Safe Harbor  Safe Harbor Field Services

AFFILIATED SERVICES SHFS works in partnership and collaboration with its clients and is committed to protecting the physical integrity of their clients’ assets to maximize value as well as to minimize any physical depreciation; clients are kept informed of potential issues in order to avoid violations and unnecessary expenditures. SHFS is able to provide any preservation, repair or maintenance services required or maintenance services required. . 

CONTRACTOR REGISTRATION PROGRAM As part of the SHFS registration program, new contractors must complete a  comprehensive registration package. This package ensures that SHFS obtain  p g p g p g all vital contact information as well as their general liability insurance, E&O  insurance, all applicable licenses and referrals. The contractor must provide  a list of their skill sets and services, along with their coverage area by  county.

BID REVIEW When a contractor submits a bid, it is initially reviewed for accuracy by the  property preservation specialist assigned to the property. If the bid seems  high, the bid is escalated our in‐house general contractor for review.  Often,  second or even third bids are ordered for comparison purposes. All bids  submitted to the client for approval include photo documentation. 

CONTRACTOR MONITORING & SCORING SHFS monitors contractor performance and any problems on an ongoing  basis for potential violation and review of work standards.

CONTRACTOR WORK REVIEW On a random and rotating basis, contractor work is also reviewed for  g , performance by our vendor coordinator and/or managers. Criteria include: • Time to accept the work order • Time to complete the work order • Accuracy and quality of before, during and after photos • Completeness of work according to scope • Time to invoice submission Safe Harbor Safe Harbor  • Communication

Field Services



Nationwide REO Brokers has an aggressive and proactive risk management   approach. We fully believe in protecting our clients and ourselves from any potential  exposure and liability.

RISK MANAGEMENT NREOB has a proactive approach to risk management in both a transactional and property management context. We operate within a secure, Class A office building, and have a comprehensive risk management program to ensure our clients are protected. This includes our facilities, business continuity plans, network operations, information security controls quality controls and insurance. controls, insurance Our operations are carefully managed and guided with the assistance of legal counsel and professional accounting services. We are experienced in dealing with the risks associated with REO management and liquidation and have developed the means and methods to handle problems and disputes both l large and d small. ll

Facilities NREOB’s principal office at 25 Braintree Hill Office Park in Braintree, Massachusetts, is located on the fourth floor of a secure, modern brick building on elevated land very close to an interstate highway. highway The office suite is a fully furnished, modern single office suite of approximately 17,000 square feet. Our workspace includes the latest network systems and technology, with a separate computer and telecommunications room that is secured at all times by an automatic locking system. Our servers are mounted on industrial grade storage racks, bolted to the main frame of the building. Video surveillance is captured at all entrances and exits and the telecom room entryway. Backup power supply is functioning at all times in the event of a power outage.

Business Continuity  Like most firms in the financial services industry, NREOB relies heavily on information technology, the internet and telecommunications to conduct its business. To continuously serve our clients, NREOB has set in place policies and procedures to mitigate risks associated with any potential disruption of operations resulting from a minor malfunction to a major catastrophe. We have prepared a comprehensive Business Continuity Plans that detail the potential risks that may interrupt business, and how Nationwide is able to address them.

RISK MANAGEMENT Network Operations NREOB’s electronic data resides on servers at two locations. File servers are onsite within our office, and the primary database servers are located at a secure facility operated by Access Northeast in Marlborough, Massachusetts. This configuration provides NREOB with geographic diversity and redundancy for the purposes of business continuity. This remote network is protected by a firewall, linked to our main office via a high speed point‐to‐point network and is configured to replicate the data at the principal office. Access Northeast is also l NREOB’s NREOB’ primary i I t Internet t Service S i Provider. P id In I addition, dditi we have h also l secured an office in the nearby town of Weymouth, Massachusetts, with adequate office facilities, computers, telephone and Internet connections to serve as a hot site in the event that the Braintree facility is unavailable.

Information Security  In addition, as an outsourcer, we have implemented a systematic plan of controls and mechanisms that guard against unauthorized use of non‐public information residing on our computer network. This plan is detailed in our Security Policy document. NREOB has established a Security Program Committee, responsible for the review and oversight of these policies; as well as identify internal and external risks to security, confidentiality and the integrity of system records.

Quality Controls NREOB further manages risk through intensive quality control measures. measures The Quality Assurance Policy outlines our internal audit process to ensure the highest quality and compliance, while supporting corporate initiatives. Internal audits are also focused to ensure data entry accuracy and progressive business logic. Through its highly efficient communications network and transparent database, NREOB is able to provide a level of oversight and direction that has resulted in a zero claim rate since the inception of its operation.

RISK MANAGEMENT Insurance Nationwide has Transactional Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage as well as General Liability coverage extending to all aspects of risk associated with any duties, responsibilities or obligations of NREOB in regards to any property assigned to us. us In addition, addition we maintain aggregate insurance liability coverage of up to $25 million. Second, NREOB demands documentation of adequate insurance from all our vendors. Vendors are required to provide proof of insurance in order to qualify for provision of service to Nationwide and its clients. Vendors are also required to execute Indemnification and Hold Harmless agreements, agreements as well as to provide copies of all current licenses, references and other documentation.


Nationwide REO Brokers is an organization of people that brings a depth of  combined knowledge, experience, skills and resources.

EXECUTIVE BIOS NICHOLAS PETROCELLI President Nationwide REO Brokers, Inc. was founded by Nick Petrocelli in 1997 and was  later incorporated in 2002 Nick brings over 25 years experience in business later incorporated in 2002.  Nick brings over 25 years experience in business  and real estate.  His overall vision and strategy has allowed the company to  position itself to provide its clients with the highest quality of REO asset  disposition possible.  He has developed a steady client base and has  established relationships with prominent companies such as Washington  Mutual, Old Republic, Colonial, Aegis Mortgage, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,  Wilshire Credit, GMAC, Bay Bank, First Union Bank, Ocwen Loan Servicing, Key Wilshire Credit, GMAC, Bay Bank, First Union Bank, Ocwen Loan Servicing, Key  Bank and many others.  Nick is currently a member of MBA, REOMAC, and  National Association of Realtors.  

SANDY BRANCO Di t Director of Sales fS l Sandy joined Nationwide as the Director of Sales in 2000.  She has worked in  the REO industry for over twelve years and has 5 years prior experience in the  banking and property management industry.  Sandy currently leads  Nationwide’s REO sales teams and its high profile portfolios.   In addition, she is  g p p the partner liaison with our closing and title attorney firms. Her focus during  the last eleven years has been to effectively apply client requirements and  directives; while working closely with the technology development team to  create innovative solutions for the company’s overall REO needs.  Recently,  Sandy teamed up with operations and configured the Rental and Property  Management  system requirements in advance of industry needs.  In addition,  Sandy is an active member of REOMAC and National Association of Realtors.

EXECUTIVE BIOS JASON E. COHN, JASON E COHN ESQ. ESQ General Counsel Jason has served as legal counsel to Nationwide virtually since its founding in 2002. As Nationwide has grown, this role has taken on more significance. i ifi P Presently, tl Jason J i involved is i l d in i counseling li to t allll phases h off the th business including risk management, corporate governance, litigation control, employment, contract negotiation, and business development. Jason’s background includes more than a decade of experience in the practice of civil litigation and in successfully representing and counseling clients in resolving a wide variety of problems and disputes. In his role as general counsel, Jason serves as both counsel and adviser. adviser Jason has had experience in negotiating contracts and deals both large and small and in representing Nationwide’s interests throughout its development. His prior litigation experience includes the trial of cases to both judge and jury and the resolution of hundreds of others—whether through mediation, arbitration or otherwise. Jason is also licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an Insurance Adviser and he brings g with him his extensive experience p workingg in and around the insurance industry. Jason was educated at Tufts University and the New England School of Law from which he graduated magna cum laude.

LINDA N. EDELHEIT, ESQ.  Closing Attorney & Title Manager Linda started working with Nationwide REO Brokers, Inc., in 1995, as part of the REO team at Shapiro & Kreisman, in Framingham, Massachusetts. During her tenure with Shapiro & Kreisman, she worked to expand the REO representation from a local practice to a national practice. In 2000, Linda joined a mid‐sized Boston law firm as Managing REO Attorney, where she was responsible for managing a closing team of twenty‐five, including attorneys, paralegals and law clerks. In February, 2008, Linda established the law firm of Edelheit & Associates, P.C.; where in partnership with Nationwide REO Brokers, she has continued to coordinate closings and cultivate national REO business relationships. Linda attended the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, she k where h h graduated d d with h a B.S. in Political l l Science in 1984. Thereafter, h f she graduated, cum laude, in 1987 from the New England School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts. She was admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in 1987 and has been an active member for twenty‐three years.

EXECUTIVE BIOS NEIL KIMBALL NEIL KIMBALL Chief Financial Officer Neil joined Nationwide in 2008 and brings over 28 years of experience in  Finance and Accounting. Throughout his career, Neil has specialized in the  d l development of accounting, financial and information systems for a number of  f i fi i l di f i f b f growing manufacturing companies. He has also previously served as the  Treasurer and Director of Finance at Sage Laboratories, the CFO and Vice  President of Finance at Back Saver Products Company.  Neil began his career in  Public Accounting in Boston, MA and currently holds a BS degree in  Accountancy, with highest honors, from Bentley College.

WILLIAM CATANIA Di t Director of Information Technology fI f ti T h l Bill joined Nationwide as Director of Information Technology in May of 2010.   His key responsibility is the coordination of IT services and deliverables for  Nationwide’s clients.  Prior to joining Nationwide, Bill served as the Chief  Information Officer for the Secretary of the Commonwealth (MA) beginning in  y ( ) g g May 2007. During his tenure with the Commonwealth he established the  Technology policies for the Secretary’s Office and associated Registry of Deeds  Offices. Bill also served as an advisor to the Commonwealth’s Information  Technology Advisory Board which is responsible for allocating funding to  technology projects and initiatives for the Commonwealth’s Executive and  Constitutional Offices. Bill’s prior experience includes five (5) years as Chief  Information Officer for the Massachusetts Turnpike.

EXECUTIVE BIOS ROBERT ROCHE ROBERT ROCHE Client Development & Branch Manager Bob joined Nationwide in 2007 and currently manages the operations of  Nationwide’s Tampa, Florida office. He brings over 35 years experience in the  l di lending and default industry.  Bob managed Household Finance Corporation   d d f lt i d t B b dH h ld Fi C ti (HFC) offices in the Boston area, and later held executive positions including VP  of Mortgage Collections, the division responsible for loss mitigation, default  and REO inventories; and State Compliance Manager responsible for direct  contact with several state and government agencies.  For the next five years,  Bob was the Director of REO at Ocwen Financial Services in West Palm Beach,  Florida.  When HSBC acquired HFC, Bob was recruited as the District Collection  Florida When HSBC acquired HFC Bob was recruited as the District Collection Manager, leading  nine collection branches including  Cleveland, Pittsburg,  Hattiesburg , El Paso , Houston and Los Angeles.  And then within the Beneficial  Finance Division of HSBC , he served as Division Manager for Bankruptcy  Services.  Bob also provided consulting services with Clayton Group and  Cerberus Capital Management . At Cerberus he took part in the due diligence  on portfolio and company purchases and managed the disposal of Aegis  p p yp g p g Mortgages REO inventory before the company was closed. 

HEATHER PRESTON Director of Operations Heather joined Nationwide as the Director of Operations in 2007 after seven  years in a similar role at Asset One Marketing Group in Denver, Colorado.  Heather is instrumental in overseeing the facilities and office functions  i l di REO including REO operations, vendor management and policies and procedures.  ti d t d li i d d She currently leads the Broker Connect Training Program, as well as our social  media channels. She has an extensive background in REO workflow analysis,  property expense management, reporting services, and client billing services.  In addition, she has overseen the integration, conversion, and training of  multiple database systems; including MAS 500 accounting software, Invoice  Management and Equator (REOTrans) Platforms Heather attended the Management and Equator (REOTrans) Platforms. Heather attended the  University of Colorado, and holds a certification in MAS 90/Sage Software.  In  addition, she is an active member of REOMAC and IREM organizations.

EXECUTIVE BIOS BARBARA MANCOVSKY BARBARA MANCOVSKY Division Manager Barbara joined Nationwide in 2004 and brings over 18 years of real estate  experience, ranging from commercial property management,  acquisitions/dispositions and asset management to residential sales and since  i iti /di iti d t tt id ti l l d i 2004, REO asset management. Previously with Trammell Crow Company and  later, MGI Properties, Barbara also owned and operated a real estate firm for  several years before joining Nationwide REO Brokers.  Her principal objective  the last two years has been leading a sales team focused on one of our  keystone clients.  In addition, she collaborated with the information technology  team to successfully integrate with this client’ss CLM and synchrony data  team to successfully integrate with this client CLM and synchrony data exchange systems.

JASON CLARKE Division Manager i ii Jason joined Nationwide in 2006 and brings with him over 11 years of previous  experience in the mortgage industry as both a Loan Officer and an Asset  Manager. He has previously served as an Asset Manager with AMC Mortgage  Services in Chicago, IL. He has also worked as an Asset Manager with Fairbanks Services in Chicago, IL.  He has also worked as an Asset Manager with Fairbanks  and as an REO realtor in Chicago and Milwaukee over the course of six years.   His expertise has been instrumental as the lead of our Property Inspection  Program, wherein inspections are conducted in concentrated markets and the  level of service provided by our local vendors is evaluated.

EXECUTIVE BIOS MARIANNE PETROCELLI MARIANNE PETROCELLI Eviction & Post Foreclosure Manager Marianne joined Nationwide in 2008.  She brings over 27 years experience in  the retail apparel and customer service industry. Prior to Nationwide she  served for six years at Talbots, Inc. as Customer Service Manager and for two  y , g years as Store Operations Manager.  Marianne is responsible for providing  direction and supervision of the REO Support Team which provides support to  the REO Asset Managers.  She oversees inventory acquisitions and initial file  set up, as well as redemption, confirmation and ratification properties.  Her  team is also experienced and knowledgeable on the Protecting Tenants at  Foreclosure Act and state regulated eviction laws; and has developed a  preferred network of eviction attorneys to better serve our client needs.   Our  location in the Northeast has provided her team with the hands on experience  necessary to expertly handle evictions and post foreclosure matters.  Her team  also interacts with brokers, property preservation companies, and other  business partners. Marianne is also a member of the IREM organization.

MICHAEL CARO R Reporting Services Manager ti S i M Michael joined Nationwide in 2009 as a Portfolio Manager. He brings with him  15 years management experience, eight years of which are banking specific. He  has held positions in mortgage origination, mortgage servicing, collections,  foreclosure and default servicing (specializing in GSE default servicing), loss  g( p g g) mitigation, REO sales and mortgage default audit for internal, OTS and OCC  compliance. Prior to his service with Nationwide REO Brokers, Mr. Caro has  held a number of consulting, management, reporting and marketing positions  with Citibank, Washington Mutual, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Option One  Mortgage, H&R Block Mortgage, and LPS Default Solutions. 

NEXT STEPS Nationwide REO Brokers, Inc. is interested in advancing  discussions with your company Whether it is the discussions with your company. Whether it is  the  consideration of a strategic partnership between our  organizations, providing services directly or something  more, NREOB would be pleased and honored to be  involved in such discussions.  At your convenience, please feel free to contact us for  any follow‐up information or further details. We look  forward to your interest and response.

For further information, please contact: Nick Petrocelli  President /CEO Direct:  (781) 348‐7000 Email: Bob Roche B bR h Client Development Direct:  (781) 348‐7071 Email:

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