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New York State College of Human Ecology ​coming up three no schools is on the cutting edge of safety each one as an emergency response in the event of a tragedy we will show you what's inside these kids plus filmmaking in Northwest Arkansas dates back to the 1930s actress who participated in a film reunite in downtown Springdale to reminisce and we introduce Robert hyena our school resource officer in the Springville schools who has an inspirational message for his fellow marshallese community members all that are more on this episode of Springville today [Music] hello everyone i'm da guess Kivar and I'm Carter Hale a quick programming now as we start to show this is the last week before Thanksgiving and sprinkle today we'll have a Thanksgiving special this Friday that's right we will air our Thanksgiving special this coming Friday November 17th here is a sneak peek at a powerful Thanksgiving story we are working on it became a tradition I guess touchdown age there's names perfect for that so every game we do it is just perfect [Music] his confidence should skyrocket he went from the kids atmosphere of middle school and scared of his transition to he's runnin school he knows everybody he loved everybody and he's just the happiest kid that I've ever had angel was such a powerful story to tell of inspiration and friendship we also have other heartwarming and funny stories for Thanksgiving so please look for our show this Friday our top story the primary objective in our school system is to keep our students safe with the recent increase of public violence or the possibility of a natural disaster this brutal schools and nursing team devise an emergency kit that is one-of-a-kind I don't Lorelai as a story sprinter school's number one priority is the safety of students and staff Springdale public schools are the first school district in the state of Arkansas to deploy the stop the bleed emergency backpacks according to Kathy launder district nursing coordinator each building the disputed schools are prepared for any emergency we are putting emergency backpacks in all our schools so we have had classes on teaching everybody how to stop bleeding in case let's say a tornado hit maybe there's an emergency somewhere a child injure themselves on the playground maybe in shop class someone cut off their hand using equipment so we decide to go ahead and become proactive Stacey Hubbard nurse at Harbor High School says these emergency backpacks offer an opportunity for students to learn emergency procedures as well they have tourniquets in them and we give training on how to use the tourniquets so we think in the high school that the kids should know how to use these as well even if it's developing a homemade tourniquet because you never know what kind of situation you're going to walk into all backpacks have a stop the bleed package and schools have added their own materials Harbor High School has added a 4x4 piece of gauze including a roller gauze a pair of rubber gloves in aluminum blanket a water bottle Texas Martin is for diabetics and they would like to add a flashlight so we have ten and each high school for at school of innovation to it Archer and we have four at each junior high for each middle school and two at each LM now my nurses they all have their own backpacks but along with that some of the schools decided to add extra things into their backpacks every school in the spindle district has emergency backpacks and are prepared for any type of emergency for speeding up today I'm I have enlarges schools I receive multiple calls from other districts in the area hoping to replicate this amazing kit look around anywhere in Springdale and there is construction the school system is no different Paul Labriola files a story about new opportunities coming to John Tyson Elementary the sound of trucks can only mean one thing something new is coming I think the kids are excited we're excited to get some things new here and we spend a lot of time in the library so everybody will get to be in there a lot and everybody's excited Valerie Hart librarian at Tyson elementary says the library will provide new resources like ebooks and audio books for both her and the children will will be using at all kinds of things our library is kind of a hub of our school so we'll have library programs library classes parent activities PTA activities district and faculty activities in there so we're excited by the end of February close to 300 kids will have the doors open to a brand new library for Springville today I'm Paul Labriola construction on the new library media center is estimated to be finished by February 2018 this past week frindle schools celebrated Veterans Day before we take a look at the celebrations from all the schools let's first talk about why we have Veterans Day Logan Davis follows his report Veterans Day is a legal holiday that was started by Western Europe the United States honor veterans after World War one and World War one ended on November 11th at the 11th hour and this is also the 100th anniversary of World War one to centennial and so it's kind of a special year for this but Veterans Day is to honor the people and families who serve in any capacity and after World War one which was your first official true World War so many people died in World War one and it was so horrible that they called it the Great War and it was the war to end all wars of course it wasn't but it was so bad that they

wanted to honor everyone for their service and the number of people who fail and they did that by creating Veterans Day and they also did it by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier now our team is at Arlington National Cemetery France is under the Arc de tar and so on so that makes it special in itself and then it became a national holiday as we move through time and it's more than a three-day weekend off it it honors the everyone who served in all past wars and conflicts and even in peacetime wanna just make sure that the veterans are appreciated and that they know that we care and it's not about war we're not honoring war we're honoring the people who serve and give up their time and family we're making sure that the veterans are appreciated because a nation who does not appreciate the veterans that's your first step to that that's just horrible not honoring and once we serve if a nation doesn't honor the people who had served in it's not a nation when you see veterans wearing their hats and clothing they're okay with just saying going up to them and saying thank you for your service Carter we had the opportunity to work the center junior high betters assembly and it was very impressive that's right this is the 26th year for the central junior high veteran's assembly but it is not the only one in our district here is a list of other veterans assemblies you can watch on the Springdale schools YouTube channel coming up after the break we have a special story about films shot right here in Northwest Arkansas 80 years ago and some of the actors were here in downtown Springdale remembering the good old days we'll have the story when we come back outstanding customer service that's the ever difference the best selection you'll find anywhere that's the Everett difference family-owned and operated that's never difference professionals who put you first that's the ever difference the best car buying experience we ever get that's the Everett difference come see us and discover the Everett difference during ramp our days right now and Everett Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and beyond take a fresh look at the Jones Center the premier place in Northwest Arkansas for year-round ice skating swimming basketball working out in ice hockey it's a great place to celebrate business school and family events in one of our many spacious meeting rooms become an annual member or just come for the day and enjoy our first-class amenities at our state-of-the-art facility that distinguishes it from all others only act the Jones Center serving Northwest Arkansas for over 20 years it's a place to belong look around in Northwest Arkansas and filmmaking is exploding from the Bentonville Film Festival to the potential of true detective being shot in Fayetteville but did you know that filmmaking has been a part of our in our community for over 80 years Paula Villa has this amazing story 80 years ago in the year 1937 a man named Melton Barker got a young group of talented boys and girls as actors to help create a film that is still around til this day today November 13th 2017 several these actors got together to have a reunion to reminisce about their experiences in creating these films and acts of 1937 I the event was held at First United Methodist Church and the six attendees discussed the importance of preserving this film for Springdale today I'm Paul Labriola there are only three copies of kidnappers fall left in our community downtown Springdale is a happening place nowadays and one of the mainstay festivals bringing a party atmosphere food and fun people to downtown Springdale is the Arkansas so festive all we were there and here's the story [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the next Arkansas festival will be November 2018 and now it's Sanford news around the district L Dell elementary students were taught the importance of the United States flag and national anthem during their Veterans Day assembly the Arkansas National Guard hosted an event for medical anatomy and physiology students at Harbor High School to participate in evaluating injuries and applying treatment students from Southwest and lakeside junior High's or the robotics team tournament champions at Alma congratulations to you students on your victory George Elementary celebrated its 25th anniversary with special guest speakers and a time capsule was also created where each grade made contributions make sure to follow us on facebook and instagram and don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel for more news ER and the district check out the Sereno school's facebook page coming up after the break we continue on our marshalese community features this week's feature is a Springdale police officer Robert ie knee TK martial arts where we are dedicated towards the advancement of martial arts in Northwest Arkansas learning MMA judo jujitsu team development and cross discipline affiliation joined to develop respect honesty perseverance self-control and humility you can join by coming in any of our classes Monday through Saturday at 207 commercial Avenue and contact us at force of the nine three six five zero seven eight three and make sure to check out our Facebook page fast lane entertainment is a family-friendly establishments that provides 75,000 square feet of Wow with a state-of-the-art bowling alley with arcade games a two-story laser tag arena spin zone bumper cars with ten party and conference rooms for birthdays and group events fast lane has everything you need for family-friendly fun find us on Facebook or Vaseline Bolcom welcome back school resource officers are police officers that are present in our school in order to create positive relationships between our youth and our police force but for Robert INE it goes much deeper than that it is about service to his community my name is Robert beanie I was born in the Marshall Islands as well I grew up till about it's about thirteen years of age when I graduated elementary school and I moved on from ebuy and that was probably the last time I was there I served in the military just like

Melissa - both of you um I was in for ten years two tours when I wrecked one Afghanistan it was tough I tell you what it was very tough but it was it was one of those moments where it prepared me mentally as well as physically not being a police officer I'm very honored to be to be a police officer you know it just gives the good examples to a lot of these kids day in and day out when I show up to school they approached me they say I want to be a police officer and I tell them well it's gonna take a lot of work and dedication on your part starting now as the but obviously it's doable exactly it is very doable and it's very doable and like I said I I really enjoy what I do at work especially at schools I love working with kids it's an inspiration I think because every single morning I see kids walking up to school with their heads down and I'll smile at them and they'll smile at me and I think it does make a difference in their life coming to school is easy a lot of kids love coming to school they don't mind working I mean ah waking up early in the morning just to get ready come to school here's Honus a majority of the kids just only a few here and there you know they could be bullied at school I'll tell them don't don't don't let that you know bother you if you need help come and talk to me my office is right there come on talk to me buddy we'll talk we sure are making a lot of progress in the school systems one thing I noticed a lot of a lot of kids when they are brought up they tend to walk away or you know walk walk the other way from from guys in uniforms especially us but let me reassure you we are there to help along with all the teachers all the counselors and everybody in the school system that works there we are part of the team as well so anytime you guys feel like talking to me or any of the other school resource officers we are there to help you guys in any any ways for more features on our marshalese community leaders go to Springdale schools YouTube channel and look at the choose Springdale playlist we leave you today with a look at the spindle schools pre-k program the pre-k program of Springdale schools is the state of the art program that prepares students for kindergarten and gives them a strong foundation in life thank you for watching Springdale today and we'll see you on Friday when we are at Thanksgiving special goodbye everyone get your child ready for grade school with pre-k and spring no schools affordable costs create friendships and get a head start on education you can enroll your child at Springdale school's webpage by August 1st 2018 you can also contact us at 479 75088 890 Springdale schools prek program a second home for your child to get the education they need [Music] [Applause] [Music] Boricua College.