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New York Academy of Art ​before we get started with the sales integrity podcast if you haven't already signed up for our free video email course titled seven steps to master the game of complex technical selling then you'll want to do so right away if you're listening on your phone then simply text the word f I course to the number 44 to 22 or visit master complex sales com again text the word s I as in sales integrity so SI course which is all one word with no spacing at all to the number 44 to 22 or visit master complex sales com now let's get started with the podcast [Music] hello failed achievers welcome to the sales integrity podcast I'm Sean Pickett founder and CEO of sales integrity a sales coaching services provider and also the founder of my coach site a coaching and Abelman software provider this podcast is all about helping sales professionals leaders and organizations with a complex technical b2b sale to increase sales and earn more money period today's theme throwbackthursday on thursdays i look back to old school selling principles that are either still applicable today or that we can learn from in terms of what not to do think of sales process methodologies in principles that stand the test of time is taught by legends such as Zig Ziglar Dale Carnegie and others at times I'm even going to use throwback Thursdays to incorporate lessons of certain scenes from legendary sales movies or review controversial articles or books to determine their applicability in today's modern selling world so get ready to dive into today's throwbackthursday topic and let's get today's episode rockin and rollin [Music] welcome to this week's throwback Thursday edition of the sales integrity podcast today we will throw it back to a legend Zig Ziglar and learn a valuable lesson from Zig on the topic of trust and how it affects your selling success personally Zig is one of my all-time favorites and here's why my dad worked for Sears for 30 years and went through their extensive management training program now as he was moving up the corporate ladder he placed a huge emphasis on personal development constant learning and never-ending growth he is an avid learner who has a huge home library of books and motivational tapes and when I was growing up in my parents home as a child during my formative learning years the good portion by dad library consisted of zig ziglar materials so starting around age eight I began my personal development growth journey as a result of accessing my dad's home library my dad would also play Zig Ziglar motivational tapes in the car or I would play them on my 1980s Walkman as I mow the lawn so I became very familiar with zigs endearing southern draw and was mesmerized with the way he spoke and delivers messages the very first book I remember reading that really made sense and started to resonate with my eight-year-old brain with zig ziglar 'he's see you at the top book see you at the top with zig first book published in 1975 and still remains an authentic American classic that is referenced today by top sales and business leaders worldwide Zig would go on to author 30 more books in his illustrious career as a motivational speaker and author so zigs advice is simply timeless and transcends generations my personal favorite quote of things which was introduced and taken directly from see you at the top and as the books major premise is this you can get everything you want like if you help enough other people get what they want I've never forgotten that quote as that is wholly stuck with me I've lived this mantra in my entire life and believe wholeheartedly that is why i believe so much in the power of strategic networking with likeminded professionals i also believe that any sales professional who's worth their weight in stall has that same attitude that big preached then which is now known as serving leadership in today's business world however I won't focus on much that much on that particular principle for today's podcast I did however obviously feel strongly enough about it that I brought it up as a great reminder for b2b check sales professionals because people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care and that's another time with zig ziglar quote and lesson that should be learned and applied not only in the sales world just in life in general so that is a nice segue to lead me into today's topic of you which is a lesson from Zig Ziglar on trust himself one of the other 30 books big growth was simply titled Ziggler Unseld published in 1991 so this still falls under the throwback Thursday concept is I will pull one clip from this book and discuss how it's relevant in today's modern selling one of the chapters of that book is appropriately titled selling in the modern market and now when Zig referred to the modern market in this book he was talking about selling in the 1990s however you will most likely agree that what I'm about to share is still applicable today here's a quick clip from that chapter Zig says the one thing that customers have always rated highest in the sales world is trust which also is called the tenth ability because it is the direct reflection on the integrity of the individual the primary reason people will choose not to buy from you is lack of trust that is the first part of that clip from the book the second part relates to follow through and i will save that for tomorrow's finish or friday topic so as it relates to trust for today let me weigh in here this goes back to the old adage that people buy from people they know like and trust which is still applicable

today I mean the comment in a previous podcast episode that you were in the profession of selling so you are a professional salesperson but you need to keep in mind that your prospects and customers are not in the profession of buying they're simply not professional buyers rather their professional focus is on operations finance technology administration etc etc etc they just happen to have a need to leverage technology as a strategic business tool to achieve one of three things number one top line growth number two bottom line results and number three operational efficiency which really drives top-line growth and bottom line results to further describe this topic top-line growth refers to growing a company increasing sales or increasing revenue bottom line results refers to reducing expenses or costs while increasing margin or profit and simply put improving operational efficiency allows a company to achieve both top-line growth and bottom line results by helping them get things done in less time I promise you if you map your product services and solutions to one or more of these outcomes and tangible business benefits that your prospects and customers are seeking then that is a great start towards establishing credibility which leads to trust so getting back to understanding the mindset of your target market customers there need to leverage technology as a strategic business tool to achieve any one of the three outcomes I just outlined puts them in a buying situation as a result they will automatically have their guard up when it comes to dealing with new sales people they don't know after all if they don't know you then they won't like or trust you yet trust is earned over time in through multiple touch points where you demonstrate through your consistent behavior and that's the key word consistent behavior that you can be trusted in our dependable it is also worth noting that you need to have their best interest in mind once you do connect with the prospects as you guide them throughout their buying journey this is why I end each podcast with the same message to help your prospects and customers buy what they want what they need in what benefits them this mindset percent of I'm sorry this mindset personify demonstrates that you have good intentions and if that is the case then that will shine through to your prospects and customers throughout your interactions with them and you will begin to earn their trust with this approach so how can the modern b2b tech sales professional earn trust from prospects they have never met so therefore could not demonstrate their dependability through various interactions you might ask good question the answer is staring you right in the face in the form of modern technology combined with social selling yes that's right you have all the tools in the world that you need to establish trust and demonstrate credibility in today's modern selling rule you can set up a personal YouTube channel and then create videos focused on your point of view about the specific niche of the technology world you emphasize to your products services and solutions these should be educational videos in that videos where you're directly selling your stuff that's a great way to get prospects to run for the hill a good start is to demonstrate or discuss how similar businesses are leveraging your technology to help them achieve real results that your prospective customers who happen upon the video might also seek you can then use those videos and your YouTube channel as a lead in value added content you share upon the first few touch points to gain attention and initially connect with prospects you see first to help them by adding value to their evaluation process out of the gates before you get what you want sound familiar this is in principle in action here you can also write brief articles and publish them on LinkedIn using the same purpose driven approach that I just described for creating cheering videos so these are just simply two examples but I think two leading examples of something you can apply right away that I know for a fact is working really really well in the b2b text sales world today think about it if a prospect has a choice between a competitor of yours who is non-existent on the internet in you who has built up a solid reputation through YouTube videos and LinkedIn articles that they can evaluate before they even connect with you then who do you think they will change reach out to first you of course because you will have a distinct competitive advantage by giving them a chance to start a relationship with what I like to refer to as virtual you which is less daunting than reaching out to a live salesperson make sense good not only that I liken it to the eagled question if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it then does it really make a sound we've all heard that one right well along those same lines for the selling profession if a prospect conducts research on the internet to search for a solution in a salesperson isn't creating any value added content that prospect can find and evaluate and does that salesperson really exist in the prospects mine I think you get my point you can't sell to someone who doesn't know you exist and who doesn't trust you the tech the techniques and tactics that I just walked you through that's going to help you solve both those problems now I want you to think about this I'm sure at one point in everyone's life they felt like they personally knew their favorite movie stars or even business celebrities they follow because they are so present on social media and in the mainstream media you will leverage that same authority figure or niche celebrity phenomenon using the approach that I just outlined this will help put you in a position to connect with more prospects in win more business by demonstrating dependability and earning trust whether through the virtual you as I called it within recorded videos or written articles or sue the live view that the virtual you hands of a time to within the buyers journey I really hope this gets your wheels spinnin for how you can apply this approach to

your sales game in closing I was fortunate enough to meet Zig Ziglar in 2011 before he passed away in 2012 it was one of my happiest moments in my business career as the 38 year old me at the time was realizing a dream 30 years later that the eight-year-old me always had of meetings a good person it was truly a special moment for me as I was able to join him in his office in plano texas for one of zigs famous monday morning devotional in the really cool thing was his message was the same in 1981 when the eight-year-old me first started learning from them as it was ten years later in 1991 when he published his Ziggler selling boat that we discussed today as it was 20 years later from that point in 2011 when I mexic personally as it is today and that message is this although the instruments used for earning trust might change such as the contrast between buyer-seller dialogues of yesteryear in the 1990s with the technology and social selling techniques of today's modern selling world in 2017 trust is still a requirement for achieving success as a sales professional no matter what form or fashion it is demonstrated well that does it for today's throwback Thursday episode I hope you enjoyed it now let's finish up with some quick reminders first we recently launched to need be to be tech sales professional groups one on linkedin in one on Facebook just search for b2b tech sales professionals on either linkedin or facebook or both if you want to join both groups enjoy the conversation with your peers their second if you haven't already subscribed to our free 7-day video email course titled seven steps to master the game of complex technical selling then you will definitely want to do so right away you can do so by visiting master complex sales com or by texting the word s I course to the number 44 222 again visit master complex sales com or text the word SI is in sales integrity so SI course all one word with no spacing if you put a space between us n course you'll get an error message back so make sure it's all one word SI course and text that to the number 44 222 after subscribing we will send your first lesson via email right away and then one less than a day for the next seven days third if you haven't already done so please subscribe to this podcast on itunes or soundcloud just search for the sales integrity podcast with Sean Pickett and it should pop up and allow you to subscribe on one of those two channels after you subscribe please provide a quick five star rating and a one to two-sentence review to help others find the show we are going to be published on stitcher radio google play and eventually heart radio and other channels however we are a brand new podcast is week two here so we're not on those channels that just yet but bear with us we're going to get there soon and we'll let you know what we do and finally please share the podcast with your colleagues and friends who would find it relative you can do so by going to sales integrity calm and click the sales integrity podcast menu link at the top of the page all of the podcasts are there and it provides you a way to click a button and share any episode whether it be a email to individuals or you want to blast it out to social media there's some buttons on there as well if you're so inclined we would appreciate so that will do it for today's episode now go out there in the sales world today and help your prospects and customers buy what they want what they need and what benefits them and most importantly go out there and make it a great day Reform Judaism.