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Client: The Goodfellow Fund Prepared by: Heather Moorman Background/Overview: The Goodfellow Fund is the Star Telegram’s charity that was founded in 1912 to help provide underprivileged children in Tarrant County with new shoes and during the Christmas season. The Goodfellow Fund’s applications exceed their donation amounts, so they need to expand their target audience in order to serve more families in the community. One of the threats that the Goodfellow Fund faces comes from their lack of presence online. The target market of 21-50 year olds are active Internet users, so engaging in social media will provide the Goodfellow Fund with an opportunity reach a larger portion of their target. In addition, social media can also provide a direct link to the Goodfellow Fund website and help inform and encourage active web users to donate. The current state of the economy is also a threat to the Goodfellow Fund since they rely on donations from the community. Social media can also provide an opportunity for the Goodfellow Fund to offer support and reassurance within their target market. The Goodfellow Fund’s competition includes local charities that accept donations throughout Tarrant County. Some of these organizations include the Alliance for Children, Catholic Charities, The Salvation Army, and the Boys and Girls Club. All of these competitors also engage in social media in order to spread awareness and increase donations, proving that the Goodfellow Fund can benefit through the implementation of social media. Objective(s): The Goodfellow Fund strives to increase knowledge and perception of the charity while engaging in social media and reaching a large, more youthful donor base. Specifically, the Fellers strategic objective is to increase the awareness of the Goodfellow Fund through the use of social media sites and a clearly established website. Target audience: The target market that the Fellers chose to research for the Goodfellow Fund includes individuals ages 21-50 living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We specifically chose to target people within this large age range in order to target younger donors as well as mature donors with established incomes. Targeting young donors will help the Goodfellow Fund gain recognition within this influential sector of the population that holds the potential to be lifelong contributors. The target market’s behavior is constantly changing in relation to a few outside factors, such as the economy and the increase in technology (Mintel, 2009). Our target audience also includes individuals who are family oriented and concerned with ethics and the concept of going green. The Goodfellow Fund should focus on gaining the target market’s trust and reassure them that their donations are benefiting the community. Consumer need/problem: Goodfellow Fund advertising should address the needs of the underprivileged children and reference the growing need for donations. It is important to address the fact that the applications exceed their donation amounts and that there are many families in the community that have to be turned away. In order to properly reach the audience, the Goodfellow Fund web page and social media site should emotionally appeal to the audience through the use of images and videos.

Visual appeal will help the audience see where their donations are going and the positive affect that they are making on the community. Positioning: It is essential for the donors to place trust in the Goodfellow Fund since they are highly concerned with ethics and are family oriented. In order to implement this concept, the Goodfellow Fund must reach out to donors and show them that they are appreciated. This can be done easily and timely through social media websites. By engaging in social networking, a large portion of the target audience can be reached at a low cost and the donors can be reassured that their contributions are beneficial to underprivileged children through the use of images. Placement: The Goodfellow Fund advertises in The Star Telegram from the months of September to December, since they are a holiday-based charity. It is important for donors to be reached within these months since the gifts are distributed to families around Christmas time, but year long promotions would be beneficial to increase the Goodfellow Fund’s donations. The Fellers decided that creating a Facebook page and establishing a secure website will help increase awareness of the Goodfellow Fund within the community. Both the website and the social media page should be updated every month in order to inform viewers of events and remind them to donate. Tonality: The Goodfellow Fund’s online web pages should be professional, trustworthy, and emotional. The tone of the images should strive to tug at the audience’s heartstrings and make them want to donate to improve children’s lives. The Fellers slogan includes “Love is still Alive,” which will be placed above the Goodfellow Fund’s logo on advertisements on the website and on their social media page. The images will include both sad children in need of the community’s donations and happy children who have received their gifts. Seeing the positive effects on the children’s faces will help encourage people of all ages to donate.

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creative brief 2  

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