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Background Pampers are a leading brand and trusted by parents globally. They are a product based brand and continually, gain and lose customers as the products become no longer required. How can we give a global brand the opportunity to keep customers when they no longer require the products? We spoke to Parents and Nursery Teachers to discover the problems they face with young children and learn more about this audience. A main topic was many parents struggle to Potty or Toilet train their child due to having busier lifestyles, they lack guidance and support or simply find it too much hard work. For children to attend nursery or start school it is required that they are fully toilet trained, surprisingly more children are starting school without being trained, leaving the training up to the school. So how can we use this information to connect the audience to a product or service that was not possible 5 years ago? We found that the Parent and Baby markets are lacking in the new digital technologies, particularly the latest app technology. We utilised our primary research to create a service offered by Pampers that would benefit parents and Nursery Teachers alike. The Solution? The solution is a Potty and Toilet training phone/tablet application that connects to a sensor chip inside the Potty or Infant Toilet Cushion so parents can monitor their child’s progress from anywhere and successfully train their child.

How it works? Using Sensor application technology users will be able to sync the Pampered Potty or Pampered Toilet Cushion to their phone/tablet. The Pampered Potty/Toilet cushion are unique to the market because they contain sensor chips which will send data to the phone/tablet and users can read the data on the app. The data is how long the child has sat down and also if the child has passed urine. The diagram below shows how the Pampered Potty is synced to the phone ready to send data.


Sensor Chip


Pampers Potty

 Mock up of syncing app

Pampers Toilet Cushion

Home page

Users select which training stage their child is at, this determines certain areas of the app as they are designed to be age appropriate.



Every app login users will see the instructions and will be able to sync the app to the sensor chip so that they can view the latest data.

The app has different sections for the user.

Select child’s profile

Profile page

Users can create a short profile for their child(ren). The profile tells the parents how much playtime they have earned, this acts as their reward during potty/toilet training.

Play Zone

Letter Learning Game

The reward scheme is designed so that the child is given playtime in the play zone. The play zone is a selection of learning games, for example Letter Learning. They have different difficulty levels depending on the child’s age. The games will cut out automatically once the child’s earned playtime is finished. This will encourage the child to use the potty/toilet so that they can progress and earn more playtime in the play zone. Also, parents do not need to worry about the child using the phone/tablet for too long.

Daily Activity


The daily activity page gives a detailed overview of how the child is progressing day to day. The graph explains how often the child sat on the potty/toilet and how often they passed urine. This is particularly useful for parents as it will help to understand their child’s behaviour pattern and offers advice on how to improve the child’s progress. Parents can also view how much playtime the child has earned.

The progress chart shows parents the stage at which their child is currently at in training. As children progress at different rates they can see how far their child is from completing training. Once completed they can print off their certificate as proof to show to schools that their child has completed training.

How will we campaign the new service?

Pampers Pampered party mock up

The service will be campaigned at pop up Pampers Pampered Parties, this gives parents the chance to see the service and products in action.

Pampers sensitiveapp  

Pampers Sensitive Potty App

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