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Heather M Decker Interactive Design/Media Application | ITGM-705-OL Exercise 2 July 8, 2010

Bedside Wakey Panel Many people have different needs when it comes to bedside media and alarm clocks. Thankfully, Beside Wakey Panel (BWP) offers a customization touch- and voiceinclusive interface to offer the broadest array of options, accommodating those who wake easily and those who need a lot of extra motivation.

Interface Overview

BWP may appear to have a complex interface, but while most all menu items are available for access at any time (all appear a dimmer gray) BWP lights up applicable interface items when the user performs an action. For instance, when the user sets an alarm, touch-sensitive arrows appear to allow the user to manipulate the alarm time and different audio options for the alarm light up (MP3, CD, radio, sound selections 1-4, volume, snooze limit.)

All-inclusive Diagram

Speakers holes are located on the right and left of the power button, with the three microphone holes located at the bottom left.

Setting the Alarm When the user presses “set alarm, the alarm panel lights up (including alarm buttons 1-3. The user must choose one of the numbered alarm buttons to designate their desired time with. Once selected, the selected number stays light with the “set alarm” text. When setting the alarm, “alarm” appears on either side of the clock and the “set alarm” and number of alarm buttons stay illuminated to let the user know what they’re up to. In contrast, “set time” simply illuminates its own button and the setting arrows. When any alarms are set to go off, the “next alarm” area will be dimly illuminated. It will light up fully for 30 seconds when touched, so the user can better affirm when their next alarm will be going off.

To cancel setting an alarm, the user can depress the “cancel” button at any time in during the setting process. To cancel an alarm that is already set, the user must hold the cancel button and press the alarm button they’d like to cancel. Aside from the “next alarm” area, users may press the number buttons without pressing “set alarm” to display the alarm time in the main clock area for ten seconds. During this time, “alarm” will appear on both sides of the time to announce that the displayed time is an alarm time.

Music Bedside Wakey Panel supports music through USB or audio jack inclusion of an MP3, onboard CD/MP3 disc player, AM/FM radio. Users may set music for their alarm, or play music independently.

Playing Music To activate a type of music mode, the user simply needs to touch any area included within the boundaries of the labeled tab. This lights up the selected area (such as radio) and volume panel. The user may use the touch interface to adjust the station, change the song, etc. To stop the music, users may touch the square stop button for the area, or use the central On/Off button. Pressing the On/Off button does not cancel alarms, naps, or snoozes currently set. Only one music mode can be played at a time. Pressing another area simply switches the music output to the newly selected source. MP3 Players of various models can be plugged in via the USB or audio jack on the side of the device. There is also a clip users may attach their MP3 player to so it does not fall from the device. Once an MP3 player is plugged in, the MP3 panel may be touched at any time to interact with it and it becomes an option when setting the alarm. If there is not a device plugged in, the MP3 player panel will not light up as an option when setting the alarm. CD player Once the user has inserted a disc into the CD player, the panel may be touched at any time to access CD functions. If there is not a disc in the device, the CD player option will not light up when setting the alarm. AM/FM radio

Touching any part of the radio panel allows the user to interact with the radio functions. Stations can be navigated by sliding a finger along the touch strip. Selecting AM will light up the AM label and activate the AM radio, while touching FM will light up the FM label and activate the FM radio.

Using Music as an Alarm When a user begins to set an alarm, audio options light up. Touching an audio option (such as CD) allows the user to use that option for an alarm sound. The user can set the available options for their desired audio (such as track, in the case of CD) and adjust the volume. Pressing OK after making all of the adjustments instills the settings in the chosen alarm slot. If the user presses OK before selecting an audio option, the user’s previously chosen audio option will proceed for the alarm, or none exist, the system will default to alarm sound 1.

Main Features ™ Alarm clock ƒ Set 3 separate alarms simultaneous ƒ Customize alarm audio: choose your own MP3 or disc, AM/FM radio, or four included sound clips ƒ Snooze feature • Clicking the snooze button allows the user ten more minutes before retriggering the alarm • Limit the number of allowed snoozes (option is only available when setting the alarm) o Setting a limit of zero means no limit will be applied (dangerous to heavy or “autopilot” sleepers) ƒ Nap setting for indicating a set number of hours, minutes, and seconds the user would like to nap for (counts down, then triggers the specified alarm type) ƒ Customizable off setting • Default is the main On/Off button • Customize to set alarm “off” to a specific touch combination on hand and feet pads o Hand pads can be positioned however the user desires on the wall o User can indicate some any sort of wakeup combination to both get them moving and turn off their alarm (shown in image above: “the stretch” position)




Clock • Clearly displays time always • Can easily toggle between military and 12-hour time models • A digital voice will report the current time if the user clearly states the voice command, “What time is it?” Music Player • Use the device to play your preferred CD, MP3, or radio at any time. Add/Remove • Hand and feet pads may be unplugged and removed, if desired • External surround sound speakers may be attached to the device, if desired.

Target Audience Bedside Wakey panel will appeal to technology enthusiasts and those looking for a more innovative and customizable alarm clock. Target sales portals include and

Exercise 2  

Bedside Wakey Device

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