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Coco Rosie

The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn

we are rainbowarriors evil come not near rainbow love awaits us with hearts of love and tears

romise P

open hearted as a heart can be 'cause we all a ruin like broken leaves i give you me in oceans of tears up to my knees stitched together like pants and sleeves i carry this carapace worn thin by he and she danced to dust and dusk and strung along the highway i found my way belligerent following the stars of your eyes promise me that you'll cherish this tarnished oh this tarnished offering

Bloody Twins i give you my hand brown from summer and you five me a kiss like a tiny floret which sparks in a blink a firework of roses and the night floods in


life is like a rollercoaster it does flips and throws you over board your ship that’s going nowhere if you stop, you’ll end up somewhere everybody wants to go to japan everybody wants to go to japan everybody wants to go to japan everybody, just hold hands


to all the boys and girls outside you know i didn't cry but you saw me anyway in the back of the creek one day and if you're trying to get a ride on a roller skate or a bike just ask me and i'll take you round the block and back this way again to all the boys and girls outside why don't you come and fly with me i'll show you why i ran away the other day from my mom and dad all the boys and the girls outside i know you've got crazy things inside and that's why i've got to show you how i do the things i do best i like to roller skate on bike and that's why i've got crazy style i go so fast around the block and as i do i sing this song to you: sunshine, oh sunshine if you don't know why you shine you've got to go into the sun you've got to go inside

Black Poppies black poppysleeps or dreamless night in summer shade of moony light hazy veils of clouds loom low like warm kittens close to the earth underground bodies stir with no sound no one to hear them under the ground ghost horse and stillborns turn in their cradles silvery meadow murmurs the song of tiny glow worm glowing rain starts her shimmery decent into the old leathery sking the farm

1. Rainbowarriors" - 3:55 2. Promise" - 3:37 3. Bloody Twins" - 1:37 4. Japan" - 5:02 5. Sunshine" - 2:58 6. Black Poppies" - 2:37 7. Werewolf" - 4:50 8. Animals" - 6:02 9. Houses" - 2:56 10. Raphael" - 2:48 11. Girl and the Geese" - 0:46 12. Miracle" - 3:35


CD design for freak-folk band, CocoRosie. Original photography.