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MoodHoops is an online business that specializes in selling LED and Fire hula hoops. Their mission is to create hula hoops that are durable, collapsible, and affordable for festival goers. target is Of course, being that MoodHoops specialized festival goers, it is crucial to advertise at the festivals themselves. Target: Men an Woman Ages 17-25 They cater to the individuals that love music, art, and dance. They are the young festival “junkies” Campaign: and hippies. At every festival there will not only be a Hula Hoop stand, in Key Festivals: which people can purchase hula hoops, but there will also be performances and competitions. Tagline: Electric Forest Burning Man MoodHoops will put on performances within the Performances: festival highlighting Electric grounds Daisy Music Festival not only the hoops themselves, and their magnificent designs, but the spectacular talent that serious IUltra feel like this company really speaks for itself, hoopers possess. and the tagline the same. They have taken a Coachella simple LED round hoop and transformed it into not only a symbol that many relate to summer, Summerfest Competitions: Every morning and evening at the festival their music, and freedom, but into a hoop that can will be a hula hooping competition, in which you can enter, show Bonnaroo transform intoand various lighting upwho the participate will Bigyour City skills, Streets advertising off win adesigns, free hoop. Those night sky. automatically receive a 20% off purchase coupon. Phones will be places in major tourist areas within the United States and will have a huge light up sign that says “Hippie loving…pick me up for a chance to ignite the night.” When the phone is answered music will play and a voice will either tell the customer a fun fact about music, hooping, or festival life, or the phone will tell the customer to look left. Phone App: phoneto app is just fun way to connect If it tells theThe customer look left,ahula-hooping dancers will appear on the streets and with other festival goers and hula hoopers. It is also sign will drop. perform, igniting the night, and then a Forms of Advertising: another way to receive discounts on hula hoop purchases. PHONE ON STREET Cities: Festivals On the app, youWill canbe upload statuses, pictures, randomly placed in busyand videos. Chicago shopping areas and have a sign that says what others have uploaded. You can also New York Cityshare Phone App Maybe you like a hoop someone purchased? Los Angeles “Pickinspire me upto forbeaas chance Maybe you good to as Ignite a hulathe San Francisco Night” Hooper you follow and want to share their Las Vegas Miami video? The phone app can also be connected with your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This way people These performances will generate a lottheir of buzz because they will be in highly can upload pictures onto the App, and social populated They areback also to really funhoops. and creative and will make people want to media sitesareas. with hashtags mood

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