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The problem: Krispy Kreme was once a household name. Within the United States, everyone knew what Krispy Kremes were. They represented the ideology of wholesome family time. Over the years, not only has society and the new generation changed, but so has advertising. Krispy Kreme, however, has stayed the same, and is now an extremely dated brand. The idea: Make the brand loveable again. People are much more cynical towards being advertised to these days and so one of the best ways to reach them is through comedy. I have created a campaign that people can relate to in TODAYS society. THE TAGLINE Love at first BITE – I chose this tagline because not only are Krispy Kremes delicious and well loved by their consumers, but because it fits with the overall comedic theme of the campaign. There are many opportunities to grow with this tagline and tie it into holidays, special events, proposals, etc. PRINT ADS

As you can see, I am not an art director. The idea behind these ads, however, is to make them humorous and relatable. People of all ages cannot only understand them, but can also connect with them. They also have a vintage feel to them, which plays back into the nostalgia of the brand.

Interactive Advertisement: THE DONUT MAN My personal favorite part of this campaign is the donut man. The idea is to have a man dressed as a Krispy Kreme donut on the streets of say, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, proposing to costumers with a donut that sits up in a box like a ring. This way, Krispy Kreme is basically declaring their love for the public, as well as generating buzz. These donuts can then be sold in specialty promo boxes around the holidays, like say for Valentines Day, Christmas, Mothers/fathers day, etc. These donut men have the ability to go viral via social media and the web because customers are being made to get involved and interact with the brand.

BUS Shelters: There will be two different kinds of bus shelters places around major cities. The first: ďƒ¨ The first shelter will smell like donuts and will feature an interactive element. People will be able to take a picture wearing the Krispy Kreme hat with a donut mustache, that can then be uploaded to Facebook and twitter with the hashtag #krispykreme in order to enter a contest. o The contest: Will receive promo code for free donuts and will be entered in to win a $100 cash prize every month. The second ďƒ The second shelter will smell like donuts and have a donut vending machine attached to it. The vending machine will be playing a video of warm donuts being made. HeatWave – these are vending machines specifically created to make food hot or cold. We can utilize this technology in order to have vending machines that actually dispense warm gooey donuts that Krispy Kreme is so famous for. Billboards Street ads will be placed near places that sell Krispy Kreme Donuts. These ads will appear blank from a distance and then will show the images as the consumer passes them. They will feature the same ads as displayed above, but will have arrows pointing consumers in the direction to purchase delicious donuts.

Krispy Kreme Brief  
Krispy Kreme Brief