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Get a FREE 20oz. bottle! WIN $100 store gift cards at each location with 6th and Park

Campbell and Glenn

Tuesday Nov 11 4-6p

Wednesday Nov 12 4-6p

Win a $100 Gift Card

Win a $100 Gift Card

Broadway and Campbell

First and Roger

Thursday Nov 13 4-6p

Friday Nov 14 4-6p

Win a $100 Gift Card

Win 2 $100 Gift Cards

First and Grant

Speedway and Park

Saturday Nov 15 11a-1p

Tuesday Nov 18 2-3p

Win 2 $100 Gift Cards With Open House Activities

Win a $100 Gift Card

6th and Cherry

6th and Tucson

Wednesday Nov 19 2-3p

Thursday Nov 20 12-1p

Win a $100 Gift Card

Win a $100 Gift Card

UA Diet Mountain Dew Ad  

University of Arizona Diet Mountain Dew Ad Created using Adobe CS3 Illustrator

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