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This is Kassie.

She just got assigned a report on Abraham Lincoln tomrrow for school!

As she was starting her project, she realized she had no information on Abraham Lincoln!

Kassie was tired and wanted an easy way out

Then she had an idea...

She decided to call Wikipedia!

Wikipedia always had information about everything because it would get information from every one! However...

Wiki’s information isn’t always accurate because sometimes, it gets information from Tommy Tommy is the trickster who twists words and tells lies, especially to Wiki.

Even though Kassie knew about the risk, she still decided to call Wikipedia She called Wiki and asked about Abraham Lincoln, but Wiki didn’t know much information either!

So... Wiki decided to call Tommy.

Tommy was giving them false information but Kassie used the information thinking it was right With the information, Kassie finished her report

When Kassie turned in her paper, her teacher couldn’t believe her eyes! Her teacher told her that most of the information was wrong. Kassie told her that the only source she used was Wikipedia.

Her teacher told her that she should use more reliable sources than Wikipedia

From that day, Kassie has learned to use more reliable sources for her work like books and news articles.

Wikipedia:The Long Game of Telephone