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Is a BYOD Policy Right for Your Business? As the workforce grows increasingly dependent on devices such as smart phones and tablets, a growing number of Orange County businesses are enabling BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies. There are three main reasons for this trend. Cost savings. A BYOD policy can save businesses money on IT resources. Since the device (laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.) is owned by the employee, they pay for it themselves. This can significantly reduce the amount a business spends on their IT. Increased productivity. Many businesses that have a BYOD policy in place have noticed an increase in productivity and efficiency. This is due to the fact that a BYOD policy increases flexibility and availability (employees can use their personal devices to access work emails or files). Higher employee satisfaction rates. A BYOD policy has the potential to increase employee satisfaction. Many employees are happy to pay for their own devices if it means they get to have a choice in what laptops, tablets, and cellphones they use, rather than one selected by the company. While there are certainly some great benefits to employing a BYOD policy for your company, there are business owners who are still hesitant to adopt it. Some business owners and managers are also afraid that a BYOD policy is less secure since they cannot control the device like they would with one that is corporately owned. By choosing a managed service provider to handle their technical support, Orange County businesses can allow a BYOD policy without having to worry about the security of their data. That is because your technical support Orange County provider offers solutions that ensure the security of your data and optimal performance of employee’s devices. These services include: •

Security controls. Chances are, one of the primary services offered your managed services provider is security. Security tools such as firewalls, antivirus software, network monitoring, and intrusion detection and prevention systems ensure that your employees’ devices are securely accessing your network.

Fixes and repairs. Most, if not all, managed services providers offer fixes and repairs as part of their solution. Technicians can perform repairs on a wide variety of devices your

employees might use.


Data backups. The technicians employed by your managed service provider can back up the data from any device, including devices your employees own. This ensures that even if an employee loses their device, they can still access any files and data they may need.


Options for cloud computing. Some technical support Orange County companies offer cloud computing and hosted solutions that make a BYOD policy easier to control. With these solutions, businesses provide a centralized network that their employees can access but that is still controlled by the company and maintained by the managed service provider.

While outsourcing your technical support needs to a managed service provider will definitely help you maintain control and ensure the security of your data, communication is the key to a successful BYOD policy. Make sure your employees know the risks of using their own devices for work (including risks to company data and consequences of incorrectly using their devices on company time) and be clear about the rules and expectations that accompany your strategy. About Author: Heather Jung is the Communications Coordinator for SACA Technologies. She has vast experience in writing, with a background in journalism, blog content, press release, and website content writing. She also manages the SACA Technologies social media presence.

Is a BYOD Policy Right for Your Business?  

An increasingly large number of Orange County businesses allow employees to bring their own devices for work-related purposes. Find out if a...

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