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Hello! My name is Bode That’s “Bo-Dee” aka Godzilla

I am very happy in my home with Mom, Dad and even the Miranda the cat. I like herding her into a corner‌it’s my nature

Mom tries to make me handsome, but I can brush my own teeth

Whatda ya mean it’s not a tooth brush!

It is true I am all boy and like to show off my manliness I have no shame

I can be silly and blow you raspberry kisses!

I like playing in the snow with neighbor kids Pouncing on hidden treasures

Watching Dad dig out the car

I survey my kingdom from the top of my own Mount Everest

I dream of being a big Samoyed some day with strong pointed ears standing straight up

Oh My Gosh Look I am a big boy look!!! My ears are standing up straight!

Oops fooled ya!!! Only one ear stands up the other is still floppy. Mommy says it’s proof I only listen to half of what she says half the time!

But I am the happiest puppy ever in my forever home!!!!

Love and doggy slobber kisses,

Bode the Bodacious Bear

Hello, my name is bode  
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