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Table of Contents the Forecourt at Sopenkorpi

Artist House

SigEps Student Union Building

Portland School of Music





the Forecourt at Sopenkorpi Fall 2012 Lahti, Finland- Competition Professor: Darrin Griechen

Competition Description


The Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland organized an international design competiton for social housing in Lahti, Finland. More specifically, the goal was to come up with a new urban design, along with the design of a social housing building within the existing district of Sopenkorpi. The design would be set in the year 2049, and would be based on a self-defined “future scenario.”

Scenario Description

Section Model

This project is designed for the future scenario that technology will continue to boom. Virtual worlds become more real, more popular; people can go to work in these virtual worlds, go to school in these virtual worlds- and they do. After Sopenkorpi begins its new construction in the district, for this new lifestyle, the design featuring tall towers and narrow streets, Finland experiences a blackout. When the older generations, (the last to know and understand what the world was like before such extensive technology dependance) observe the reactions to the disconnect between reality , they began to realize things needed to change. They proposed that the design of the new construction in Sopenkorpi change. They proposed shorter buildings, wider streets, and plaza space that would accomodate the relearning of genuine, raw, physical interaction between each other, space, and culture surrounding them in the physical world.

The building provides a rehab-like experience; teaching people how to interact with each other physically without the aid of technology. The goal was to surround the tenant with constant reminders that people are around them. Walkways are strategically placed in order to bring circulation both through and on top of the units. Select walls are malleable from both sides, allowing people from either side of the wallinside the unit or out- make impressions on the wall to show through to the other side.

Interactive Wall

exposed concealed semi-exposed

Interactive walls can be physically molded from both the inside and outside of the unit. These walls are placed at key moments in the building to encourage people to make their mark.

1 Plaza, Restaurants & Retail Space 2 First Residential Floor 1

3 Second Residential Floor 4 Third Residential Floor





Artist’s House Spring 2010 Professor: Taiji Miyasaka

rain glass Artist House

Designed to be a home/studio/gallery space for the artist Olafur Eliasson, this was the ďŹ rst project I ever designed in school. The main idea was to take the things that most inspire Olafur, and incorporate them into this sliver of a site that was said to be squeezed in between two adjacent buildings in a big city. Olafur, an artist known for his installations utilizing light and water in unique ways, should have these things- light and water- surrounding him and providing him inspiration.

Home Studio Gallery Front Elevation

Sigma Phi Epsilon Student Union Building Side Project- Fall 2011 Pullman, WA


In the Fall of my 3rd year, I was approached by two men from the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. They had an idea to propose a mixed-use building for an empty lot on College Hill in Pullman. They needed images to present the idea with, ask for fundraising, etc. We came up with a three-story building. A coffee shop and lounge/study area would make up the ground floor, more study space along with conference rooms and a small auditorium on the second level, and apartments at the top floor.

Portland School of Music Spring 2012 Portland, Oregon Professor: Anna Mutin




classrooms musicacademic faculty


The Portland School of Music was designed to transform the experience of musical performance. The purpose of a musical academy is to encourage, aid, and inspire the growth of aspiring muscians. The goal of the Portland School of Music is to inspire not only the students, but the community. The Music division of the school is reminiscent of a concert hall, each floor plate curved differently, the walkways emulating curved balconies. Though somewhat traditional in form, roles are switched as the stage is placed adjacent the sidewalk against a glass curtain wall. While some portion of the audience will be looking down at the performers, other bystander will be in position to be behind the performers, outside, looking up at the rest of the audience. The goal is to create a perspective that is flipp ed, giving individuals that don’t otherwise have the opportunity, to experience the perspective of the performer. This, in turn, allows the waterfront and the river beyond, to be the backdrop for the stage.

Ground Floor Plan



Second Floor

Third Floor


Fourth Floor

Fifth Floor


Pencil & Ink Fall ‘08- Fall ’10


Coee Table Spring 2011 Furniture Design Professor: Robert Barnstone

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