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Finding Room by heather johnson

Finding Room Story, Illustrations & Design by Heather Johnson

The girl loved her room. It was the only room she had ever known. She spent her time coloring, drawing and decorating her walls. Until one day, something changed.

Everything started disappearing! Her drawings, her walls, the very room itself was being erased. She had to leave quickly or she would disappear too.

After leaving her room, she entered into a strange hallway. She followed it for a long time.

Finally she came across a red door. Curious and a little afraid she entered into the new room. There were people inside, people that were not like her. She felt different from them, and at first she didn’t know how she was ever going to feel at home.

After some time she grew more comfortable and began to make friends. Although she didn’t feel like it was really her home. She missed her old room. Just as she thought that maybe this room could be her new home, the same strange thing happened again! The room and the people in it were being erased.

Once again she had to leave the room. She moved on down the hallway. She was sad. Would she ever find a room where she could stay, where she could belong? Would she ever find a room she could call home?

And then she found an empty space on the wall where no frames hung. She felt that she wanted to draw something in the empty space, to fill it up, to give it purpose. Then she remembered that she had kept one of her crayons, it had been with her the whole time.

She drew the thing that she wanted most in the whole world and it became real. She opened the door she had made for herself and stepped through. Inside she found new people. People who were different but who liked to do just what she did! She had found her home.

The End

Finding Room  

children's story about culture shock

Finding Room  

children's story about culture shock