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SUNY University Centers ​[Music] thank you for joining us and this is a top five video linkup files and this time we're talking about the top 5 mistakes people make on vacation and we've got Cathy with us and Aaron and I'm Philip so I'm going to lead off with y'all on line number 5 on my list is and this would be specific for things like an ocean cruise a river cruise or an exported tour or even different travel arriving the for you to arrive on the first day of the trip and what I mean what that is it's what state to arrive the day that the ship leaves the day that the river cruise leaves or the days of the tour leaves just for so many reasons obvious one is something goes wrong with the airline and you're you're delayed you have trouble catching up with that ship number two is if you go on a date early you get the experience destination usually these trips are starting at a pretty cool place getting experience it better you get you get well well-rested kind of fun when you're like on the first day of cruise to get on there any kind spot people who flew in that day has been the one that looks all Haggard and a mess and have pretty much you know weight to their first day so get in a day early or two days early get rested good breakfast that morning lounge around then when you start the cruise start the tour you're rested and ready to go that's nine number five how about you getting my number five is and I'm not talking about a cruise here but I'm talking about a land vacation is scheduling too early like too early of a flight in on your first date and too late of a flight out on your last day what people try and do especially when they don't get to take very many vacations or whatever it's all I want them scary I want a 6:00 a.m. flight down to Cancun for that resort if I want it I'm going to be at the resort before lunchtime and then on their last day they're like oh that 6:00 p.m. flight out and have them see that'd be great so what happens is make a 6:00 a.m. flight you got to check in it 4 a.m. that's that you waking up it what 2 a.m. and you're exhausted and you hate your family by the time you get there and your room isn't ready till 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. and so you're sitting there in your clothes your jeans or whatever that you wore from Dallas or wherever and you're burning up and all you want to do is take a nap but you don't have a room and it's just physical same thing on the return you have to check out of your room at noon your transfers not going to pick you up until three hours prior so now you're homeless for another three hours especially if you have little kids remember when you went to go have a handle on last year a two-year-old is the best thing that's awful that's that's a good one that's a good point and for me yeah i am i number five we're spending with five right yes oh yeah so my number five is a lot of people aren't familiar with their son plan and their international via a lot of times people come home from their vacation thinking oh I just had this great vacation so wonderful and bam $500 phone the whole or more so true oh I think it's very important to call yourself here because everybody's different every plan is different a lot of people just turn off their data roaming and don't use their phone while on destination which is fine but a lot of companies will offer like a month international plan so anyway don't you know be aware what your plans are heads don't come through and I'm going into airplane mode is like yeah yeah go to airplane mode and only use the Wi-Fi that's one thing yep but yes you totally check we get nothing but in some cases you can't do that I mean me you have to have phone connection right right exactly would never do yeah so you're you're number five should have been on our list and at what but you're right that is a huge thing and we had we were on a display that mistake hungry yet people have people make up yeah before my next my number four is taking valuable I can't tell you the number of times that oh I lost this ten thousand dollar pair of earrings or whatever what were you doing traveling with my shows with Alvin dollar pair Gary leave them at home get some costume whatever it's hard it is don't travel with valuables that you'd be heartbroken if you lost when that happens I mean it's amazing what happened yeah so my number4 kind of goes along with that and people taking valuables that they want to save you know whatever you a wedding ring or whatever but they don't put it in the safe so many people will bring loaded cash which 99% of the time is not necessary they'll bring really expensive jewelry or their phones or laptops or whatever not bad to travel with on your laptop but again if you're leaving your room don't just leave stuff out set it in the safe yep my number four is somewhat like Cathy's number five but just in general people have vacation so much try to do too much and that can be weather actually on the vacation having it planned out saying today we're going to do dah-dah-dah and it's make it miserable so that best times you'll have is just things that happen hiding out in a cafe in Paris that went on the schedule found a

cool place you sat there for couple hours talked and had a great time you know that's not on the schedule you know I come from you know you are leave yourself margin in the actual trip also as far as doing too much it can be the planning of the trip I'll leave it people comfort to say okay I'm going to be seven days in Europe I want to do Stockholm let's do the CERN let's do Brussels let's do Rome let's do and it's like well you know take a couple of cities you know don't try and do anything all you'll be is going to train our airplane the whole time for a week so don't try and do too much do more quality where the quantity of places and then leave time to relax era number three my number three our young assistant three Animas you someplace I mean number three here we go and checking things in your luggage so a lot of people and let's say you know let's be someone decides to get on that seven six a year whatever flight they get to the hotel and they're fine without a room but they put their bathing through their check luggage and let's say their luggage got delayed and they're not going to get it so four pm and they are going to be stuck in their jeans and everything not be able to enjoy the beach some people check cash in their luggage again if you're going to bring things that are really valuable enjoy your cash have them on your own and that medication medication be very well next time so again just be aware of what you're checking your luggage what goes in your luggage even though this is horrible to think about just its worst case scenario be able to lose it so things that are in your check luggage you know allow yourself to think okay if worth keeps an eye on my bag is lost I can buy this in destination everything else we're going to carry on or your purse or whatever so true so true I agree my number three is going to be specifically when we're doing like Europe Asia that type stuff don't have Americanized your vacation too much I mean you know if you're going to go over to Europe you know no point staying at the Marriott eating at McDonald's and TGI Fridays drinking Budweiser yeah you're going to be there you know there are fantastic hotels that international now I will say that I have a fascination of stopping enemies everywhere it was a kind of our little beverage and I will pretend that's really weird yeah weird stuff but yeah it's a look at a brand you know for the countries we are saying it's their beautiful one hotels same thing as far as the restaurant she'll go go try the local cuisine yeah yeah sometimes I hate when I hear people talk about oh I want such a place and no big deal and they say that the American chain they may eight American food it's called a experience don't know how's my Cajun enjoy the culture humor too alright guess I'm number three minute okay so I have done welcome home calls for people from all kinds of trips for close to thirty years now and so far never one time has anybody ever said you know I didn't pack enough so my number three tips is of the face is people packing too much you're going to need less than you probably think you will and one tip that I have for that is the further in advance at least for me you start packing the more you're able to pare down it's when I pack at the last minute that I'm just throwing in everything because I don't have time to think through what I really need so start your packing in advance so that you can really get some thoughts of what you actually need and my number two which is my first review is over packing and so yeah I agree with everything it is it's something that a lot of these cruise ships which resource that's up they have abilities to wash the clothes now it's going to be more sensitive than doing it you know in the States but you know this vacation you let them do it yeah I'd be miserable lugging that luggage around and stuff so try and pare it down as much as possible so I'm the exact same thing you did what's your number - all right my number two is I it was one of your prior ones back in your schedule people whether it's the number of destinations you're seeing during the trip for the the number of activities during the day and yeah you mentioned on a previous video our our trip to Disney when our daughter who is now 22 was three and I had hunting it was I have laminated cards with schedules every well horrible I am that person and it was like the second or third day and we were stink there at the Magic Kingdom and we had breakfast reservations in the castle and they open the gate running to make it to and I hear the sound on like what at that and I guess and Ruthie is screaming I want to go home I want to go home I took those laminated things out of my pocket I Saru them in the trash I'm like okay what do you want to do and that was the rule for the rest of the time no more schedule so anyway don't crack your schedule to agree completely yeah thank you yes so my number two is um miss flight so a lot of times people will get super excited about their vacation and you know they've got their itinerary printed out got their passports in their pocket and everyone kinda looks at each other what win with our flight again and they just don't they're not familiar with their flight schedule or they think you know what I really don't want to get to the airport two to three hours early so I'm just I'm going to leave my house two hours early because I'm really only like 30 minutes away and it just it always ends badly every single time so I strongly suggest even though it sounds a little crazy aim to get to the airport three hours prior because let's say something oh I know if something does happen there's a rest there's construction on the way to the airport whatever it is you run out of gas you have a flat tire aiming to get to the airport three hours early allows you a little bit of wiggle room and anyway so I'm just I know it's really though true you know when to trip was ever ruined by arriving at the airport generally and depending on what time of day you can sit and have a mimosa you can have lots of wine and it will be other day I was at polluted Chicago and then what

happened insecurities know is when I was flying home anyway and I was randomly chosen I had to they had to do this thing where you swab the bags all that and there they have rules about where people can be in blah blah blah anyway there was anybody bill will do it I'm standing there and standing there and standing there and the guy just kept apologizing sorry things online and it did longer and he's like man mostly people are so crappy and I'm like I'm really early no problem yeah I am doing it miss apply to like tanda you know but I I know it's not smart and when we have had clients who have had really really bad problems we missed the flight and now it's just getting their baggage checked out horrible start I'll probably lose a day or two of your trip some man and money because there and the airline is going to be very sympathetic yes and I do have to hand it to you though when I'm traveling with you you do Benson when I nothin I appreciated absolutely I am I undo to this one but naumann is travel number one all right my number one is expecting perfection you've planned your trip you've chosen and best you could you've worked with a professional travel agent to give yourself the best chance of everything going smoothly but guess what we live in an imperfect world and sometimes things don't go well sometimes you're going to miss connect on your flight because of a mechanical delay sometimes you're not going to get your reading request sometimes your seat assignments are going to be perfect and that's just part of it and it's I just have some people in Australia and it's two couples and the lady got really sick and so that's you know that's not great the other lady is these two couples they took a train trip and apparently she's a little afraid of heights and claustrophobic and didn't realize that this particular excursion was going to kind of hit on both of those things but I tell you what 15 years from now when they're talking about this trip there are we talking about that train trip and so just go with the flow as much as possible because you know like for instance when you're having a plane delay or whatever you can sit there and just completely lose your mind at the ticket agent but guess what doesn't change a thing your flights still delayed so just go with the flow that's my number one is passport yeah I think it's just because I hear a lot but many times the morning of a trip I'll get a call and someone will say oh you know sense is calling for you and I have that brief moment of hesitation thinking they're supposed to be checking in for their flight okay here we go yeah and the person just didn't pay attention in their passport is expired and it happened so often and we try to remind people as much as we can is on their invoice if we tell them you know when Rhonda some of them check your passport check your passport well common sense yes yes but definitely don't just check to make sure the names match and everything make sure it doesn't expire really within six months be traveling them yeah they didn't think that some countries require yeah better be valid for six months after travel yeah so always check that okay my I cheated I think that my number one kind of has three prongs do it but anyway I'm probably miss managing money and so they're they're are thinking about this on number one you know you want to have enough resources when you're there and you probably spend more than you mean you expect my number two was to not over pack and I think it's a common thing my dad used to always say it you know take half as many clothes and twice as much money when you go on vacation but really do do do try and keep in mind that you are probably a little more than you think many wise it's also a mistake to go cheap on certain things you know Tokyo HS and say because we can save money here not here but you really do need to get a good feel for in this particular location we need to pay more for nicer hotels to be really important so don't think we make mistake of saving so much money that you wouldn't get vacation other thing is have a plan going in as far as what you are going to spend and prepare for it but budget for it you know we do this for a living and I'm never looking on cruise and we got that and the credit card bill came in up I was not being funny I went to my wife and said what are you paid for final payment you know two months ago they his authority again and she was now that's what we spent on board the ship be very careful you're spending causes great the vacation is it can really ruin it or something it's only lesson is when you come back to all these bills that you weren't expecting so keep keep it have a good plan going in keep track of it Wow while you're there I'm about being a sheep on the wrong things one time several years ago I was travelling on trips to Europe with my knees in the graduation present and I was trying to cut her a little close because what I was trying to show her was that it's possible to do really cool things and you don't have to be rich this isn't so we did several cities and then the last city was London and I had an upper respiratory infection by this time I was not feeling very good we got to displace and we went to check in and they handed us our sheep and we walked up the stairs and went in the room and I looked at it I'm like I can't do this and we walked back down we got a taxi I opened up the guidebook I had with me I picked a place I said take us there I didn't get the money back on the original room paid you know twice or three times as much for the other rooms I was so glad to have it but yeah you know economize but don't cut it too close to the bone yep guide but that wasn't all back women yeah yeah just wood bender phone no those are mistakes to avoid and we hope you have fun cell pool and thank you for joining us Medgar Evers College, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.