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The One I Need (#5) Verse 1:Here I am wanting more of you/ realizing I was a fool/ to think that I could live without you/ There’s no other I need to surround me/ to set me free/ consume me let your light shine down/ cuz ‘ I’m reaching out Chorus: Jehovah/ Adonai / Prince of Peace/ Most High God / Elohim/ El Shaddai/ The one I need… the one I need… (repeat) to surround me V2 : When I call on your name, I see the bright and morning star/ You touch my heart and fill me/ Now my deepest fears are g one / If I don’t feel you I will die and if you leave, no more blue skies/ Oh I can’t live without you, I need you in my life… Bridge: Make me over ‘til I look like you, I want to walk like you and even talk like you did/ Wash my hands and my feet Lord, oh make me over!/ If I ever needed anything in my life, you’re the one thing I know God will suffice/ conform me transform me/ I need you ….

Sufferers # 4 Chorus We are sufferers, like a lamb to the slaughter, oh Lord We are sufferers and we are thirsty for your water Verse1 Hear my cry oh Lord Attend unto my voice From the depths of the earth, will I cry unto You Unto Thee oh Lord, do I lift up my voice Let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me Verse2 When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock That is higher than I, like a dove I should fly When freedom I gain, I will no longer be ashamed Oh my soul it thirsts for You In a dry and barren land So hear my cry, Lord don’t forsake me Let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies Triumph over me Bridge Y’hi ratzon milfanecha (may it be your will) Baruch ha ba b’shem adonai (blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord)

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