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What’s Inside October 2010:

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Google Releases Interactive Transparency Report port/ a useful new tool for researchers of Internet censorship from Google. It shows the number of government inquiries for information about users and requests for Google to take down or censor content in specific nations. Also associated is a traffic map which maps internet traffic patterns for specific nations. These can be used to reveal disruptions to Internet traffic at specific times. Momento a useful new tool which enables you to turn back time to see archived versions of websites as they were on specific dates in the past. The development team includes work from The Prototyping Team of the Research Library of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. You can enter specific urls and dates and if an archived version is available it will appear. There are other services such as the way back machine which do a similar job. However, this services works with a Firefox plug-in, once this has been downloaded it gives you a slider (and date specification box) in your browser which allows you to change the date to any given one. So instead of going to you can view historical versions at any given page you navigate to




Audiences want more realistic portrayal of gay people.- survey by BBC of TV coverage eports/ full report online from the BBC website. Local television in the UK Interim findings

newsletter ns/7446.aspx Department for Culture, Media and Sport Royal Television Society: Speech by Jeremy Hunt sters_speeches/7447.aspx This is a transcript of the speech by Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport Secretary Jeremy Hunt on 28 September 2010. He talks about the challenge to the UK media and broadcasting sector to meet the demand for stronger local identity in television broadcasting.



SOCIAL MEDIA Greater Manchester police (Thursday 14th October) conducted an experiment to log all calls on Twitter. Follow the action online mtvU AP 2010 Technology and Mental Health Poll /mtvU_AP_2010_Technology_and_ Mental_Health_Poll_executivesumm ary_October_2010.pdf For today’s American college students, constant digital communication may cause higher levels of stress How U.S. Consumers Are Adopting and Using Connected Devices and Digital Entertainment Content es A new report from The NPD Group shows what kinds of devices consumers are using to connect to e-

books, video games, digital music and other connected content how specific groups of consumers are using connected devices; and what motivates them to connect and purchase.

JOURNAL ARTICLES ON CHILDREN AND MEDIA 2010 Kids & Family Reading Report emes/bare_bones/2010_KFRR.pdf Turning the Page in the Digital Age 56 page report from Scholastic. key findings include: From age 6 through age 17 , the time children spend reading declines while the time they spend going online for fun and using a mobile phone increases.


Privacy and prejudice: Young people’s views on the development and use of Electronic Patient Records cations/list/reports/Privacy_and_Pre judice_EPR_views.pdf Poll by the The Royal Academy of Engineering covers attitudes towards online privacy compares use of Facebook with information on government records.






Who Makes the News? The Global Media Monitoring Project Report 2010

monitored the representation of women and men and gender portrayal in their local news media

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