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What’s Inside November 2011:

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This month the Leveson Inquiry opened. This was set up in the wake of the phone hacking scandal. Specifically Lord Justice Leveson will examine the relationship of the press with the public, police and politicians. Get the full facts from the official website which includes transcripts of hearings and evidence. arings/ A number of news sites have ongoing coverage. These include the BBC Telegraph news/levesoninquiry/8888091/Leveson-Inquirylive.html Guardian. veson-inquiry Other key organisations relating to UK press are Media Standards Trust which campaigned for a full inquiry via its hacked off campaign Press Complaints Commission .html?article=NzI0OA== National Union of Journalists uj.html?docid=2309. Finally don’t forget the and UK Parliament Culture, Media and Sport select Committee Recent phone hacking evidence from James Murdoch. Scroll down the list of publications (especially oral evidence to find many more transcripts of hearings) mmittees/committees-a-z/commonsselect/culture-media-and-sportcommittee/publications/ The Princess Royal Trust for Carers (The Trust) has launched a new Facebook app, Who Cares?


reach-out-friends-when-seriousneed Interesting user of social media by a charity NGO The aim of this is to get the public thinking about who would care for them if they got serious chronic illnesses and the impact of caring/ ill health on social life. The story, played out via Facebook messages, shows how easy it is for carers to become isolated as they lose touch with friends Politicker USA Good directory of twitter feeds from politicians, parties and USA presidential candidates. Follow them all in one place. Other good directories. Tweetminister find UK MPs bout Tweetcongress (USA). Birmingham civic dashboard Interesting example of a community e-government project. The Birmingham Civic Dashboard was created by local digital agency Mudlark on behalf of Digital Birmingham, a partnership body promoting digital projects. It displays all requests to Birmingham city Council’s customer relations management centre onto an interactive map of the city. This enables users to view information about requests for data by times, location. It doesn’t satisfy the need for open information on how claims were progressed. Look at the comments field for public feedback on the usefulness or otherwise of

the system! guardian Background articles can be found on the NESTA site



Media and Information Literacy Curriculum for Teachers 0019/001929/192971e.pdf Carolyn Wilson, Alton Grizzle, Ramon Tuazon, Kwame Akyempong, and Chi-Kim Cheung Just released by UNESCO. Provides school teachers with a core curriculum for media literacy lessons. divided into modules which include: Knowledge of the media for social participation, evaluation of the media and core teacher competencies.






News on the go: how mobile devices are changing the world's information ecosystem Center for International Media Assistance How People Use Tablets and What it Means for the Future of News _report/tablet Interesting report from the Pew Research Centre for Excellence in Journalism. Focuses on the USA. Read the text of view a slide show. The Pew site is also a good source of information on the impact of the internet on the media. They have a weekly New Media index. This was launched in 2009.




Annual review of social media by Forbes 500 companies published by Center for Marketing Research, at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The center is a leading institution in the conducting of surveys on use of web 2.0 by leading American companies. Some of its publications and research studies can be downloaded from the website esandresearch/ The latest study esandresearch/2011fortune500/ compares usage of blogs, twitter and Facebook from 2008-2011. It includes comparison by industry,

sector. Details on methodology provided on the website. Letting the Barbarians through the Gates report on social media by the Work Foundation. Instead of seeing it as a threat, organisations and HR must develop smart strategies to harness social media use by employees – it can be a crucial driver of innovation.

NEW ARTICLES SOCIAL MEDIA AND SOCIETY Why Americans use social media. ts/2011/Why-Americans-Use-SocialMedia/Main-report.aspx New report from Pew Internet and American Life Project Teens, kindness and cruelty on social network sites 11/Teens-and-social-media.aspx new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Half of adult cell phone owners have apps on their phones 11/Apps-update.aspx Latest report on the USA from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.


gone hand-in-hand with the advent of social media, and they are adept at using new technology to amplify their message, recruit and organise NEW


A fair go for all in the digital era:




The Twitter revolution? Social media, representation and crisis in Iran and Libya Australian Political Studies Association. eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement: The Delvinia Report on Internet Voting in the Town of Markham refers to Canadian experience of impact on voter turnout. The New Face of Digital Populism s/thenewfaceofdigitalpopulism Demos report - Populist parties and movements are now a force to be reckoned with in many Western European countries. These groups are known for their opposition to immigration, their ‘antiestablishment’ views and their concern for protecting national culture. Their rise in popularity has towards a digital inclusion roadmap The Summit was sponsored by Huawei, Community Sector Banking, and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) and held in Parliament House earlier this year

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