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What’s Inside March 2011:

New websites New articles on 2011 social media trends New articles on political communication.



Churnalism An interesting initiative by the media standards trust which aims to give the public information to distinguish between original work and churnalismthe latter is defined as simply press releases, PR which have been presented as if they are examples of original journalism. At the moment the site covers articles from the covers the UK national press, the BBC and Sky news online. Users have the ability to view the articles published alongside the original press releases to compare the characters. Fascinating. Inter-American development bank launch new blogs This includes one on ICT for development in Latin America.

N EW AR TI CLE S POLI TI CAL COMMUNICATION Fourth International Conference on Online Deliberation (OD2010) organized by Stephen Coleman and Giles Moss - which took place in Leeds (UK) on 30 June-2 July. A number of papers can now be accessed online including Simon Smith, Mobilising Civic Resources Through eParticipation in the European Public Sphere: ProblemSolving, Relegitimisation or Decoupling ? Nicolas Desquinabo and Nils Ferrand, Online Deliberation and Impact on Decision : A Local Planning Case, Raphael Kies and Stephanie Wojcik, European Web-Deliberation : Lessons from the European Citizens Consultation; Scott Wright, Political as Usual ? Revolution, Normalisation and a New Agenda for Online


Deliberation; Laurence MonnoyerSmith and Julien Talpin, Participatory Frames in Deliberative Devices: The Ideal-EU Case Study The proceedings (267 pages can be downloaded in pdf) from the foot of the page eedings_OD2010-2.pdf The Internet and Campaign 2010 2011/The-Internet-and-Campaign2010.aspx Latest Pew report shows 54% of Americans used the Internet in the 2010 campaigns.




MEDIA Social media and the Japan crisis Horrifying news from Japan for links to news stories and social media sources see this page from New York Public Radio which has a comprehensive collection of links. They include news sites, twitter and the Google Person Finder site which relatives have been using to locate loved ones. Discussion on the use of social media in the emergency can be found on the PBS media blog how-social-media-internet-changedexperience-of-japan-disaster074.html?utm_source=feedburner&ut m_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Fee d%3A+pbs%2Fmediashiftblog+%28mediashiftblog%29&utm_content=Google+UK

First Monday latest issue published. free access to articles on Tweeting about TV: Sharing television viewing experiences via social media message streams, Blogs and blogging: Current trends and future directions




Pew report on religion in the news 2010 ligion-news-media-2010-islammosque-ground-zero .Discusses coverage of Islam.

NEW GOVERNMENT REPORTS Broadband Delivery UK Project ns/7906.aspx This guidance document explains the nature and purpose of the broadband delivery UK project Department for Communities and Local Government

newsletter 2/average-broadband-speed-is-stillless-than-half-advertised-speed/ Ofcom research average broadband speed less than advertised to consumers.

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Media and communication reports march 2011  
Media and communication reports march 2011  

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