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ITU History portal ault.aspx The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) was founded in 1865. It is the specialist body of the United Nations for information and communication technology. This website provides free access to a history of landmark dates and members of the organisation and a large digital library of many of its historical documents from 1865 onwards. They include conference, documents, acts and lists of participants from all major conferences. Including Plenipotentiary Conferences, Administrative Telegraph and Telephone Conferences, radio and radio communications conferences.

DOD Social Media Hub This site is maintained by the United States Department of Defense. It provides a single access point to information about US military policy regarding the use of social media channels (Facebook, blogs, YouTube

New Internet sites –ITU history portal , DOD social media Journal articles Broadband Journal articles BBC Journal articles : children

Microblogging (Twitter) by military departments and personnel). The site has news alerts, US military press releases, strategy documents and directories of the available web 2.0 social media services. Games for Change rk/ AUS based non profit organisation which uses video games to offer innovative ways to teach young people about social justice issues. These include human rights, poverty, public health, politics, global warming and social exclusion. The website provides information on the aims of the organisation and numerous examples of its projects. Users can browse and play many of the games online.


nations paying for necessary broadband investments? 3) what new applications become available at various broadband speeds? and 4) how valuable do other locales see broadband for the economy, social connections, civic engagement, and public sector service delivery?

BROADBAND The Future of the Internet IV 10/Future-of-the-Internet-IV.aspx Latest Pew Internet report. A survey of nearly 900 Internet stakeholders reveals fascinating new perspectives on the way the Internet is affecting human intelligence and the ways that information is being shared and rendered. questions asked include: Will Google make us stupid?< Indicators of broadband coverage 4381795.pdf latest OECD report This working paper provides an overview of how broadband physical coverage and availability can be measured and compared across countries. It first summarises what data are available from official and non-official sources. International look at high speed broadband /0223_broadband_west.aspx Brookings Institution. The report examines examine four policy questions: 1) what broadband speeds are countries aiming for in their national plans? 2) how are various

Broadband Adoption and Use in America documents/FCCSurvey.pdf Latest survey from the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC conducted a survey of 5,005 Americans in October and November 2009 in an effort to understand the state of broadband adoption and use, as well as barriers facing those who do not have broadband at home. Broadband Adoption in Low-Income Communities 1EB76F62-C720-DF11-9D32001CC477EC70/ Report by The Social Science Research Council . The study draws on some 170 interviews of non-adopters, community access providers, and other intermediaries conducted across the US in late 2009 and early 2010 and identifies a range of factors that make broadband services hard to acquire and even harder to maintain in such communities




Changing Models: A Global Perspective on Paying for Content Online. orts/paid-online-content.pdf Nielsen survey examines if users are prepared to pay. Understanding the Participatory News Consumer 10/Online-News.aspx New Pew Internet and American Life report. Found that The internet is now the third most-popular news platform, behind local and national television news and ahead of national print newspapers, local print newspapers and radio. In a demographic view of social networking activity on mobile devices, women were found do use their phones to “tweet” and “friend” 10% more than men. ine_mobile/for-social-networkingwomen-use-mobile-more-than-men/ Latest NeilsenWire research State of the Twittersphere 2010 -state-of-the-twittersphere-2010/ latest anlaysis of Hubspot report on trends by Brian Solis



Sex, social mores, and keyword filtering: Microsoft Bing in the Arabian Countries

This site provides free access to a report published by the OpenNet Initiative in 2010. The 7 page report presents the results of a survey of internet filtering practises in 4 Arab nations: Algeria, Jordan; United Arab Emirates and Syria in January 2010. It reveals evidence of filtering and potential censorship of some terms.



Measuring the Information Society 2010 summary ITU Report shows prices for information and communication technology (ICT) services are falling, but broadband internet is still out of reach for many


Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), Eurydice

JOURNAL ARTICLES PUBLIC BROADCASTING BBC strategy review document k/strategy_review/index.shtml The BBC's management of three major estate projects 10/bbc_estates.aspx The BBC Trust independent report prepared by the National Audit Office (NAO) on the BBC’s management of three major estates projects. These were the refurbishment and redevelopment of Broadcasting House in London, the construction of Pacific Quay in Glasgow and the Corporation’s forthcoming move to Salford Quays.

JOURNAL ARTICLES CHILDREN AND MEDIA Education on Online Safety in Schools in Europe. ydice/documents/thematic_reports/121 EN.pdf Website: Education, Audiovisual &

Sexualisation of Young People Review nts/Sexualisation-young-people.pdf This is an independent review by psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos into the sexualisation of young people. Commissioned by the Home Office, the review forms part of the government’s strategy to tackle violence against women and girls and looks at how sexualised images and messages may be affecting the development of children and young people and influencing cultural norms. It also examines the evidence for a link between sexualisation and violence.


All the articles listed in this newsletter are free but did you know you can also search for articles using the libraryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s subscription databases. |To find out more try our subject guide . Guides/media%20and%20communi cation.aspx Here is one example! NEXIS UK 49745 Read and search for newspaper articles. Includes 1,000s of newspapers and newswires worldwide from 1980 onwards. Heather Dawson

Media articles March 2010  

The latest round up of media and communications articles for LSE students

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