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What’s Inside July 2010:

New articles on social media New articles on the BBC New articles on Internet use



SOCIAL MEDIA Manifesto for a Networked nation Launched by Martha Lane Fox Race online 2012




BBC annual report and accounts 2009/10 BBC Trust Strategy Review /press_releases/july/strategy_review .shtml Sets out measures for transition to a digital future for the BBC

Future of social relations /Reports/2010/PIP_Future_of_Intern et_%202010_social_relations.pdf Latest report from Pew Internet and American Life survey. Argues that email, social networks, and other online tools offer ‘low‐friction’ opportunities to create, enhance, and rediscover social ties that make a difference in people’s lives. Mobile Network 2010 s/2010/Mobile-Access-2010.aspx Pew Internet and American Life conference. 59% of adults now access the internet wirelessly using a laptop or cell phone



The Geographical Life of Information This article describes a geographical study on the usage of a search engine, focusing on the traffic details at the level of countries and continents. Web Intelligence, IEEE, Milan, Italy (2009) Yahoo paper Children and young people's views on web 2.0 technologies ns/LWT01/LWT01_home.cfm?public ationID=438&title=Children%20and %20young%20people's%20views%2 0on%20web%202.0%20technologies NFER report- The project was interested in young people’s personal use of social media, but also in how they might use these tools in a community or local authority (LA) context Millennials will make online sharing in networks a lifelong habit 2010/Future-of-Millennials.aspx Pew Internet report argues that Tech experts generally believe that today’s tech-savvy young people – the ‘digital natives’ who are known for enthusiastically embracing social networking – will retain their willingness to share personal information online even as they get older and take on more responsibilities. Twitter Under Crisis doza_poblete_castillo_2010_twitter_ terremoto.pdf Can we trust what we RT?- this article explores the behavior of Twitter users under an emergency situation. In particular, it analyzes the activity related to the 2010 earthquake in Chile - Yahoo research paper.




SEARCHING How does the web search behavior of ``rich'' and ``poor'' people differ? The Demographics of Web Search Do men and women tend to click on different results for the same query? What are some queries almost exclusively issued by African Americans? Yahoo research paper ACM Press, Geneva, Switzerland (2010)

Researchers of tomorrow annual report 2009-2010 released ents/056_RoT%20Year%201%20repor t%20final%20100622.pdf How do researchers use technology


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Foreign Broadcasts Information Service reports 1216506 The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Report has been the United States' principal record of political and historical open source intelligence for nearly 70 years. FBIS Daily Reports, 1974-1996, contains transcripts of reports from China, Africa and Eastern Europe


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