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What’s Inside April 2012:

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social media:Pinterest A new social media site which has attracted a lot of interest recently is pin interest. Pinterest is a social photo sharing website that enables uses to pin items to a board and share them with others. However it has not been without controversy. e.g. see Washington College of law IP brief on legal issues. /pinterest%E2%80%99s-legal-woes/ and Washington Post discussion. usiness/technology/pinterestaddresses-copyrightconcerns/2012/03/15/gIQAijAFES_st ory.html However this has not stopped major newspapers using the site. This recent article discusses use by the Wall Street Journal, 0words/how-the-wall-street-journaluses-pinterest_b11829 Time and Life magazine with links to examples

0words/5-news-organizations-tofollow-on-pinterest_b10635 . For background discussion on the uses of social media by journalists read this in-depth survey of opinion from Eurobarometer which as published at the start of 2012. /archives/quali/journsm_en.pdf It includes interviews with journalists from 27 European nations. Also launched this month by the official campaign is Barack Obama Pinterest page. See the pet lovers for Obama feature! / And Europeana. which has materials from Europe’s national libraries. Find out more news in these Guardian technology articles. pinterest

Mapping Wikipedia mapping-wikipedia/ A collaboration between TraceMedia and the Oxford Internet Institute. ping_wikipedia/ The map is generated from an archive of Wikipedia data and displays the geographical location of articles for


a number of languages. According to the Atlantic ology/archive/2012/03/confirmedthe-internet-does-not-solve-globalinequality/255042/ it shows that the majority of content comes from English speaking nations ABC open archives efault.htm Major Australian broadcaster ABC has released free of charge a number of its archives. It is collaborating with Wikimedia Commons to make content available under a Creative Commons license. This is the first time an Australian broadcaster has shared its archival content in this way. Content will be added on a rolling basis. At present very old snippets are online. See this prediction by Arthur C Clarke on computing and the internet. 1974. ki/File:ABC_Clarke_predicts_interne t_and_PC.ogv The LSE library delicious account ingimages has a moving image section which has links to a growing collection of other free historic film and documentary resources. NEW ARTICLES SOCIAL MEDIA AND PROTEST

Tell Dave protests ogs/blogpost/post/britains-webmonitoring-plan-draws-comparisonsto-1984-andkafka/2012/04/02/gIQAbNB5qS_blog .html

This month to protest new internet monitoring plans twitter users utilised hashtag #TellDaveEverything. The protest took the form of listing mundane events that they thought they should tell the prime minister about To make the point that the new laws would ‘snoop into everything’. see coverage from CBC Canada munity/2012/04/uk-tell-daveeverything-protest-in-morningtrends.html which has captured examples. There are other examples of protest emails if you search #telldaveeverything


First Monday- new issue Special Issue: Social Media and Political Change: 10.1111/j.14602466.2012.01626.x/full Capacity, Constraint, and Consequence free access to all the articles in this special issue of journal of communication articles include: •Framing the Egyptian Uprising in Arabic Language Newspapers and


Social Media •Safety Valve or Pressure Cooker? Blogs in Chinese Political Life •Clicks, Cabs, and Coffee Houses: Social Media and Oppositional Movements in Egypt, 2004–2011 Social Media in Europe: Survey of 1000 Swedish Facebook Users 077/28893/1/gupea_2077_28893_1. pdf Released The study was based on data collected from more than 1000 Swedish 18-73 year olds from June to September 2011 via a web-based questionnaire. NEW ARTICLES REPORTS

Measuring Peace in the Media 2011 wpcontent/uploads/2012/02/Measuring -Peace-in-the-Media-2011Report.pdf Institute for Economics & Peace produces a number of indexes which measure levels of peace and conflict worldwide. Its latest publication analyses global TV networks coverage of peace and conflict. The full 42 page text can be downloaded from the website. ICT REPORTS

World Economic Forum launch the Global Information Technology report 2012 obal-information-technology# This measures the measures the extent to which 142 economies use ICT and other new technologies to increase their growth and well-

being. See the rankings and essays which discuss the impact on working life. There is also a separate data platform. obal-information-technology/gitr2012-data-platform . POLITICAL COMMUNICATION

M-Campaigning: Mobile Technology and Public Outreach 2012/0214_campaign_tech_west.asp x report from Brookings Institution reviews use of technology in election campaigns Civic Engagement and Local EGovernment: LocalEGovSMFullReport2012.pdf Social Networking Comes of Age Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement (University of Illinois, Chicago)study examined features on American local government websites



Digital differences 12/Digitaldifferences/Overview.aspx Pew Internet report finds that differences in internet access still exist among different American demographic groups, especially when it comes to access to highspeed broadband at home.

All the articles listed in this newsletter are free but did you know you can also search for articles using the library’s subscription databases. This month check your spelling in the Oxford reference online dictionaries. 9258

Rise of e-reading Pew Internet and American Life report. 04/the-rise-of-e-reading/

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Media reports April 2012  
Media reports April 2012  

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