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What’s Inside April 2011: Foundation degrees University funding. Foreign students



Impact of the social sciences Blog. ences/ a collaborative group blog created by staff and researchers at the LSE, Imperial College, and the University of Leeds with the aim of increasing the impact of social science research on government and policymaking. Key features include regular articles on research and other news which demonstrate the impact of the social sciences plus free access to a Handbook for academics on maximizing the impact of their research. It is also worth browsing the impact tips section for advice on bibliometrics citation measurement techniques using major databases such as ISI and increasing impact by writing good abstracts.

JOURNAL ARTICLES: UNIVERSITY GOVERNANCE University Governance: Questions for a new era- Higher education Policy Institute (HEPI)

This reports considers the question of university governance and suggests that fundamental changes are needed because the balance of interests in our universities is rapidly changing. Students are increasingly taking on the full costs of their education, the state is moving towards being a loan facility rather than a granting body, and the pressures of competition are driving universities to be more entrepreneurial.


Ofsted: Girls' career aspirations This report evaluates the extent to which careers education, guidance and other provision raise aspirations and inform the choices of courses and


careers by girls and young women to support their long-term achievement.




FOUNDATION DEGREES Higgins, H., Artess, J. and Johnstone, I. (2010). Students' Experiences of Full-time Foundation Degrees. Lichfield: 100909114813fdf%20fulltime%20student%20experiences%20 Aug%2010.pdf Website: Foundation Degree Forward (FDF)

Callender, C., Wilkinson, D. and Hopkin, R. (2010). Career Decisionmaking and Career Development of Part-time Foundation Degree Students 100611125050CareerDev%20PT%20 FdStudents_fullreport.pdf Foundation Degree Forward (FDF) report

HIGHER EDUCATION STATISTICS Participation Rates in Higher Education: Academic years 2006-07 to 2009-10 (provisional Rates_in_HE_2009-10.pdf

STUDENT DEBT The Impact of Paid and Unpaid Work and of Student Debt on Experience of Higher Education. documents/futuretrack/Futuretrack_St age_3_Working_Paper_3_datechange __web.pdf Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU)

Crawford, C. and Dearden, L. (2010). The Impact of the 2006-07 HE Finance Reforms on HE Participation. orporate/docs/i/10-1189-impact-200607-he-finance-reforms-onparticipation.pdf Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) Are There Any Changes in the Characteristics of UK Higher Education Around the Time of the 2006 Reforms? orporate/docs/c/10-1179-changes-inhigher-education-around-2006reforms.pdf Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) Haynes, G. and Richardson, W. (2011). Evaluation of the Implementation and Impact of Diplomas: Findings from the 2009/10 Survey of Higher Education Institutions. ns/eOrderingDownload/DFERR093.pdf Assessing the Impact of the New Student Support Arrangements (NSSA) on Higher Education Institutions. orporate/docs/a/10-1161-assessingimpact-student-support-on-highereducation-institutions.pdf Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)




Tallantyre, F. (Ed) (2010). University Management of Work-based Learning. ork/documents/ourwork/employability/ employeelearning/EEL_UniversityMan agementOfWBL.pdf Higher Education Academy (HEA)

I N TERN A TI ON AL S TUD EN T Phillimore, J. and Koshy, P. (2010). Higher Education Student Visa Systems: Australia and Selected Countries Compared. /2010/JCIPP_Visa_Comparisons_Rep ort_November_2010.pdf Website: Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN)

Compiled by Heather Dawson

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