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Results from the survey on debt, aspirations etc of British students. RESEARCH IN



The Customer First Programme: Delivery of student finance National Audit Office report. HC: 296 10/student_finance.aspx Reviews performance. Argues Student Loans Company underestimated, and therefore did not do enough to mitigate, the significant risks in integrating the student finance service previously carried out by 130 separate local authorities Student lifestyle survey results 2009

Funding selectivity, concentration and excellence- how good is the UK's research?,concentration-and-excellence---howgood-is-the-UK's-research.html - HEPI report. It concludes that a very small number of institutions and individuals within them produce the truly exceptional research that puts the UK among the world's leaders in research, and that below those peaks of excellence performance is more evenly spread between institutions. Synergies and Trade-offs Between Research, Teaching and Knowledge Exchange. A report to HEFCE by PACEC and the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge nergiesFullReport.pdf



How today’s college students use Wikipedia for course-related research Alison J. Head, Michael B. Eisenberg

First Monday ,Volume 15, Number 3 1 March 2010 js/index.php/fm/article/view/2830 Findings are reported from student focus groups and a large-scale survey about how and why students (enrolled at six different U.S. colleges) use Wikipedia during the course-related research process. Interesting survey - shows major use is at the beginning to map out topics, They did however realise its limitations and engaged in some fact checking

The Digital Information Seeker: Report of Findings From Selected OCLC, RIN and JISC User Behaviour Projects uments/publications/reports/201 0/digitalinformationseekerrepor t.pdf

This report which is supported by JISC synthesises and compares the results from 12 recent major studies on changing user behaviours. Studies are from the Uk and US. Key findings • Libraries have many different user communities with different needs so they must be flexible.

Library systems need to offer more seamless access via the desktop. This includes access to different varieties of resources such as ejournals, ebooks and data Users often access resources via Google - library catalogues and resources need to be made as simple and convenient to search and navigate to full text resources. Metadata - is becoming important as user behaviour is often reliant on key word searching. It refers to better cataloguing, including cataloguing of book chapters. Library needs to develop and advertise brands to increase use. Many users think libraries are for books only or are unaware of how to get advice.

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Higher education articles April 2010  

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