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Piedmont Payment  Services  Expands  Executive  Team  to  Remove  Barriers  in   the  Voluntary  Benefits  Market     January  18,  2017     Columbus,  GA—(BUSINESS  WIRE)—Piedmont  Payment  Services,  LLC.  (Piedmont)   has  added  three  business  development  executives  to  increase  awareness  of  their   billing  solutions  in  the  voluntary  benefits  industry.  Many  employers  are  interested   in  offering  voluntary  benefits,  but  opt  out  due  to  administrative  and  billing   challenges.  In  this  environment  of  perpetually  trying  to  offer  more  for  less,   Piedmont’s  services  fill  an  expanding  need.       Michael  Naumann,  Matt  Ginter  and  Jami  Augustine  are  focused  on  delivering  these   solutions  to  producers,  carriers  and  enrollment  platforms.  “We’re  looking  to  gain   awareness  in  the  marketplace  and  provide  education  on  the  billing  solutions  that   are  now  available,”  said  Ginter.       Matt  Ginter  has  demonstrated  success  in  delivering  voluntary  benefits  to  Fortune   500  companies.  His  remarkable  ability  to  navigate  complex  sales  environments   couples  with  his  deep  understanding  of  what  brokers  need  to  successfully  create   significant  value  for  his  clients.  Matt  is  thrilled  to  be  able  to  provide  new  solutions  to   problems  that  have  plagued  the  industry  for  years.       Michael  Naumann’s  extensive  background  includes  direct  experience  filling  the   roles  of  the  individuals  he  now  serves,  so  he  has  first-­‐hand  knowledge  of  their   challenges  and  knows  how  to  strategically  “turn  roadblocks  into  revenue   opportunities.”    According  to  Naumann,  “when  an  employer  is  unwilling  or  unable  to   offer  payroll  deduction,  Piedmont  provides  billing  options  that  enable  the  sales   opportunity  to  continue  to  move  forward.”     Jami  Augustine  brings  expertise  in  streamlining  processes  and  delivering  solutions.   Her  natural  inclination  to  provide  exceptional  service  and  build  lasting  relationships   makes  her  a  great  fit  for  Piedmont’s  driving  philosophy  of  helping  people.   “Credibility  is  our  highest  priority.  We  know  the  market  and  how  to  set  things  up   properly  the  first  time,”  says  Augustine.       “We’re  excited  to  have  Jami,  Michael  and  Matt  on  our  team.  Their  collective  industry   experience,  customer  service  focus  and  commitment  to  finding  innovative  solutions   for  clients  makes  them  the  perfect  addition  to  the  Piedmont  family,”  said  Brian   Hicks,  vice  president  of  business  development  for  Piedmont.  This  isn’t  the  first  time   Naumann,  Ginter  and  Augustine  have  triangulated  their  talents  in  the  insurance   industry.  When  asked  what  makes  them  work  so  well  as  a  team,  they  cite  respect,   integrity,  an  overriding  passion  for  the  industry  and  strong  relationships  that  make   working  together  a  true  pleasure.  This  trio  is  looking  forward  to  delivering  simple   solutions  to  multifaceted  problems  throughout  the  voluntary  benefits  community.        

About Piedmont   Piedmont  Payment  Services,  LLC  (  is  pioneering  new  ways  to   pay  premiums  for  voluntary  benefits.  Billing  and  administration  challenges  no   longer  need  to  get  in  the  way.  Piedmont  has  created  seamless  processes  that   integrate  with  existing  enrollment  procedures  to  manage  billing  while  maintaining   the  highest  security  standards.           Contacts   Piedmont  Payment  Services   Jami  Augustine   866.254.5245,  ext.  2122  

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