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Piedmont Pays Founded in 2008 as an alternative payment method for voluntary benefits, Piedmont is the perfect answer for employers who don’t want to utilize payroll deductions.

Piedmont is not an insurance broker

The Original Payroll Deduction Alternative for Voluntary Benefits

or agent and does not market its

Piedmont is a premium collection administrator pioneering new ways to pay for

services directly to policyholders.

voluntary benefits. When payroll deduction is not an option, our Zero Point Billing™

Our proprietary system allows agents, brokers and carriers to expand their customer base by providing flexible payment options.

process allows agents, brokers and carriers to expand their distribution by offering

Singular Focus Pioneering new ways to pay, it’s what we do. Piedmont’s sole job is to create the look and feel of payroll deduction

flexible billing solutions.

We turn roadblocks into revenue opportunities. Piedmont Pays…

without utilizing a payroll slot. Our seamless process integrates with

So employers and payroll administrators don’t have to.

existing enrollment procedures to

We’ve spent decades in the voluntary benefits space and have seen the frustration

manage billing in any industry.

of payroll administrators who spend too much time chasing premiums and reconciling invoices each month.

Our clients include unions, PEOs, associations and employer groups

So employees get quality benefits.

like municipalities, schools, hospitals,

Piedmont has partnered with best-in-class voluntary benefits carriers, enabling

manufacturers, banks, airlines and

employers to offer the suite of benefits employees deserve, but otherwise may not

many others.

be able to access.

We can help any employer who

So carriers obtain and retain more business.

wants to offer voluntary benefits

In addition to securing new business, Piedmont helps carriers retain existing clients.

but cannot or will not implement

When a group can no longer payroll deduct, the majority of those policyholders

payroll deductions.

won’t retain the coverage if they have to switch from pay-cycle payments to monthly drafts. With Piedmont, employees can maintain pay-cycle payments and are more inclined to keep their policies.

Two Ways to Pay

Our Story Piedmont began as a favor to a friend in 2008. A voluntary agent lost a payroll account when his

Direct Deposit On payday, the employer deposits the premium amount into the Piedmont 7580 547 holding account. The remainder of the net pay is routed to the employee’s account.

client’s company was bought out and the new ownership refused to payroll deduct for voluntary

Insurance company sends invoice(s) to Piedmont each month.

benefits. Not wanting to move employees from premiums that were deducted weekly to monthly direct drafts, he turned to a friend

ACME insurance

Piedmont sweeps funds from the holding account to pay the premium(s).

His request was simple—make it seem like payroll deduction for the employees even though it isn’t for the employer. It was never intended to be a

Draft Method Piedmont drafts bank account or credit card on pay cycle (weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly).

in the banking business for help.

“thing,” but agents and brokers began telling their friends and, within a couple of years, Piedmont



was indeed a “thing.”

Insurance company sends invoice.

We’ve been pioneering new ways to pay ever since.

ACME insurance

Piedmont pays premium.

Today, Piedmont assists thousands of producers representing the biggest names in voluntary benefits. Often described as non-

Employers NEVER hold funds and NEVER receive a bill.

invasive, Piedmont works with carriers, brokers and enrollment platforms without affecting existing processes. We simply plug into their established mechanisms for

Partner With Us 866.254.5245 PO Box 1715, Columbus, GA 31902

processing premium payments.

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