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o Lim i ts: Artist ShellyBartek

ShellyBartek,Award-winning and commercially successful artist.

enerally, one imagines an artistas I -l someoneslightlydisheveledtrenegadesplattersofpainton \-J theirclothes-witha meekdemeanor. Local artistShellyBartekisanythingbut meek. Perhapsdue to her backgroundasan advertisingart director,Bartekiswell put together with a confidentsmileanda clarityof direction likean arrowheadedstraightfor the centerof an unsuspecting bullseye. Shelly's currenttargetisthe world of fine art. Thoughyou mightnot recognize hername yet,you'vemostlikelyseensomeof Bartek's handiwork. She'screatedoriginalworksfor a varietyof clients,includingParamount Pictures, R.J.Reynolds, andthe UnitedNations.Someof hermostrecognizable artwork


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hasbeenfor BlueMoonBrewingCompany, a CoorsBrewerybrand,whomshehasworked with for morethanthreeyears.Shellyhas creatednumerousoriginal,andsometimes paintings spontaneous, for BlueMoon. "Thebrandhasmademe a bit of a Toulouse-Lautrec artist;the breweryhassentme aroundthe countrypaintingliveto promote the Artfully Crafted'themeof the brand," Barteksays."lt'squitethe challenge to paint a finishedpieceof work within a few hours whilepeoplearemovingabout." Althoughhercommercial workcanbe seenaroundthe worldin magazines andon billboards, Shellygot herstartrightherein Omaha.In 1989, afterenteringandwinning the Regional RiverCityRoundupposter

contest,Bartekusedher prizemoneyto start herown business, Brushlmages, Inc.(www. "Myfirstgreatfortunein the entertaining industrywasto createinternational wine labelsfor Barton& Gustier," shesays."Being the artist,il helpedlaunchlthe brandat wine tastingsand art shows." Unlikeotherartists, Shellyis luckyenough to sustainherselfthroughherartwor:k, be publishing, it d6corpieces, or commercial art.However,likeher peers,shehasto fit her own creativework in duringher "off" hours. 'All in all,I'malwayslookingfor an opportunity to do art for artsmeans.My dreamis to havea nichethat I cancallmy own in the fine arts,"saysBartek.


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Shellymakes art business, Despitehavinga busycommercial learn moreaboutart time to takes this year She to travel. timeevery d e asw i th a n d e x c h a n g i ni g galler ies m u s e u ms an d v is it ing t h ro u g h at Red an artist-in-residence year, awarded she was One otherartists. Calif. Jose, in San InkStudios whetherit iscommercial "l believeartiststodayhavemanyavenues, galleries' museums," Barteksays. and of fine art or the art,d6corart, pursingthe devoted to passion, she's and Shelly's Art isobviously from David City,Neb.' geography. Originally of artist'sliferegardless years herlocadoesn't see and for several in Omaha Bartekhaslived artist. as an career a successful to tion asa hindrance "Livingin the Midwestasan artisthasno limits,"sheasserts. wasfeaturedat Blooms"seriesof paintings Her"Contemporary participated in of Bemis' several has also she and Gardens, Lauritzen featured will be on artwork Shelly's This Summer, AnnualArt Auctions. plans Festival, where she Arts poster Summer for the the promotional to havea boothfeaturingher recentcreativework. Qi


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HER, Apr/May 2008  
HER, Apr/May 2008  

"No Limits: Artist Shelly Bartek" by Heather C. Akerberg