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Friday, May 31, 20 13


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StarWalk Kids Media Inks Distribution Agreement with Follett Digital Resources 20 13-0 4 -17 0 1:4 1:4 6 (GMT ) (Wire dPRNe m - Busine ss, Pre ss Re le ase s) 0 4/16 /20 13 (pre ss re le ase : ro nm aas) // New Yo rk, New Yo rk, USA // Ro n Maas StarWalk Kids Media, the e Bo o k publishing startup co -fo unded by children’s science autho r Seymo ur Simo n and Liz Nealo n, the fo rmer Creative Directo r o f Sesame Street, has signed an agreement to make single eBo o k titles fro m their award-winning co llectio n available to scho o ls and libraries thro ugh Fo llett Digital Reso urces. “At StarWalk Kids Media, we are co mmitted to delighting digital kids with o ur high quality, enhanced eBo o ks, and part o f that co mmitment means giving them access to o ur titles wherever and ho wever they and their scho o ls need us to ,” said StarWalk Publisher Liz Nealo n. “Fo llett is clearly a market fo rce in scho o ls, serving o ver 6 0 ,0 0 0 K12 scho o l libraries, and we are very pleased to be wo rking with them to deliver o ur award-winning eBo o ks to kids and educato rs.” “While we will co ntinue to fo cus o n o ffering o ur subscriptio n-based steaming platfo rm fo r scho o ls and libraries” Nealo n said, “we reco gnize that many scho o ls have made significant investments in do wnlo adable, perpetual access systems, and we want to suppo rt them in whatever way wo rks best fo r them.” Abo ut StarWalk Kids Media

Fo unded in 20 12, StarWalk Kids Media is the eBo o k divisio n o f Seymo ur Science, LLC. Designed specifically fo r educato rs to use with students in classro o ms and libraries, the StarWalk Kids Media Digital Co llectio n o f titles fro m award-winning autho rs and illustrato rs pro vides a new, affo rdable, and flexible platfo rm fo r educato rs to help reach digital kids with engaging and reliable eBo o ks that pro mo te inquiry and reinfo rce learning. Award-winning autho rs published by StarWalk Kids Media include: David A. Adler, Jim Arno sky, Jo hanna Hurwitz, Emily Arno ld McCully, Diane deGro at, Kathryn Lasky, Do reen Rappapo rt, and Laura Vaccaro Seeger. StarWalk Kids Media fo under Seymo ur Simo n was dubbed “the Dean o f the [children’s science bo o k] field” by The New Yo rk Times. Simo n has written mo re than 250 bo o ks fo r yo ung readers and has received the American Asso ciatio n fo r the Advancement o f Science’s/Subaru Lifetime Achievement Award fo r his lasting co ntributio n to children’s science literature.

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Co -fo under Liz Nealo n led the creative develo pment o f the Peabo dy and Emmy Award-winning SesameStreet.o rg, and is the Managing Edito r o f Seymo urSimo m, which has been designated o ne o f ALA’s “Great Websites fo r Kids,” and is a Webby Ho no ree. Nealo n was also the creato r and Executive Pro ducer o f the landmark PBS children’s literacy series, Gho stwriter.

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StarWalk Kids Media is the eBook division of Seymour Science, LLC. Designed specifically for educators to use with students in classrooms an...