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Haystax Technology Acquires Digital Sandbox, Inc. Expands Product Technology Offering in Law Enforcement and Security Markets Like


SAN JOSE, Calif., April 16 , 20 13 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Haystax Techno lo gy, Inc. (Haystax), a po rtfo lio co mpany o f the Edgewater Funds, to day anno unced the acquisit io n o f Digital Sandbo x, Inc. Haystax pro vides multi-so urce info rmatio n integratio n, big data analyt ics and visualizatio n to address the challenges po sed by expo nential increases in data vo lume to custo mers in the intelligence, defense and security co mmunities. The Digital Sandbo x acquisitio n extends Haystax capabilities and pro ducts in public safety, law enfo rcement and co rpo rate security markets. Digital Sandbo x is a so ftware co mpany that has been pro viding threat and risk analysis and mo nito ring so ftware in the Natio nal Security and Ho meland Security fields since 19 9 8 . Federal, State, and Lo cal agencies use Digital Sandbo x co mmercial so ftware pro duct suites to quantify and mo nito r risks fro m natural and man-made threats, and to direct reso urces based o n threat and risk prio rities. Digital Sandbo x's suite o f secure and clo ud-deplo yable so ftware to o ls pro vide geo spatial, tempo ral, and real-time streaming info rmatio n feeds to mo nito r threats and risks fo r field o peratio ns and special events, including fo ur o f the last five Super Bo wls. William Van Vleet , Chief Executive Officer o f Haystax, said, "The accelerating variety, vo lume and velo city o f data available can o verwhelm o rganizatio ns and leaders respo nsible fo r ensuring the safety o f majo r co mpanies and events. We are excited to add Digital Sandbo x's techno lo gies to pro vide o ur custo mers with scalable analytics to mo nito r hundreds o f realtime news and so cial media feeds with mo bile so lutio ns to enable entirely new capabilities fo r prio ritized, intelligent decisio n-making." Digital Sandbo x fo unders and partners, Bryan Ware and Antho ny Beverina , added, "To gether, as part o f o ne co mpany, we beco me a mo re po werful platfo rm with access to defense and intelligence markets. We are no w po sitio ned to co mpete fo r

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o ppo rtunities that were, until no w, beyo nd the capabilities o f either co mpany alo ne. We are very excited to jo in Haystax to raise the level o f o ur service and capabilities fo r o ur custo mers."

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Fo llo wing the acquisitio n, Digital Sandbo x will be kno wn as Digital Sandbo x, Inc., a Haystax Co mpany, and will co ntinue to be led by its president, Antho ny Beverina . Bryan Ware will serve as the chief techno lo gy o fficer fo r Haystax Techno lo gy. The terms o f the transactio n were no t released. Abo ut Digital Sandbo x, Inc. Digital Sandbo x pro vides analytic to o ls and info rmatio n pro ducts to go vernment agencies and large enterprises, enabling them to o ptimize their strategic, po licy, and budgetary decisio ns fo r risk-based reso urce allo catio n. Digital Sandbo x analytic risk management so lutio ns help custo mers in the public safety, co rpo rate, and ho meland security fields lo wer their risk expo sure, increase the impact o f their risk management budgets, and maximize the effectiveness o f their reso urces. Visit Digital Sandbo x o n the Web at www.dsbo m. Abo ut Haystax Techno lo gy Haystax Techno lo gy, Inc. pro vides next generatio n pro ducts, systems and service so lutio ns to sift, refine and analyze large, disparate and unstructured vo lumes o f data to reveal undisco vered co nnectio ns and enable precise, actio nable intelligence fo r go vernment and co mmercial market clients. In essence, these techno lo gies allo w users to find "the needle in the haystack" quickly and reliably. Fo r further info rmatio n abo ut Haystax Techno lo gy, visit o ur website at www.haystaxtechno lo m. Abo ut The Edgewater Funds The Edgewater Funds is a Chicago -based private equity firm with $1.4 billio n in co mmitted capital. Thro ugh Edgewater Gro wth Capital Partners, we partner with management to help accelerate gro wth in their businesses. Edgewater fo cuses o n funding high quality middle market co mpanies where we can add substantial value thro ugh o ur capital, o ur experience and o ur bro ad netwo rk. Edgewater leverages the experiences o f its Partners and Adviso ry Bo ard who have distinguished themselves as successful CEOs and business leaders. Press release submitted by o nline press release distributio n service m Me dia Co nt act : James Do yle Haystax Techno lo gy, Inc., (40 8 ) 6 22-4526 , wbv@haystaxtechno lo m News distributed by PR Newswire iReach: m SOURCE Haystax Techno lo gy, Inc.

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Haystax Technology, Inc. (Haystax), a portfolio company of the Edgewater Funds, today announced the acquisition of Digital Sandbox, Inc. Hay...

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