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Heather Cotter Visual Communications May 16, 2014

Introduction For this project I chose to photograph my friend Dominique who is a

teen that is helping out the community. She has attained skills in figure skating over the years and she has decided to help the

community by using her skills to teach younger children. These photographs fit this project because Dominique is a teen who is

doing good for the community and helping future generations of figure skaters.

Welcoming the children onto the ice.

Adjusting helmets for safety.

Demonstrating how to stand up.

Leading the class across the ice.

Demonstrating backward wiggles.

Answering questions on the specific skating move (forward skullies)

Helping the children realize what the move will look and feel like when they execute it.

Helping the other student do the forward skullies over the cone.

Offering a helping hand to the young students.

Reviewing what was learned in class that day.

The End By: Heather Cotter

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Teens Succeed

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