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What Happens  at  Camp  Stays  at  Camp:  A  night  to  Remember       “Hey  umm  Coral,  can  we  uhh  talk  to  you  in  the  bathroom?”         “Yea  sure,”  she  answered  quizzically.     Coral  was  one  of  our  counselors.  She  has  been  working  at  the  camp  for  three   years  and  it  was  my  4th  year  being  a  camper  there.  Therefore,  we  are  both  very  crazy   and  not  scared  to  do  risky  things.       My  camp  is  called  Wicosuta.  It  is  in  New  Hampshire.  It  was  the  second  to  last   night  of  camp  last  summer.  We  all  had  our  sleeping  bags  on  the  floor;  we  were   planning  on  spending  the  whole  night  awake.  My  friend  Carrie  and  I  had  really   wanted  to  raid  the  kitchen.  We  didn’t  know  what  we  would  get,  but  I  think  it  was   just  the  thrill  that  made  us  want  to  so  badly.  We  decided  that  tonight  was  our  best   and  last  opportunity  to  do  that,  but  if  we  got  caught,  we  could  get  in  huge  trouble.   After  a  long  debate,  we  decided  that  Coral  would  be  the  most  likely  counselor  to   allow  us  to  go,  without  a  fear  of  punishments.       “So,  we  really  want  to  raid  the  kitchen.  We  know  that  it  is  risky  so  maybe  just   Carrie  and  I  should  go  with  you  and  no  one  else  in  the  bunk  has  to  even  know  that   we  left…”  I  held  my  breath  when  I  was  done  asking,  awaiting  her  response.     “Umm  girls  that  sounds  very  fun  and  I  think  we  can…  How  about  we  wait   until  a  little  later  and  then  we  will  go?”  asked  Coral  seeming  a  little  hesitant,  but  a   smile  was  creeping  to  her  face.     “YES!”  we  yelled  quietly  and  hugged  Coral.     We  went  back  into  the  bunk  as  if  nothing  had  happened  and  we  joined  in   with  our  bunkmates  and  counselors  laughing,  talking  and  of  course  crying  about   camp  almost  being  over.  My  eyes  were  repeatedly  glancing  at  Carrie  anxiously  and   the  same  was  happening  to  her;  I  know  that  because  we  kept  making  eye  contact.   Neither  of  us  talked  a  lot  in  the  conversation  with  everyone  else.  Carrie  was   fidgeting  with  her  flashlight.  We  didn’t  tell  a  single  other  person  about  our  plan.       Finally,  I  looked  up  at  Coral  and  noticed  that  she  was  silently  slipping  on  her   shoes.  I  took  that  as  a  signal.  It  was  time;  I  nudged  Carrie.  We  both  subtly  left  the   group  on  the  floor  and  slid  on  our  own  shoes  and  sweatshirts.  We  made  sure  that  we   were  wearing  our  dark  colors.  It  was  pitch  black  outside.  We  stepped  out  of  the  door   and  into  our  unforgettable  adventure.     “Come  on!”  we  followed  Coral,  quietly  jogging  towards  the  dining  hall.  We   had  gotten  about  halfway  there  and  were  very  anxious.       “Duck!”  Coral  whispered  abruptly  to  us.  

We all  held  our  breaths,  while  we  hid  behind  the  gazebo.  The  strict  head  of   the  waterfront  drove  by  us  in  a  golf  cart  on  the  way  to  her  cabin.  To  our  surprise,   she  didn’t  see  us.       “Whewww  that  was  close!  The  coast  is  clear,  let’s  go!”  I  whispered.     We  continued  to  quietly  run  all  the  way  to  the  back  of  the  dining  hall  when   we  heard  voices  and  saw  shadows.  We  froze.  I  grabbed  onto  Carrie  and  Carrie   latched  onto  Coral.  The  shadows  shined  their  flashlights  on  us  and  laughed  to   themselves.  They  shined  their  flashlight  on  themselves  and  to  our  relief  it  was  only  2   more  campers  that  were  a  year  older  than  us.  They  apparently  had  also  planned  on   raiding  the  kitchen.  The  garage  was  locked  and  so  were  all  of  the  doors.  We  needed   to  start  being  creative.       “I  could  climb  onto  the  dumpster  and  maybe  we  could  open  the  window  and  I   could  crawl  through!”  I  exclaimed  with  a  huge  smile.     “Yes  yes!  Smart!”  replied  Coral  nodding  her  head  in  approval.       Carrie  reached  up  and  tried  to  unlock  the  window.  Instead  of  unlocking  it,   she  accidently  broke  it  and  the  window  screen  fell  off,  but  it  didn’t  matter  really,  as   long  we  could  get  in.  I  climbed  up  onto  the  sticky  dumpster.  I  had  black  goo  on  my   hands  but  I  didn’t  really  care  that  much.  I  was  willing  to  get  down  and  dirty.  I   reached  my  leg  onto  the  windowsill  and  everyone  was  waiting  down  below  telling   me  to  “Jump!”  and  “Go.  Go.  Go!”  I  could  see  their  eyes  widening  with  excitement.     “Uh.  Oh.  Uhhh,  you  guys  there  is  a  staircase  right  below  the  window.  I  can’t   jump  because  there  isn’t  solid  ground;  I  will  fall  and  I’m  too  short  to  reach  my  legs  to   the  top  of  the  stairs.  It’s  too  far!”  my  smile  faded  and  I  really  badly  didn’t  want  to  let   any  of  them  down  by  not  getting  inside.  It  was  time  to  think  again.     “Hmmm…Look  there  are  some  milk  carton  storage  boxes  over  there!  Lets   stack  them  up  to  the  window  on  the  other  side.”     We  stacked  the  crates  on  top  of  each  other  as  carefully  as  we  could  then  a  girl   got  onto  the  tallest  girl’s  back  and  they  both  climbed  up  onto  the  crates.  The  window   was  nailed  in  way  too  tightly  to  be  able  to  open  it.       We  were  all  starting  to  loose  hope  when  I  thought  “Hey!  Why  doesn’t   someone  that  is  taller  just  go  through  the  window  at  the  dumpster,  because  she  can   probably  stretch  her  legs  all  the  way  to  the  top  of  the  staircase!  Then  she  can  unlock   the  door  and  let  us  all  in!”       After  a  lot  of  convincing  one  of  the  older  girls  finally  climbed  up  onto  the   windowsill  with  some  help  from  Coral  and  she  stretched  towards  the  floor  inside.  

Coral strained  to  hold  onto  her  tightly  but  still  trying  to  help  her  reach.  Finally  she   hopped  inside  and  safely  landed  on  the  ground  without  falling  down  the  staircase.   The  rest  of  us  ran  around  the  side  of  the  dining  hall.  There  was  adrenaline  rushing   through  my  body.  The  girl  who  was  on  the  inside  unlocked  the  door  for  us  and  we  all   rushed  inside  the  dark  creepy  kitchen.  Coral  knew  where  all  of  the  snacks  and  good   foods  were  kept  so  we  all  followed  her.  She  led  us  down  the  steep  staircase  and  we   felt  like  we  were  walking  into  a  magical  world.       “Wooow!”       “This  is  so  cool!”     “Oh  my  gosh!  Why  don’t  they  ever  serve  good  food  if  they  have  it?”  We  all   laughed  a  little.     Coral  unlatched  a  metal  door,  which  opened  up  a  walk  in  freezer.  It  was  a   rectangle,  about  6x3  feet.  The  walls  and  ceiling  were  made  out  of  a  white,  powdery   ice.  We  all  walked  inside.  Amazed  by  just  the  shelves  filled  with  snacks,  this  made   our  fascination  double.  There  were  ice  cream  sandwiches  and  bags  of  raw  cookie   dough  patties  all  around  us.  Obviously,  like  any  girl  in  that  situation  would  do...  we   stuffed  our  faces.  We  were  passing  around  the  ice  cream  and  cookie  dough  and   filling  up  our  sweatshirts  with  extras  for  the  bunk.  It  was  pretty  much  heaven.     “Girls  calm  down!  Don’t  eat  all  the  cookie  dough  or  there  wont  be  enough  for   them  to  make  cookies  for  campfire  tomorrow!”  Coral  said  laughing  at  us.     “It’s  ok!  They  will  buy  more  if  they  need  to!”  Carrie  told  her  and  we  all   nodded  our  heads  and  continued  pigging  out.     “You  girls  are  crazy!  …Did  one  of  you  just  turn  on  the  lights  out  there?”  Coral   asked  noticing  the  light  had  turned  on  outside  the  freezer.     “No,  what  are  you  talking  ab..”  before  we  could  finish  answering  her  we  were   interrupted  by  an  unfamiliar,  deep  voice.     “OUT!  Get  out  now!  All  of  you!  Now!”  a  man  yelled  at  us  crinkling  his   forehead  and  squinting  his  eyes.       “Ahhhh!  Who  is  that?”  we  all  shrieked  in  unison.  I  was  as  scared  as  a  mouse   about  to  be  attacked  by  a  cat.     We  stuffed  our  sweatshirts  with  more  food  and  sprinted  as  fast  as  we  could   out  of  the  freezer  and  away  from  man.  He  was  big,  bald  and  definitely  angry.  By  now   there  was  not  a  single  light  on  outside  and  we  absolutely  could  not  see  a  single   thing.  Right  when  we  stepped  outside  rain  started  coming  down  as  hard  as  a  bunch  

of mini  hammers  falling  from  the  sky  and  there  was  lightning  and  thunder  booming   and  flashing.       I  was  completely  disoriented.  I  was  trying  to  grab  onto  Carrie  and  run  for  my   life,  but  I  couldn’t  see  anything  and  I  didn’t  want  to  trip  on  the  rocks  or  fall  into  the   stream  that  is  down  the  hill  behind  the  dinning  hall.  I  also  didn’t  want  to  trip  over   the  steps  that  lead  down  from  the  back  doors,  so  I  was  TERRIFIED.  Just  to  remind   you  again…I  couldn’t  see  a  SINGLE  thing.  We  finally  passed  the  gazebo  and  were   running  up  the  softball  field  towards  our  cabin.  We  could  see  a  little  better  from  the   lights  that  were  in  the  parking  lot  next  to  the  field.  We  barged  into  the  cabin  and   everyone  screamed  a  little.       “Where  have  you  been?!”     “We  were  worried  to  death!”     “Are  you  ok?”     “Where’s  Coral?”  That  question  is  actually  a  good  one  because  we  honestly   had  no  idea.     “You  girls  should  not  have  gone!  That  was  so  stupid!  You  could  have  gotten   killed  in  this  storm!  Gosh  I  hope  Coral  is  alright!”  my  other  counselor  angrily  scolded   us,  talking  really  fast  and  continually  glancing  out  the  door  window.       We  were  bombarded  with  questions  nonstop.  They  didn’t  even  give  us  a   chance  to  settle  down  or  take  off  our  sopping  wet  clothes  and  shoes.  We  looked  at   each  other  and  sighed.  We  started  to  hand  out  the  ice  cream  sandwiches  and  cookie   dough  that  we  had  stolen,  while  we  repeated  over  and  over  again  that  we  would   explain  the  whole  story  to  everyone  all  together,  because  we  didn’t  want  to  repeat  it   over  and  over  again.  Finally  Coral  busted  into  the  out  of  control  cabin,  seeming   calmer  than  I  had  expected.  She  told  Carrie  and  me  that  the  man  was  the  nighttime   security  guard.       My  heart  stopped  racing,  I  put  on  warm  clothes,  and  I  sat  on  my  friends’   sleeping  bag  with  her.  It  had  been  an  adventurous  night.  Carrie  and  I  made  an  eye   contact  that  I  knew  meant  that  we  could  never  really  explain  all  the  details  and   emotions  that  we  had  felt  or  experienced,  because  the  fear  and  excitement  was  so   overwhelming  that  you  had  to  really  be  there  to  understand  what  we  were  talking   about.  That  was  a  night  that  I  will  always  remember.      

What Happens at Camp Stays at Camp: A Night To Remember By Jacquie  

This is abot how I snuck out at camp and raided the kitchen with my friend. Trying to do this was a GREAT adventure!