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Emily   The  Story  of  My  Life     My  parents  have  many  rules  for  us  kids  to  follow,  too  many  if  you  ask  me.   Although  I  seem  to  follow  the  rules  the  most  out  of  the  three  children,  it  always  seems   like  I’m  the  one  that  gets  in  trouble.   Don’t leave the mudroom door open; Make sure to actually lock the door- not just close it; Yes, you have to read to your brother before he goes to bed and no, he cannot go to bed all by himself; All of the lights have to be turned off before you go to bed; Don’t yell at your sister even though you are usually right; Its ok for you to leave for school before everyone else because your brother and sister are almost always late; You must set the table with your siblings even though they usually just end up sitting on the couch while you do all the work; We (the parents) will still yell at you when the table isn’t fully set even though you did all of the work; When I, your mother, is late picking you up from soccer practice there is always a reasonable excuse; Generally just avoid your sister in the morning for she is grumpy and not worth your time; When you lose something it is almost always in a very obvious place; Yes, because you had your bat mitzvah you do not have to go to Hebrew school as long as your sister doesn’t find out, but if she does you have to go. You can watch Glee late at night as long as you don’t tell your brother and pretend to go to bed; If I have lost something I will always blame it on you, even if you aren’t even in the house; You never seem to find things you have lost but I always can;

Being the  oldest  makes  me  always  in  charge,  which  is  sometimes  good…  and  sometimes   very  bad.    

This is the Story of My Life.

The Story of My Life-Emily  

This is about all of the rules in my life and it is written in a very different format style.

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