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The Spider and the Bell By Rachel “Aaaaaiiieee!” Rachel Levin yelps in her head as she walks in into school. I have has caught a glimpse of the huge, hairy spider that is hung form the door of Ms. O’Connell’s classroom. It is almost Halloween and preparation for the annual school Door Decoration Contest is underway. As an 8th grader I am on the judging panel this year. Even though I have seen the spider on the door several times, I cannot help shuddering. I am terrified of spiders above all other things and even though the one on the door is fake, it still scares me. As I walk down the hall to my classroom, my long dark hair, tied up like usual in a tight ponytail, falls down my front. I whip the thick tail over her shoulder to hang down my back. “Riiiiinnnnggg”! The first bell sounds and I break into a sprint, rushing for my classroom, as I does not wish to be late. “Oh no” I groan as I run, “Mr. Levy will blow his top if I am late”!

The Spider and the Bell  

I am walking in to school a few weeks before All Hallow's Eve and the door decorating contest that happens every year is under way. My phobi...

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