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On Friday night on August 2 Annie, Ian, Rae, Annie’s cousins and I went ice-skating in Dedham. We all got there at 7:00pm a left at 10:30pm. Annie and I arrived and all of us met up there. Annie and I were the last to arrive. When we all saw each other we were in utter joy! We leaped and shouted, "yay!" We put on our skates and slowly got onto the slippery cold ice! Ian, Emma and I linked arms. We all were horrible at skating especially Me. Ian left to go skate with Annie while Emma and I were falling on our butts and looking like goofs! Then Annie's cousins all were trying to help Emma and I. And they were trying to teach us how to skate. While Emma caught on I was still struggling! I looked like and felt like a fool! Then time went by and Annie, Emma, Ian, Annie’s cousins and I all said, “bye” and headed off home. On Monday when all of us met up at Cleveland Circle Emma and I had large bruises from falling on our knees 24/7! We said that, “they hurt so bad!”
While we were complaining Ian and Annie were dying laughing! We all went back a few times more but I always stayed the same at not being able to skate well!! But my friends and I always loved hanging out and skating together! Especially me, I love skating it is so much fun! Even though I get hurt, sometimes!

Skating with Freinds By: Sophia G  

This is about a day with freinds, iceskating and hanging out!

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