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Preparing To Stand Up Paddleboard for the first Time! I could hear the shells crunching beneath my steps. It was hot and I could feel the sun blazing down on my head. There was a large gust of wind that blew over making my hair come out of the band that was holding it up. We were in Maine, Boothbay harbor for vacation; I might add it’s all on the water. “Go inside,” My, dad said. “Ok, here?” I asked not waiting to hear his reply, I walked inside the wooden building and looked around there were surfboards every where, and a man standing behind the counter writing something on a clipboard. He then turned behind him to a canoe on the wall, but before he started writing again, he looked over at us. “What’s up y’all? Welcome to Boothbay Harbor Paddle and Surf! You ever been here before?” “No-” Before we could finish telling him, he said, “So what can I do for ya’? My mom told him that my dad, older sister and two cousins would be kayaking. My younger sister, my friend and I would be paddle boarding. Stand up Paddle boarding is where you stand up on a surfboard, and use a paddle to push yourself. “So, you ever been paddle boarding before?” “Uh no,” I replied.

“Well, it’s a ton of fun. Once you get good you can do a ton of tricks like a 360 jump or a handstand or-” “No, today I think that I’m just going to paddle today.” “Oh,” He said. His head dropped and he looked down. His voice got quieter and he didn’t seem as excited. I didn’t need him to tell me all of this; tricks and handstands. My heart was beating fast as it was, my hands were shaking. I didn’t need him going on about tricks. I was already nervous. The thought of standing upside down on a board in the ocean just didn't make me feel any better. He fitted us all for life jackets and then brought over a paddle that looked like twice my height. He then adjusted it and then told me to get a board. I wasn’t sure which one to take so I walked over as another person came over and said “Here, you should take this one. It’s good for if you’re not going surfing.” “Oh, ok thanks,” I replied and took it over to the water. It was heavy and carrying the paddle with it was pretty hard, but I managed to get it over to the edge of the dock. They told me to drop it in the water and then just ‘hop on’ whatever that meant. My knees quivered and I had no idea what I was doing. The guy who was helping us seemed pretty anxious. He was exhaling out of his mouth loudly and rolling his eyes. “Just put it in the water and step on it I mean it’s not

like it’s gonna flip or anything. Here, put your paddle on the dock.” So I went for it I stepped on the board and it rocked back and forth. I didn’t want it to seem like I was scared. Then, I reached for my paddle and then suddenly the rocking stopped. I reached back behind me and pushed myself out and into the water and then started paddling. But it felt as easy as breathing. So I dropped my paddle and got onto my knees. I bent backwards and I was in a back bend! Just like he said, it was a ton of fun. Even though I was nervous at first, I learned to put my fears aside because I wanted to try something new. It paid off.

Prepaing To Stand Up Paddleboard for the first Time  

Getting over my fears helped me to do something I now love