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We were in Maine for a few days, and my parents wanted my whole family to kayak out to an island in the middle of the bay, where there was a lighthouse. They were really exited to look around the island, but I just wanted to kayak, because that was one of the few things- along with skating and horseback riding- that I was better at then my brother, and I liked to remind him if that at every possible moment. After all, he sure did that enough with the things he was good at. We all went down to the docks right after breakfast, so we could get life jackets and kayaks and be on our way. I got down to the docks first, and waited for my parents and brother to show up. It was a really nice day, so the water was sparkly and blue, and was really pretty. There were single and double kayaks, but I wanted a single. So did my brother, but my parents wanted a double. I sat down with my feet dangling into the water, and waited. When they eventually got there, we all got life jackets and kayaks and headed out into the bay. I was tired, and already a little bit hungry, so I decided not to try and go as fast as I could, and paddled along slowly along with my parents. My brother, however, was paddling as fast as he could in a desperate attempt to prove there really wasn’t anything I was better at then him. “I told you I was good at kayaking!” I could hear him calling back to us. He wasn’t that far ahead of me, and none of us were even halfway to the island. Suddenly, I saw a little splash in the water a few yards away from me. I was really curious about what it was, so I paddled over to the splash. Then I saw a little nose! Suddenly, I remembered that I had heard about porpoises living in Maine! A porpoise is like a dolphin, but smaller, and with a different looking face. They have no long nose like dolphins do. They are also a little bit of a different color then dolphins. Just like dolphins, they’re really curious, but they’re also a little bit more shy, so I had to be careful. I quietly paddled over to it. Suddenly, it was jumping out of the water and swimming all around! I was watching it for a few minutes, it was really cool. I

love marine animals, and might want to be a trainer when I grow up, so I was really interested in the porpoise, I had never seen one in real life before. Soon, I saw there was a little log sticking out of the water, which the porpoise was swimming towards. Then, I realized it wasn’t a log, it was seal! I had never expected to see two ocean animals on the kayaking trip! I love seals to, to this was just as exciting as the porpoise. By this time my brother had noticed that i was looking at something, and was desperately trying to paddle over so I wouldn’t see anything cooler then what I saw, but his fast moving scared them both away! So I guess in the end, even though he may have been going faster, I saw the cooler stuff anyway, and I definitely had more fun!  

Porpoises and Rivalry by Rae  

a young girl sees something unexpected on a kayaking trip

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