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Ty My  Adventure  in  Greece   My  first  experience  in  Greece  was  quite  an  adventure.  There  were  many  things  that  went   wrong,  and  also  things  that  went  well.  When  I  first  found  out  I  was  going  to  Greece,  I  was  so   excited.  This  would  be  my  first  time.  Also,  I  have  heard  of  it  so  much  because  my  family  is   from  there.  I  was  also  nervous;  this  would  be  my  first  time  going  to  a  country  that  was   so…different.     …   The  flight  was  very  late  at  night.  The  first  part  of  it  was  flying  into  London  Heathrow   Airport.  The  flight  from  Logan  to  Heathrow  took  about  7  hours  (give  or  take).  The  flight   went  great,  except  for  the  airline  food.  I  could  not  remember  what  they  served,  but  I  am   certain  that  I  did  not  like  it.  When  we  had  finally  arrived  in  London,  it  was  still  nighttime   because  of  the  time  difference.  I  could  already  tell  that  this  was  going  to  be  a  long  trip;  I   would  not  be  able  to  sleep  again.   …   By  the  time  that  we  got  into  Greece  it  was  morning  again.  All  of  the  time  differences  were   really  throwing  me  off.  There  was  one  more  flight  left  to  get  to  where  we  wanted.  There   was  a  one-­‐hour  layover  there.  It  was  not  a  lot  of  time.  We  only  had  about  fifteen  minutes   left  until  the  flight  left  by  the  time  we  got  to  the  gate.  The  boarding  had  already  started.   That  crushed  my  hopes  of  eating  breakfast.  I  was  starving,  I  had  only  had  a  tiny,  awful  meal   at  night  and  they  were  not  going  to  serve  food  on  the  airport  because  the  flight  was  so   short.  While  we  were  going  through  security,  we  encountered  one  small  issue;  my   grandmother  had  gotten  a  gift  for  one  of  my  uncles  in  Greece.  She  took  it  out  of  the  package  

so it  would  fit  in  her  carry-­‐on,  so  she  didn’t  have  to  hold  it  everywhere  she  went.  Even   though  nobody  told  us  that  we  couldn’t  take  it  out  of  the  package,  the  security  had  a   problem  with  it.  The  security  in  London  had  not  said  anything  about  it.  As  I’m  walking  to   the  exit  with  my  mom,  we  both  hear  my  grandmother  arguing  in  Greek  with  the  security   people.  This  was  annoying  because  we  could’ve  missed  our  flight  and  embarrassing   because  everybody  was  looking  at  us.  She  asked  to  talk  to  the  supervisor  and  they  would   not  let  her.  We  were  so  confused  and  shocked  that  the  security  would  do  this.  After  hearing   arguing,  the  supervisor  finally  came  out.  We  were  waiting  for  my  grandmother,  so  we  did   not  board  yet.  As  they  are  arguing,  I  keep  on  hearing,  “FINAL  CALL  FOR  BOARDING”  comes   on  three  times  over  the  PA  system.  This  was  not  good,  if  we  waited  a  minute  longer,  we   were  going  to  miss  our  flight.  The  supervisor  ended  up  letting  my  grandmother  keep  the   gift  and  also  yelled  at  the  two  other  security  guards.  Even  though  we  almost  missed  our   flight,  we  could  not  possibly  get  mad  with  my  grandmother;  she  had  paid  a  lot  of  money  for   the  gift.   …   At  last,  we  had  finally  gotten  where  we  needed  to  go.  It  was  not  over  yet.  We  spent  another   out  in  the  airport  getting  the  rental  car.  Also,  this  was  the  nearest  airport  to  our  destination   that  was  TWO  hours  away.  It  was  100ºF  at  that  point;  the  A/C  in  the  car  was  not  helping  at   all.  Through  all  of  that  my  tooth  had  gotten  loose,  and  I  could  barely  eat,  even  though  I  was   starving  because  it  hurt  too  much.  With  this  combination  of  things,  I  felt  like  I  was  dying.     …   For  the  next  couple  of  days,  everything  was  going  great;  there  was  nothing  to  complain   about.  All  of  my  family  was  there,  including  my  cousins  that  are  only  a  year  younger  than  

me. We  went  to  a  carnival  on  the  first  day.  This  was  very  fun,  they  had  the  same  things   there  that  we  have  here.  Everyday  after  that  started  out  with  a  bike  ride  around  town  and   sitting  on  the  beach.  This  was  a  great  feeling  just  getting  to  relax  for  a  couple  of  weeks.   Some  of  my  other  cousins  that  live  in  Greece  were  around  the  city  that  we  were  staying  in.  I   understood  Greek,  but  could  not  speak  it  very  well.  They  understood  English,  but  they   could  not  speak  it  very  well.  There  was  not  that  much  of  a  language  barrier.  Most  of  our   conversations  consisted  of  me  saying  something  in  English  and  them  replying  in  Greek.  It   was  not  ideal  but  it  worked  out.  With  everything  going  peacefully  and  incident  free,   something  was  bound  to  go  wrong.  When  I  turned  on  the  TV  in  my  hotel  room  the  next   morning  there  was  a  big,  bold  headline;  “GAS  TRUCK  DRIVERS  GO  ON  STRIKE”.  Many   pictures  were  soon  to  follow  of  cars  in  huge  lines  waiting  to  get  gas  and  also  many  that   were  out  of  gas.  “How  could  this  happen”,  I  said  to  myself.  We  had  a  flight  the  next  morning.   With  one-­‐quarter  of  the  gas  tank  full  this  was  not  promising.  We  had  another  two  hour   drive  ahead  of  us.  That  would  only  be  enough  to  go  one-­‐and-­‐a-­‐half  hours.  I  could  barely   sleep  thinking  about  all  the  possible  outcomes  of  this.     …   The  next  morning  we  woke  up  early  to  enjoy  the  beach  for  one  last  time  before  we  left.   There  was  a  gas  station;  this  was  unbelievable.  It  only  took  thirty  minutes  to  get  through   the  line.  We  were  on  our  way  to  the  airport  and  ready  for  another  long  flight  back  to  the   U.S.  This  consisted  of  two  stops:  one  in  Athens,  and  one  in  London.     …   The  flight  to  Athens  only  took  a  few  hours.  It  was  not  bad.  We  had  went  through  security   and  found  this  great  place  with  a  ton  of  massage  chairs.  I  decided  to  go  and  sit  down.  Five  

minutes later,  I  saw  red  lights  flashing,  armed  guards  running,  and  people  getting  scared   and  trying  to  leave.  I  tried  to  piece  it  together.  Could  the  inevitable  happen  to  me?  I  went  up   to  one  of  the  armed  guards  and  calmly  asked  what  was  going  on.  He  hesitated  for  a   moment;  “there  is  a  bomb  threat  in  this  terminal”,  he  said  quietly  so  nobody  else  could   hear.  At  that  point  I  was  scared,  what  would  happen  if  this  thing  went  off.  This  was  the   worst  situation  I  had  ever  experienced;  I  had  seen  so  many  things  on  TV  about  this  but   never  thought  about  it  happening  to  me.  After  twenty  minutes  went  by,  everybody  found   out  that  the  bomb  threat  was  just  a  “threat”  and  a  necessary  precaution.  I  was  on  my  way   btack  to  Boston,  unharmed.    

My Adventure in Greece by Ty  

This is about my trip to Greece two years ago.

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