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Yasu 8A 3/5/13

First World Problems My iPhone’s battery doesn’t last long enough. My cookie is too big to fit into my glass of milk. I wanted whipped cream on my coffee but they put in normal milk. I have too many groceries that I need to make two trips upstairs. These are all “problems” you probably have encountered before in your life, but have you ever realized that these problems we encounter are such meager “first world problems?" They are caused by the fact that our country has developed enough to leave us having nothing to complain about, but these unimportant things. We are all complaining about the size of our cookies while tens of thousands of people die of hunger every day. We complain about our phone’s battery while the less fortunate suffer from disease. We, as people from an “overly developed” country should take a step back and stop complaining about the small things that don’t even matter- and open our eyes to the real problems around the world by remembering and appreciating all the things we take for granted.      

First World Problems  

This is a short short about how first world problems are ridiculous,.