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Every time I go to sleep I always wake up around at 3:00am. When I did my phone was burning hot. I tried to pick up the phone but it felt like my hand was on fire. I let it cool down for 5 minutes. As I was waiting for my phone to cool down I laid down on my bed in the dark. I couldn’t go to bed after that so I stayed up the whole time, it was really cold. After 5 minutes I picked up my phone. It cooled down a bit so I decided to text my friend Tanner about what happened. I told him the whole story about how I wake up on the dot of 3am. He said that people who wake up at 3:00am on the dot meant that a ghost was staring at them as they were sleeping. I didn’t believe that but still I felt really scared. The next day when it was time to go to bed I woke again at 3:00am. Which was odd. I got really worried and started to panic, I got up and turned my lamp on and sat on my bed. I picked up my phone and once again it was burning hot. I let it cool for a while. After that I saw a shadow. This time I was freaking out. By the time It was 6am and I need to head to the bus stop to catch the bus. Few hours later I’m at Brookline High School because I was taking classes there for a few weeks. After telling my friends about what happened and they agreed about what Tanner said. But what I couldn’t understand is why would a ghost be staring at me as I sleep.

Only reason why a ghost would probably be staring at me because they are watching over me maybe? I’ve had a few cousins who are really close to me pass away so maybe that’s why they would do that. But that’s just silly. I think it’s just a myth that ghost are real. And that 3oclock is the “haunting hour”. I think that my body just is use to waking up at 3oclock. But I don’t get why my phone was burning hot. People say usually when any electronics are burning hot around the haunting hour that means a ghost was near you. But like I said I think that’s just another myth! It can’t be true. That’s just my opinion personally. But that’s only when it’s around 3am. Anyways that’s just really creepy!!

The Haunting Hour  
The Haunting Hour  

a scary story about the haunting hour. that happened to me