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Funky Spunky Skunky Thomas      

The first day of summer vacation of 2012, my family and I drove down to Cape Cod. The drive was 2 hours long so my brother and I had to entertain ourselves. My brother popped the Simpsons movie into my Samsung laptop and we kicked back and relaxed. It was pretty hot but my mom, like usual, was cold “mom turn up the AC” I said “no Thomas I am COLD” she replied “but mom me and ben are cold” I said “ Thomas it is ben and I” my grandma added “ok sorry” I said As you can see this went on for a while and the A C never got turned on so I was roasting all the way.

Our house is a small cottage with a big back yard, we have no paint on the outside because we live by the ocean and the salt water usually messes it up. It has 2 floors and one is a half renovated basement, and in the summer we have no A C. When we arrived at the house I smelled something out of the ordinary like rotting food, but I ignored it because I had to walk my dogs.

When I came back I decided to investigate the smell. I found a bush which I thought the smell was coming from so I looked in. “WOOSH” a strip of white flashed before my eyes and I pulled my head out as fast as I could, I had just locked eyes with a skunk! If it were any other place, I would leave it be but it was right in front of the nozzle we used to turn on the hose.

I told my mom I had seen a skunk, but she didn’t believe me “mom there is a skunk outside!!!!!” I said “sure there is honey” she said “But there really is” I said “Thomas can you go deal with the dogs, I think Cody got out” she said “UGH! Fine” I said. Later that day my mom went out to turn on the water to water the garden (you see where this is going right) then I heard a loud scream and my mom ran into the house and closed the door tightly behind her. “Thomas you were right” she said. It took me a while to realize what had happened, and then I remembered the skunk and I started laughing. This didn’t make my mom feel any better. We didn’t know what to do so we just left it there, and by the next day it was gone. All in all the vacation turned out grate, but if my mom had listened to me she wouldn’t have almost gotten sprayed.

Funky Spunky Skunky  

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