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Family or Friends Ian I was just finished watching Triple Dog with Emma, and I was so bored. The movie was good, just a little repetitive. I laughed at the last joke and heard the ringtone from my phone. I looked down to see my friend Arden had texted me. ‘I’m so bored,’ she said. ‘I feel ya,’ I replied. ‘I would say come over to zenys, but her dad is guarding the door,’ she said ‘haha what??’ I laughed She didn’t reply for a bit. Waiting for her to respond was like watching a turtle race. There was nothing to do. I wanted to go to my dad’s for dinner, but he was stuck at the hospital. The wind seemed particularly angry at the trees. It was set on ripping off the arms of the trees. I went on Facebook but that wasn’t the right prescription for my illness. It was filled with “I hope there’s no school tomorrow,” posts, which left me more sad because I did not want to go back to school. I hope school’s closed tomorrow, I thought. There was a hurricane and everyone was freaking out. I heard my phone go off.. I looked down. It was Arden again. ‘ahaha, zenys dad is gone, wanna come over,’ she said ‘sure’ I texted back. I went to my mom asking her if I could go over to Zeny’s house. She said sure. Emma and Cedric were both at my house, I went up to them. “Hey Emma, we are going over to Zeny’s house. Do you wanna come? Maybe you could come over for dinner?” “Sure, it would be cool if we could stay over for dinner.” “Awesome, we can go over and then have dinner, and do our homework.” I said “Wait!” chimed in my mom, “you are not allowed to go to someone’s house without your brother!” “MOM!” I said “I don’t want Alec over with me!” “Ian, family is more important than friends.” That got me mad, I could feel my skin radiate heat, like I was turning into the sun. My face probably turned as red as a raspberry. “But I see you guys everyday!” “Ian, you have to let them go over.” My mom said. It irked me how she acted like she knew everything. “Mom, pleaseeeee!” I begged. I could tell if I pushed any further she would explode. “Fine, but you have to be home by 7:00” I was so relieved that she finally let me go. Eventually the day was pretty cool, we chilled and had a nice time. The power was off, so we just talked. The night turned out well, and we all got along.

Family or Friends by Ian  

Which is more important, family or friends?