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                                                             Circus  nightmares  #76                                      

                                           Rated  R  for  Raisins;  No,  but  seriously  it’s  pretty  messed  up.      

                                                                                   Viewer  discretion  advised       Hello  my  name  is  Bryan  and  welcome  to  Circus  Nightmare  number  76       Every night I dream a dream of a pitch-black circus tent and a cloudless full moon back, surrounded by a pine wood forest. Every time I walk into the circus tent and find jugglers juggling human heads their eyes blank and faces puffy white. With lions and bears eyes flashing neon yellow, their half decomposing bodies smell of puke and milk gone sour that’s been left out for months and months with a hint of barn yard animal. These things add up to something that you might find coming up your toilet brown and chunky.

Every time I sit down in a specially marked seat just for me. It’s in a crowd of taxidermied humans twisted out of proportion and barely humane anymore. That’s when the horror show really starts to begin. We start out with an animal act and as they finish they pounce and their claws shred skin and muscles and tare tendons and bones apart I scream but it’s muffled because I’m sinking into their warm, wet and putrid smelling flesh.

Every time I emerge I find the ringmaster cheerfully greeting me his face is like the surface of Mars cause of boils and sores filled to almost the breaking point with yellow green gunky pus and his smile a canyon within. Then with his gloved hand that appears to have the thumb shot off he then demands that I pay the toll for watching his circus acts and takes out a spherical clamp from behind his back. I know what he is going to do. He asks ‘’right of left’’ I answer for the hundredth time ‘’Right.’’ and brace for it. He injects me with a serum I know keeps me conscious the ringmaster demands that I get it to keep me watching the rest of the show. Then he pushes the spherical clamp so that my eye fits snugly in it and I feel a painful tingly sensation behind my eye, but he pulls hard and the retina along with the nerve strand behind the eye pulls out. There is a great pain of something getting ripped out the right side of my head accompanied by a bloody gush.

Every time I hold my right eye socket as the show people one by one come up and show me theirs trick and take the hefty price of their tips just as that greedy ring master did. For instance the sword swallower throws up his sword threw his see through throat and stabs me from my thigh to my back and cups his hands to catch the falling blood and he rips out a part of spine while at it. A clown walks up and I’m not sure if his face is red with paint or blood, but his lips are rotted away into brown shrivels and I could see his black yellow teeth. Then his big fat nose of which I thought was fake explodes big, white and fat maggots fly out and land on my body by the thousand they burrow into my skin or mass at my empty bloody eye socket and tunnel into it. I scream clawing at my eye.

Every time the show finally ends I crawl out of the tent as fast as I can on whatever is left of my digits and limbs towards those pine tree woods. I wish I were dead, I wake up finally in the safety of my bed only to find that the pillow is bight red.

Circus nightmare Bryan  


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