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By: Sophia G

I was sitting at home bored as always on Christmas break. This is because in my Greek religion we celebrate Christmas on January 7, which stinks because everybody gets to get presents and have fun when I just stay home and watch TV! Well it was in December and it was Christmas break. I was watching TV in my room and waiting for something to happen but I wasn’t counting on it. So later on once I ate and watched a couple of movies a call came in and my mom picked it up…I was wondering whom it was! So I walked in on my mom talking to “that person” on the phone and I whispered in her ear being annoying saying, “who is it…who is it? MOM!” She said, “one minute.” I couldn’t wait! I guess the reason why I was so anxious was because nothing really happened ALL day. So I just really wanted to know! Once my mother hung up the phone and said bye she said, "that your sister Maria wants to take you out for the day."

I was so excited that I was not only able to get out of the house but go out with my sister since I haven't spent time with her in a while! So she said get ready she's on her way on the bus coming. So I got my scarf around my neck and jeans and jacket on! I ran down stairs once I saw the bus coming! Then the bus pulled to a stop right in front of my house and I stepped on and saw my sister standing there with such a big smile on her face! I gave her a huge hug and sat down with her. We talked for a little and then she said, "that we are going ice skating in down town Boston at frog pond!" I was so happy because it was going to be all Christmassy and with hot chocolate and such and with Christmas lights.

After a while of talking and listening to music with my sister on

her iPod we finally got to our stop down town! I was so anxious to get there! We walked around I sat on Santa's lap and then headed to Frog Pond. By then it were getting dark and the Christmas lights were going on! While the Christmas music was playing and lots of people were resounding the rink in lines to go and ice skate. So we got to the end of the line, which was so long that it reminded me of a twirler! It was crazy! So after a while we ended up close to the booth were we pay our money for skates. There was a table with hot chocolate as I said and cookies and stuff. The guy surveying the food and drinks kept on looking at my sis! The guys name was Zach and he had brown hair with a black hat on. He also had dark blue jeans, grey sweatshirt and Nike sneakers. LOL I could see that there was a connection going on with them! It was funny but cute to me! AWW Young love! Finally we started skating and he got on break and started to skate with my sister it was so adorable.

While they were doing that I was taking my time to skate and I looked around and noticed that everything looked so perfect. I mean the Christmas music was on, there were Christmas lights surrounding me everywhere I skated! It was amazing and not only that but there were very good-looking guys might I say! It was glorious.:) Ha I saw how couples held hands and how people were so peacefully happy. It filled me with such joy! I looked at my sister she was so happy. The night was perfect<3 I didn't want to leave. Later on in the night me and my sister starting skating while that guy went back to work the sky was dark and the stars were shinning! My sister Maria and I held hands and glided on the ice with such grace! We spun around, played and had so much fun!

It turned 8:00pm and my sister and I were so tired! Our ankles and toes were killing us! They felt like a large weight were on them both pulling us down. So we both decided to take a break, we sat down on a bench and drank warm delicious ho chocolate! I could feel the steaming milky way glide down my stomach while I held the cup with the warmth of it circulating through my fingertips and my palm. Well anyways, as time wen t by on the bench warming up my sister and I couldn't barely stand so we decided to change into our original

walking shoes and head on home. So my sister exchanged numbers with I guess her "new" boyfriend! OO LALA We got on the train and headed on home, there was barely anybody on the bus! I don't know why but maybe because it was late? But it was only 10:00pm! Well anyways as 20min went by we finally got to my house! I didn't want to leave I wanted to stay with my sister forever but I knew that wasn't possible. So I gave her the most warming and big hug and departed from there!

As the bus went by I watched it drive away and I felt very sad, so did my sister watching me get smaller and smaller as the wheels went round. So as the bus drove around the corner I walked up the stairs and into my house. I told my mother about my day and how the skating was amazing with Maria's amazing day as well! If you what I mean?

After that, I ran in my room and changed into my comfortable PJS and I jumped into my bed with my blue colored blanket warming and soothing my sore toes! I kept on imagining the green and red colorful lights that circled around me and all the other hundred people that were skating! Its I guess is stuck in my head because they just summed up my night all together, it was so beautiful. After I fell asleep and went to school 2 days after vacation, I told all my friends about my vacation and my awesome day out with my sister. Â

Christmas Lights By: Sophia G  

This is about a day out with my sister skating before XMAS!!

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