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Brothers Jonathan       I  have  an  interesting  relationship  with  my  brother.  Sometimes  my  brother   and  I  have  shall  we  say  disagreements.  These  disagreements  lead  to  physical   altercations.  He  is  16  years  old  and  is  much  bigger  then  me,  so  the  fights  usually  go   in  his  favor.  Then,  these  altercations  then  some  how  lead  to  an  agreement.       We  argue  and  fight  over  the  most  pointless  things.  We  disagree  about  where   we  put  our  clothes  and  school  supplies,  what  TV  show  to  watch,  what  video  game  to   play,  and  countless  other  pointless  arguments.         Probably,  our  most  common  disagreement  would  be  over  who  has  to  take   out  the  trash  and  even  more  importantly,  who  puts  it  away.  Putting  the  trash  away   is  more  of  a  hassle  because  it  usually  has  to  be  put  away  at  night.  This  happens   basically  every  Thursday,  which  is  our  garbage  day.  This  is  the  typical  Thursday.  I   start  by  waking  up  and  going  down  stairs  to  get  breakfast  before  school.  A  couple   minutes  after  I  get  down  stairs,  I  hear  my  brother  slouching  down  the  stairs  slowly   after  just  waking  up.  As  soon  as  he  reaches  the  bottom  step  he  says,     “Jonathan  you’re  doing  the  trash,”  and  that’s  where  the  argument  starts.     “No  I  did  it  last  week,”  I  said,  “I  took  it  in  also,  so  you  owe  me,”     “Mom,  tell  him  to  take  out  the  garbage  today,  I  have  to  be  at  school  early,”   stated  my  brother.       “Mom  that’s  not  fair,”  I  complained,  as  my  face  got  red  and  hot.     “Jonathan  you  take  out  the  trash  this  morning  and  your  brother  will  take  it  in   when  he  gets  home  from  cross  country,”  said  my  mom.     “Wow,  that’s  not  fair”  I  said  just  to  get  in  the  last  word.       This  is  just  one  example  of  the  many  arguments  and  fights  that  my  brother   and  I  get  into  with  each  other  on  a  daily  basis.  Although  we  get  into  these  little   arguments  and  fights,  we  are  still  brothers  and  still  have  a  great  relationship  with   each  other.  

Brothers By Jonathan  

The story of my brother and I and how even though we fight, we always overcome our differences.

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