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A LONG paddle to shore.

This weekend I was in Orrs Island, Maine, visiting Lily. The people we were with on Orrs Island was my mother, Laura (Lily’s mom), Jim (Lily’s dad), Jamie (Lily’s younger sister), and last but not least Juni (Lilys dog.) It was a beautiful day, the birds were out, and so were the bees. The sun was out, and there was a occasional breeze of fresh air. Today was a perfect day to go kayaking. I picked up the paddle, and started to twirl it like I was in Cirque de Solei. I was running down the grassy hill to Lily because we were going kayaking. Lily was in front of me calmly holding her paddle, not putting anybody’s life in danger. If someone was near me I could have easily given them a black eye because I was holding the paddle inappropriately. “Okay guys, Isabel, I am mainly talking to you,” my mom said. I gave her a sarcastic look in response. “Be safe! No rocking, standing up, or dillydallying on the kayak, okay? Do you hear me?” “Yes,” I moaned, Lily nodded. Then I winked at her; what is the fun of going kayaking if you cannot rock the kayak? Lily stepped into the front of the kayak; I jumped into the back, rocking it. I started laughing hysterically. My mom and Laura rolled their eyes. “Ok, follow Jim, and BE SAFE!” Laura told us. Then they pushed us off the shore. We started to soar through the water. The sun started beating on our backs, and blazing into our eyes. Water was splashing us in the face, our kayak was floating up and down because the waves were rough. Left, right, left, right. We were rowing in a pattern. “This is fun!” I said with a smile from ear to ear on my face. “Yes!” Lily agreed nodding her head.

“But now I am tired!” I said. So I lifted my paddle and let Lily do all of the work. When I stopped paddling, I noticed the scenery – the trees surrounding us, the birds flying through the air, the bees buzzing, and a rustle in the bushes. “Isabel?” Lily said. “Ya?” I answered still staring at the bushes. “Are you paddling?” Lily asked, knowing the answer. “No,” I said, “but did you hear that?” “What??” Lily said looking confused. “That, that noise?” “No,” Lily said with a suspicious tone in her voice. “Well let’s go take a look!!” I said. My mind was panicking. What was that noise? A bear? Skunk? Whatever it is, Jim will protect us! “Dad,” Lily yelled. “Yes?” Jim responded.He was far away. “We are going to go and check out what is in the bushes, ok?” “Ok,” He said without questioning our intentions. Lily and I paddled closer and closer to the hill, my stomach slowly turning over in fear, until the bottom of the kayak hit the rocks. It felt like we were in a horror film, knowing that there is something behind the door but not knowing what. I squinted my eyes and then we saw a black and white creature. “Skunk!” I yelled before covering my mouth so it would not hear me. I started to paddle franticly, but my paddling was too sloppy so I could not move. I shot Lily a look and she started laughing. “No, no, it’s, it’s, DAAAAD! IT’S JUNI!” Lily exclaimed. Her face lit up with excitement. Juni was Lily’s dog, she is a black and white

Border collie mix. She is very sweet and Lily adores her. “JUNI!!” Lily and I both squealed. Juni started rushing down the hill, frolicking towards us, leaping over large rocks, her tail was wagging with excitement, her whole body was wiggling. The grass was swaying side to side. When she finally reached the water, she swam out to us, doggy paddling. We grabbed her and put her on our kayak. “Isabel, what should we do? Juni cannot go back because she might reopen her cut on her foot. It has just started to heal, there is no gauze protecting it,” Lily said in a concerned voice. Lily and I had to think fast. If she kept swimming blood might go into the water and a shark could attack her. Their was no way I was going to let Juni back into the water. “I guess we just have to paddle a little bit farther and then paddle back home with her in the kayak,” Lily said. “Yes!!” I said before she could have changed her mind. Swish, swash, the kayak was rocking. Juni would not stay still! She obviously did not feel safe in the kayak, Nor did I. We kept paddling, when we could clearly see Jim, Juni started to go wild. She jumped off the kayak and doggy paddled to him. “Juni?” he said with a happy/confused voice. “What happened?” We explained to him everything that happened. “Well I think that you guys should paddle home, because Juni cannot be out.” Jim stated. Then we started to paddle back home, going the same directions with the waves, (which is suppose to be easier.) The way home was hard, Juni wanted to get out, she kept pacing back and forth back and forth rocking the kayak. “JUNI!” Lily and I kept yelling, but we could never say her name because we could not stop laughing! The kayak was about to flip over. The sun was blazing in our eyes, Lily kept grabbing Juni, but she kept on slipping out of our fingers. It was like holding a glass jar with butter on our hands. It was getting

frustrating, then Juni slipped off the kayak. Lily and I started to laugh. I was not able to stop. Juni started doggy paddling. That made me laugh. “Juni!!” Lily screamed while laughing. “June,” I said, tears started running down my face. Lily and I were not able to stop laughing. Juni kept swimming. We used our hands to paddle. The paddles were too heavy to hold while laughing. But we had to keep going. The kayak kept rocking, our laughter kept coming, and Juni kept going. “LEFT, right, left, right, GOT YA!” Lily put Juni back into our kayak. She started to scramble and scratched our legs by accident. When Lily and I finally calmed down we started to paddle. “That was CRAZY!” I said.While replaying what had just happened in my head, with a grin on my face. “I agree!” Lily commented. “I learned that you should always think fast. Even if it is not the best thing it will some how be helpful!” Lily nodded her head. While paddling back it was like the last scene of a movie, laughter, action, a beautiful scenery, and another memory.

(Turns out Laura and my mom were freaking out because they thought that they and lost Juni!!)

A LONG paddle to shore  

Kayaking in Maine with Lily, with a twist.

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